What are the Demon Asmodeus Symbol and Sigil?

Asmodeus’ true appearance was that of a wingless, scaled serpent that was hundreds of miles long. He couldn’t interact with other people because of how big his form was. He consequently produced avatars that resembled humans. Everyone, even other devils and demons, were kept in the dark about the whereabouts of his body, and anyone who did was promptly put to death the next day.

Seal of Asmodeus Symbol
The Seal of Asmodeus from Sigils of Goetia

One of the “seven princes of hell,” the Asmodeus symbol represents a demon whose talent and wickedness are only equaled by each other. He doesn’t just prey on regular people; he’s an expert at spreading lust. His touch has had an impact on kings, queens, and even divine beings!

Known as the “king of demons,” “prince of demons,” and “king of the earthly spirits,” Asmodeus is a demon of the first order. According to legend, he belongs to the group of seven princes of hell, each of whom is in charge of one of the seven deadly sins. Asmodeus being the lord demon of lust.

Only through avatars or projected images, both of which were humanoids, did Asmodeus ever make an appearance. One of Asmodeus’s avatars resembled a thin, engaging, over four-meter-tall red-skinned humanoid with horns on his head and bright red eyes. Overall, he was attractive and personable, captivating people.

His main goal is to sabotage married couples’ sexual relationships, whether by getting in the way of a marriage’s consummation on the wedding night or by luring husbands and wives into extramarital affairs. 

Hells Portrait Gallery by ladamedepique at devianart.com
“Hell’s Portrait Gallery” by ladamedepique at devianart.com


Asmodeus Sigil Meaning

It is supposed that he will depose King Solomon, but Solomon will then compel him to take part in the conflict for the temple in Jerusalem. He adores contract discussions and negotiations in general, especially when one party is given a clear edge over the other. 

This is his Seal, which you are required to wear as a layman on your breast, etc. The combination ama-dava is not mentioned in the Bible, even though the dava Ama is therefore Zoroastrianism’s demon of anger and is likewise widely proven as such. Gregory the Great gave the name Asmodeus to an angel of the Order of Thrones.

The Seal of Asmodeus, The Symbol Known as the Asmodeus Sigil in Ars Goetia Book of the Lower Key of Solomon
Asmodeus Sigil Depicted In Black and White

King Asmodeus sigil, also referred to as Ashmodai, Asmodeus, Asmody, and Asmoday, makes an appearance with three heads: a man, a bull, and a ram, just like Bael. He can breathe fire like a dragon and has a serpent’s tail.

Asmodeus Goetia with Sigil in Color artwork by vincent_covielloart @ deviantart.com
Asmodeus Goetia depiction artwork by vincent_covielloart @ deviantart.com

It’s rumored that he also rides a dragon and leads 72 demon legions in battle. If you want to go deeper into the lore of the goetic demons, I can recommend our detailed article on the sigils seals list of 72 goetic demons

               “”I am Asmodeus the Tyrant. You are not permitted to touch the birdcage inmate, I repeat. If he is freed, dread will return to this earth”.



Who is the Asmodeus Demon?

Asmodeus is a deuterocanonical character from the Book of Tobit who rules over demons and otherworldly spirits. In other Talmudic stories, such as the one about the building of the Temple of Solomon, the devil is also referenced. Some Renaissance Christians believed him to be the King of the Nine Hells.

Photo of Asmodeus Painting on Canvas by heartyspades at deviantart
Photo of Asmodeus Painting on Canvas by heartyspades @Deviantart.com
  • In other Talmudic stories, such as the one about the building of the Temple of Solomon, the devil is also referenced. Some Renaissance Christians believed him to be the King of the Nine Hells. 
  • Each of these princes corresponds to a particular one of the seven deadly sins according to Binsfeld’s taxonomy of demons (Pride, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Wrath). Because Asmodeus is the demon of lust, he is in charge of manipulating people’s sexual impulses. According to legend, those who succumb to Asmodeus’ methods will spend all of eternity in the second level of hell.
  • He controls several demon legions, numbering in the hundreds. He is one of the Kings of Hell under the rule of Satan and Lucifer
  • He encourages gambling, oversees all gaming establishments in the court of Hell, and also serves as the Prince of Wrath and Retribution. Some theologians likened him to Samael or Abaddon.


History of Asmodeus

King Solomon asked Asmodeus to help him build the Temple as he was building it. The devil makes an appearance and foretells the eventual division of Solomon’s kingdom. Asmodeus is stopped by the angel Raphael and sheatfish found in the rivers of Assyria, the king discovers when Solomon questions him more.

This god, according to one legend, was a totalitarian who oversaw every aspect of every single person who lived in his realm. Asmodeus felt the need to rebel against his god when he was subjected to an all-encompassing supervision and control force. In the Dawn War, he once again led that god’s army as its best general and greatest warrior, but he also used brutal tactics that occasionally resulted in innocent victims. The lawful good god condemned and expelled Asmodeus because he refused to acknowledge his mistakes.

Although Asmodeus was regarded to be the oldest demon in existence, some people did not think he was the first king of Baator, and they were right. Baator had not been a desolate wasteland, as depicted by the Pact Primeval tale, but rather had been inhabited by a different species.

Asmodeus and his demons expelled the Baatorians from Hell by enslaving them and killing their masters, and Asmodeus personally killed many of them. Zargon, however, kept regenerating around his unbreakable horn, making it impossible for Asmodeus to slay him. As a result, Asmodeus tore off the horn and tossed it into the Prime Material realm, where it fell into a globe and later gave rise to the metropolis of Cyanide. 

This wraps up our post on the meaning and history of the Asmodeus Symbol and Sigil. The power and physical manifestation of the demon Asmodeus has waned over time. Throughout much of Western Civilization, the demon of lust would have been well-known and feared by the majority of people, but today, few would even know his name. 

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