White Flowers Meaning: What Do They Symbolize? (4 Best Choices)

White flowers showcase an unearthly grace and unique beauty, without which no bouquet or spring garden feels complete. These flowers are often associated with perfection and innocence, striking a perfect blend of purity and elegance. 

The white shade creates an excellent contrast to the other beautiful hues in a garden. However, flowers can mean and signify different things for different people. So, what exactly do white flowers mean, what is their significance, and when is the right occasion to send someone white flowers? 

Understanding its meaning and importance can help you make the right choice when sending someone white flowers

Elegant arrangement of White Roses on a White Piano

Understanding the Significance of the Color White

Thinking of white color could bring multiple images to your mind – a wedding dress, snow, a sheet of paper, majestic white butterflies or maybe you think of words – innocence, purity, and cleanliness. The meaning and significance of the white color would primarily depend on your cultural background and your surroundings. 

Many, however, wonder if white truly is a color or is an absence of color. 

Surprisingly, white is the sum of every color. 

Newton’s light refraction experiments during the 17th century demonstrated that white light is made up of a mixture of wavelengths of other colors, particularly seven colors – red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This shows that white light has no particular wavelength, which is why it is considered achromatic instead of the true color. 

White color created through pigments actually comes in multiple shades. Many people have been utilizing white pigment to make art for decades. Even during prehistoric times, naturally occurring chalk, calcite, or limestone was used to make artworks. 

White Flowers Meaning

White flowers can have different meanings in multiple cultures, but the most common white flowers meaning around the world are as follows:

  • Purity

The color white has been linked with purity for decades, even centuries. This is the major reason why many brides wear white dresses at their weddings. During the Victorian era, white flowers were sent by people to show their pure and true intentions for their loved ones. White bouquets are still highly popular for romantic occasions. 

  • Innocence

White is viewed as perfect and free from flaws and stains, which is why it is also considered the symbol of innocence. Therefore, white flowers are often used to decorate religious ceremonies, like baptisms and weddings, to show the innocence of the individuals involved. 

  • Cleanliness

Being the most neutral shade since it has no hue, the white flowers also symbolize cleanliness and perfection. White colors automatically signify a clean space no matter what place it is. It also specifies minimalism since many people keep the walls and furniture of their homes white to show cleanliness and minimalist design. 

White Flowers in Ancient Times: The Cultural Significance

In ancient cultures, white flowers held more profound meaning and mystical symbolism. Some examples include: 

  • White was a symbol for Goddess Isis in ancient Egypt, and white flowers were used to celebrate her.
  • White shrouds are utilized in many religions to wrap around the dead, and white flowers are used to signify condolences.
  • White Lotus has been associated with deity and were utilized in multiple worship ceremonies.
  • Grecian lore held white flowers in high regard.
  • White flowers represent death and purity in mythology.
  • White flowers were also associated with deities Hades, Hecate, and Persephone, and their crowns and tombs were adorned with white flowers.
  • White lilies were woven into crowns by the ancient Romans to celebrate spring. 
  • Conquering heroes were greeted by white flowers when they returned victorious from battles.

White has always been viewed as hope around the world in terms of light and darkness. 

Popular White Flowers 

While there is a wide range of white flowers, here are some of the most popular and common choices around the globe:

  • White Roses

White roses are a classic way to decorate your home during summer and spring. They are also a great choice to give to a loved one for the Christmas season. 


  • White Orchids

Orchids have a unique beauty about them, and white orchids are a must if you want sophistication. They showcase a minimal and clean look. These are a great addition to a bouquet or to on their own. Moreover, growing indoor orchids is easy, meaning you can enjoy white orchids blooming in your house every year. 


  • White Lilies

These stunning flowers have a distinct fragrance that quickly fills up a room. The white lilies are uplifting and bright, making them ideal for displaying in a hallway and entrance to greet your visitors. However, these flowers can be toxic to your feline friends. Therefore, it is best to keep the lilies away if you have a cat. 


  • White Gerbera Daisies

These stunning white flowers are known as the most cheerful flowers in the world and can instantly bring a smile to anyone’s face. White gerbera daisies are a reminder of summer days and exude charm throughout the space. 


When is the Appropriate Time or Occasion to Give White Flowers?

There are multiple occasions where you can send your loved ones white flowers. They are a great way to congratulate someone on getting engaged, someone who became a first-time parent, and welcoming a newborn baby. 

You can also send white flowers to someone celebrating their wedding anniversary since they are also considered romantic flowers. These can be mixed and matched with other flowers to create a completely whimsical feel for any occasion being celebrated. 

Flowers can certainly change anyone’s mood and make them feel special. White flowers can add a gentle and elegant tone to all events. These delicate and beautiful flowers are a symbol of renewal, purity, hope, and cleanliness and can carry the message of devotion, lasting love, honesty, and trust to your loved ones. 

It is important to note that white blossoms may send a different message across different religions and cultures. Therefore, it is best to do some research before you send someone white flowers.

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