What is Merkaba Meditation and How Is It Related to Metatron’s Cube?

By bringing to life the energy fields that emanate from inside and surround you, Merkaba meditation is a fantastic technique to boost your vitality. Although the term “Merkaba” may be unfamiliar to many of us, it is a well-liked method for maximizing your potential.

Any type of meditation is beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. One type of meditation you may practice is Merkaba meditation. It offers several advantages as this type of meditation is distinctive and intriguing. Long-term practitioners report positive life-changing events, inside and out, with consistent practice.

Today’s article explains this meditation method in detail, including what it is, how to get started with your own practices, benefits you may experience and more. 

Merkaba Meditation inside the star

What is the Meaning Of Merkaba Meditation?

A combination of three Egyptian words, Mer, Ka, and Ba, combine to form the term Merkaba. A kind of light that revolves inside itself is referred to as ‘Mer’. The physical body is referred to as Ba and the spirit as Ka. There are several additional ways to say the word “Merkaba,” including Merkavah and Merkava.

When practicing the Merkaba meditation technique, you might become aware of various energy fields all around you. It aids in your learning of various postures and breaths. Practicing Merkaba meditation can also help you feel refreshed and at ease. You’ll feel better overall. It serves as a medium and transports you to a state you may have never known. Both your soul and your heart are pleasantly impacted by it.


What is Merkaba?

Merkaba is a sphere of light that rotates and is created from geometric shapes; it has spiritual and physical effects. It can move your body across dimensions. The container has a tetrahedral star form. The spinning shed that is there while you are at the center of the tetrahedron resembles a saucer. Its width is roughly 55 feet. 

Metatron’s Cube, the Sacred Geometry Symbol by Anne Mathiasz on Shutterstock

What Are Some More Benefits Of Merkaba Meditation With Metatron’s Cube?

It’s a problem if your energy fields become obstructed or inactive. You won’t experience life to the fullest and you’ll lose out on the tiny, enlightening aspects. You may revitalize your energy fields and achieve full awakening by practicing Merkaba meditation.

Breathing patterns, adjustments to the mind, body, and heart, as well as a shift in perception, are all part of merkaba meditation. It is a path leading to enlightenment. The Merkaba meditation straightens your body’s energy fields and makes it easier for energy to circulate about. You reach a higher awareness during meditation, which frees you from the constraints of ordinary existence.

How Do You Do Merkaba Meditation?

Like the best personal meditation practices, Merkaba meditation is simple to do. To complete one cycle of this meditation, we complete 10 progressive stages. Visualizing the image below may help as you work through the steps:

Merkaba Meditation Lotus Pose with Chakra Symbols
Merkaba and Chakra Symbols in Lotus Meditation Pose of Yoga by Inna Panycheva
  1. Sit with your feet flat on the ground, in an Indian or lotus position, or both. Keep your tongue in place on the upper teeth edge of your mouth’s roof. Now connect your thumb and middle finger of your hand. This needs to be done with both hands. Maintain a raised fist position.


  1. Hold your breath while opening the root chakra, visualizing a crimson light, and inhaling. Breathe rapidly and inhale briefly. Now slowly exhale through your nose until red light fills the upper tetrahedron and then the lower.


Chakra Symbols with their purpose and location focus


  1. Bring your thumb and second finger together at this point. Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds. Exhale now. This time, visualize an orange glow.


  1. The third finger and thumb must then be held together. Think of yellow light. Take a deep breath in, feel your solar plexus chakra expand, then hold it for a moment before pulsing once again.


  1. Imagine a green light as you bring your thumb and fourth finger together. Feel the heart chakra opening as you inhale. Keep breathing in while re-pulsing. A green light should first fill the upper tetrahedron after exhaling, then the bottom. Change your fingers while lowering your gaze.


  1. You need to reunite your thumb and first finger at this point. View the blue color this time. Feel the throat chakra opening as you inhale. Pulse while holding your breath. Exhale now.


  1. Next, picture the color indigo while bringing your thumb and second finger together. Feel the brow chakra opening as you inhale.


  1. Finally, you need to connect your thumb and third finger. You need to picture the color violet this time. Visualize the opening of your head chakra. For a short while, hold your breath before allowing it to pulse once again. Exhale, lower your eyes, and switch your fingers once more.


  1. You must now take a big breath. In your surroundings, try to feel the love. Breathe rhythmically and unwind.


  1. You can now carry on with your meditations.
The Body Chakras (right) also map to the Flower of Life (left)

Note: We have a detailed article on the Flower of Life if you are interested in this particular symbol and its meaning.

A Brief Description Of The Merkabah Symbol

The mathematical features of the Merkaba sign are quite intriguing, and it has a lot of meaning. It has been utilized in spiritual and religious situations as well as for décor and artwork since antiquity.

The Merkaba symbol and the star are quite similar. One that is constructed from two revolving tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids).

The sign is very intricate, although it resembles a star in appearance. The star tetrahedron is another name for the symbol for this reason.

The actual symbol has three dimensions as well. So, if you’ve just seen it on garments, you might not be able to picture it. The top tetrahedron symbolizes masculine powers, while the lower tetrahedron focuses on female energy.

How Does Metatron’s Cube Relate to Merkaba?

A breathing technique called the Metatron’s Cube (also known as the Merkaba) Heart Meditation uses visualizations to help the body, mind, and spirit become attuned to higher and lower vibrations, spinning them into an energy vehicle called the Metatron’s Cube Merkaba at the center of the heart.

Perhaps try the Merkaba Meditation in Water visualising Metatron’s Cube like this person

The balanced Metatron’s Cube Merkaba offers a visual center for meditation. Positive ideas can take the place of negative ones. Inhaling energies from above and below, connecting the center with liveliness, and finally exhaling through the heart to fill the body and everything around it with love are the fundamental steps of this technique.

Metatron’s Cube is a key symbol in the series of Sacred Geometry, which is definitely a very interesting rabbit-hole to read about.

This wraps up our post on Merkaba Meditation and how it relates to Metatron’s Cube. If you liked it, you would probably enjoy reading our article on another Merkaba symbol, its meaning, origin, and importance. Thanks for reading.

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