Celtic Symbol for Strength—Identify Which of These 5 Inner Strength Celtic Symbols is Yours

Do you wear a ring engraved with a triskelion, a tattoo of the tree of life, or a pendant adorned with a triquetra? These ancient motifs loaded with meaning have crossed the millennia to adorn our jewelry, decoration, and body. But do you know that some of these Celtic symbols represent strength? You can identify yourself with one of these inner strength Celtic symbols that will help you determine why you react in a certain way on various occasions.


 Here is an explanation of the most popular inner strength Celtic symbols that will enable you to identify your Celtic symbol for strength!

A Meaning Of Celtic Symbols Subject To Interpretation

First of all, there are no written traces explaining the meaning of the different Celtic emblems.

Indeed, the oral tradition was in order at the time because the Druids were not authorized to use writing. Failing to put them down on paper, the Celts transmitted their beliefs by word.

Therefore, scholars have had to deal with incomplete knowledge to uncover the interpretation of Celtic symbols.

The Celts were people of gods, druids, and powerful iron-age warriors. Tribal societies settled in Europe, which bequeathed us a series of mysterious symbols that have survived to this day. These Celtic symbols and their meaning were a fundamental part of their culture.

They had various symbols with which they decorated weapons, utensils, and even their own bodies. In turn, the feared and powerful druids used them to perform sacred rituals.

Thanks to them, anyone can know something about their inner strength. Look at these symbols, and find your warrior Celtic symbol for strength!

Celtic Symbol For Strength

One of the following symbols of inner strength from Celtic culture will identify you, and you will understand why you react in a certain way on various occasions.

Within Celtic symbology, inner strength has several representations with unique meanings that, depending on personality and taste, deliver a different message.


  • The Tree of Life

You are bound to be familiar with this very particular tree motif whose twisted roots sink into the earth and unite with the branches that touch the sky, giving rise to a virtuous circle.

Trees held a central role in Celtic beliefs. Druids practiced their worship in the heart of the forest, the domain of these majestic living beings that they considered magical, guardians of the underground and upper worlds.

The Celtic Tree of Life is thus a spiritual Celtic symbol that echoes strength, immortality, rebirth, fertility, longevity, and wisdom.

Celtic Tree of Life, One of the Most Important Symbols of Harmony, Celtic Symbols Collection
Celtic Tree of Life As a Symbol by Artdock

If you choose the Tree of Life, you should know that enormous potential is hidden in you. Your roots go deep underground, you value stability, and you stand firm with your feet on the ground.

It is the moment you must learn to take the energy from the ground and walk barefoot. We recommend that you walk in the middle of nature and you will feel liveliness like never before.


  • The Dara Knot

The Dara knot represents a tree’s root system that goes deep into the earth and holds the majestic oak tree soaring into the sky. We can deduce that it represents the basis of all things. 

If your foundations are solid and deeply anchored, they will allow you to rise and reach heights. Celts adored trees, particularly the oak, which was apparently the most sacred tree.


Among the Celts, the oak was a symbol of:

  • Wisdom
  • Endurance
  • Strength

It is easy to understand why this tree. Oak is a leafy tree that grows very slowly. It can live for 300 years and reach a height of 40 meters. It, therefore, seems logical that a tree that sees several generations past can become a symbol of longevity and wisdom. Despite its calm demeanor, it defies the elements to grow strong enough to reach spectacular heights.

Dara knot is made up of intertwined lines that have no beginning or end. There are several versions of this knot, but each of the variations centralizes the same theme: the power of the oak tree and its root system. Today it is widely believed that the ancient Celts created this symbol to invoke inner strength and wisdom in difficult situations.


  • The Triquetra or the Celtic Triangle

The Triquetra enjoys an unrivaled reputation among the thousands of Celtic knots!

Its design represents three intertwined ovals forming a triangle. A circle is often nested in the pattern or on its edge, referring to an immutable eternity.

Does this remind you of something? You may have seen the Triquetra in the book of shadows of the must-see American series of the 90s, Charmed, symbolizing the magic of the “power of three.”

Triquetra as part of Celtic Symbols Collection
Triquetra, the Celtic Symbol of Trinity by Novart on Creative Fabrica

But what does this mystical emblem refer to in the Celtic tradition? 

The Triquetra is a Celtic symbol for strength that represents the cycle of life and is said to have been used by the Celts as a talisman against death. It also embodies the triple divinity (the daughter, the mother, and the older woman).

In addition, it represents the three ends that can evoke the three realms (earth, sea, and sky) or the forces of nature, as well as the three promises of a romantic relationship: love, honor, and protection.

Today, this Celtic symbol is known as the “Trinity knot,” which refers to the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).


  • The Triskelion, a famous Celtic Symbol for Strength

Among the spirals that are one of the oldest symbols of Celtic culture, the best known is undoubtedly the Triskelion, also spelled Triskele or Triskel. It symbolizes the strength that represents the will to overcome the adversities one faces in life.

Celtic Triskelion, Symbols for Motherhood
Celtic Triskelion Symbol on Black Background by Cernecka Natalja

This Breton motif represents a spiral with three branches. It is useful to remember that the number 3 was omnipresent in Celtic culture because it was sacred.

This triplicity gives rise to various hypotheses as to the meaning of the Triskelion:

  • the three worlds: the physical world, the spiritual world, and the celestial world;
  • the three phases of the apparent movement of the Sun: morning, noon, and twilight;
  • the three elements: water, earth, and fire;
  • the three major gods of Celtic religion: Lug, Ogme, and Dagda;
  • past, present, and future;
  • the cycle of life: childhood, adulthood, old age.

As you can see, the interpretations attributed to the triple spiral are numerous!


  • The Celtic Cross—Emblem of Celtic Christianity

We come across symbolic crosses in all civilizations, like the cross of Lorraine, the Basque cross, or the Celtic cross.

Also called nimbus or druidic crosses, these circled crosses are found in Scotland, Brittany, Ireland, and other regions. In short, these crosses are found in all Celtic nations since they reflect Celtic Christianity.

Celtic Cross As a Variant of Christian Cross
A Celtic Cross Also Known As High Cross

Once erected in stone as High Crosses from the 8th century, these designs now come in multiple Celtic charms and tattoos.

Celtic crosses consist of a circle combining time and space, like a wheel and the universe in which we live.

As for the four branches of the Celtic symbol, they perhaps evoke the seasons, the cardinal points, or even a link with the planets.

Whatever its appearance or era, the Celtic cross is another powerful Celtic symbol for strength, representing the bridge between heaven and earth. The circle often seen on the ringed cross signifies infinity and eternal spiritual communion.

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