7 Diverse Meanings Of The Pirate Skull and Crossbones Symbol


If you’re human and at least somewhat aware, the image of a human skull over two crossed bones is probably associated to danger and death, from pirates to poison bottles. Typically pirate skull and crossbones is used as a warning sign for anything poisonous or harmful potentially leading to death. Were you aware that this style of symbolism was first used on tombstones as a memento mori? Which literally translates in Latin for “remember that you shall die.” A mental note … Continue reading the article

Biohazard Symbol: Origin, Meaning And Uses

The modern biohazard symbol is a globally recognized symbol conveying the dangers of biohazards and warning people about the presence of biohazard waste. It essentially warns people to take precautionary measures and stay away from biohazards to avoid exposure. To ensure optimal safety, this symbol is used to represent the presence of all four biohazard levels established by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Level 1: Viruses and bacteria that pose minimal threat to humans. Level 2: Biohazards that … Continue reading the article