The Valkyrie Symbol in Norse Mythology and Tattoo

The Valkyrie symbol is a sign of power and prestige and in ancient Norse mythology. It reflects Norse beliefs on destiny, death, and fate. In the modern age both men and women, getting a Norse Valkyrie symbol tattoo is becoming more popular.

There are many different versions of the Valkyrie symbol, which have been adapted and amended over time. We dug into the past in order to help you out. Find out here all you need to know about the meanings and origins of the Valkyrie symbol before you get your next tattoo.

God Odin’s Valkyries are most readily identified by the wings that they fly on. The Valkyrie wings are shaped like those of a bird.

The Valkyries are also known as the “fairy women”. The Valkyrie symbol also has been used to represent the Valkyries and their horses, or it also has been used to represent the Valkyries as Odin’s warriors in Norse mythology.

What is the Origin of the Valkyrie Symbol?

Despite the unique and widely recognized nature of the Valkyrie symbol, no one really knows the origin and not a lot is known about the history of the symbol and how it developed over time. Many believe that it symbolizes the transition from life to death.

Others believe that the speed with which Valkyries can fly through the air is represented by their wings. Odin’s knot is often featured in Valkyrie images and is considered to be a symbol of the transition between death and life.

A fierce Valkyrie warrior in a dominant protective stance

Details about the Valkyries and their Symbol

The Valkyrie were the winged female warriors who chose the brave soldiers for Valhalla. They were often depicted riding on horses made of mist and clouds as they fought for freedom and bravery with the Viking warriors.

Many people believed they were sent by Odin to help soldiers who were brave enough to die for the sake of their country and who were prepared to fight until their last breath. They were “Angels of Death” who kept keen watch over the Viking battlefields and scooped up the souls of fearless slain warriors. As such, the name “Valkyrie” literally translates to “chooser of the slain”.

The Valkyrie was typically depicted with a sword, spear and a shield. These are the symbols of her courage as a strong Viking female warrior.

According to the Scandinavian mythology of the Nordic countries, Valkyries were part of the personal staff of the chief god of the Norse pantheon, Odin. Less widely known in the mythology was their more sinister role as “messengers of the gods”, often deliberately leading great Viking heroes to their deaths by inspiring them to tremendous acts of reckless bravery.

Illustration of a Valkyrie on horseback raging into battle

What is The Valkyrie?

In the Old Norse religion the word Valkyrie means “chooser” and comes from the word Val which means “choose” and “kyrja” which means “slaughter. Combining ‘chose’ and’slain’, this phrase means a picker-upper (chooser of the slain).

A Valkyrie (sometimes called a valkyria or valkyries) was a female warrior in Viking mythology who rides a horse named Saehrimnir (often translated as “Sleeping Death”).

In Norse mythology, Valkyrie (or Valkyria) was a warrior, described as being beautiful and noble. Which presided over the battle between good and evil, or between life and death.

They are depicted carrying a shield with two short swords on either side and a long spear in their hand. They wear a black cloak, red cap, and a horned helmet, with golden hair cascading down their back. Valkyrie was sent to the battlefield to choose the bravest soldiers and take them to Valhalla.

As she rides on her horse across the battlefield, she searches for brave warriors who have died during the battle. She picks up the fallen and escorts them to the hall of the gods to join the army of the dead called “the einherjar”.

According to the legend, the einherjar ride horses made of mist or clouds, wear the armor of fire, fight with weapons of ice, and use hammers of stone. The Valkyrie symbolizes the choice of life or death, and she stands for freedom, bravery, and heroism. She is often seen as a protector of warriors. The Valkyrie is usually depicted with a sword or spear in one hand and a shield in the other.

What Are the Valkyrie’s Roles?

The Valkyries or twelve Valkyries were warriors that served Odin, the god of war, death, and poetry. They also helped to defend the sacred treasures. Odin believed that he needed an army that would fight fiercely and be willing to sacrifice themselves in order to win victories for him.

His idea was to create an army comprised of people who are willing to die for a cause they believed in and protect their homes. The Valkyries are known for choosing the most heroic of fallen warriors to be admitted into the hall of Valhalla, where they are allowed to join the einherjar in eternal battle.

In ancient times, warriors used to fight for the gods. When they died, they went to the land of the dead called “Valhalla”. There they could watch over the heroes who were killed in battle and fight alongside them. This was called the einherjar.

They did not die as mortals do; they died like heroes. They died to protect other people and to defend their country. The einherjar is now waiting to welcome their loved ones at the gates of Valhalla.

What do the Valkyries look like?

The image of the Valkyrie is based on Christian tradition. No written sources are describing the appearance of the Valkyrie symbol, so we have to make assumptions based on the information we have.

In Norse mythology, Valkyries are the female spirits who choose the brave warriors and accompany the dead to Valhalla. They are said to have wings and ride horses. Valkyries are described as beautiful, statuesque women with long flowing golden hair and piercing eyes.

They’re described as women wearing elegant and regal costumes made with swan feathers or ravens. But when there is a war, they wear helmets, shield-mounted armor, and chain mail corsets.

What Animals Represent the Valkyrie symbol?

The Valkyrie is the goddess of war, and she is the only one of Odin’s children that he truly loved. She was the first of Odin’s children to arrive. Valkyrie symbols are most often associated with black ravens and swans.

The speed at which the Valkyries fly through the air is believed to be represented by the wings. It is also associated with the Valkyries, who are sometimes called “Swan Maidens” because they often disguise themselves as black ravens or swans so they can fly.

It is believed that swans are also associated with the Valkyries as they were often depicted riding winged horses.

They were also closely associated with horses because they were frequently depicted riding horses over the battlefields. Some Norse mythology describes Valkyries as shapeshifting into the form of a horse. This is reminiscent of the Swedish witch named Volva who was a powerful shapeshifter.

Two Ravens Of The God Odin often symbolised his Valkyrie warriors

What is the Valkyrie Symbol Tattoo?

Valkyries Symbol tattoo looks like a shield, and it is shaped like a Norse rune. It is known as the valkyrie symbol. The symbol has two wings on either side. This symbol has been used by Vikings for centuries. Valkyrie symbol tattoos are commonly seen on t-shirts, helmets, and jewelry.

The most famous Viking, Thor, is often depicted with the Valkyries. This symbol is often seen on the shields of Viking warriors, as well as the helmets of Viking helmets. It is also used in a variety of different cultures, including the ancient Norse culture.

A common symbol in Norse mythology, the Valkyrie has two or four wings on its sides to represent the Valkyries, who were female warriors who flew with Odin’s battle-army, and their horses, Skírnir, to help the wounded after battles.

The winged Odin’s knot is considered to be the symbol of Odin. It’s used in many traditions, and means “death”, “destruction”, “harm” and “evil”.

There is no writing on the traditional image, but the text of the Viking(traditional valkyrie symbol text) runes can sometimes be seen next to the symbol itself. The Shield Maiden symbol is similar to the traditional Valkyrie tattoos, with wings, a double staff, and usually has a Nordic knot in the middle.

A striking Valkyrie tattoo design idea with a norse compass. Credit:

What do the Valkyrie Norse Symbols Mean?

The Valkyrie Norse Symbol has two primary meanings. The first meaning of the Valkyrie is a woman who is chosen to fight with heroes. In the stories, the Valkyrie is usually a young girl, but it may be a woman. She chooses the bravest soldiers and takes them to Valhalla. This woman is known as the “chooser of the slain” and she is considered a messenger of death.

Sometimes, Valkyries have the ability to bring back the dead. The Valkyrie is said to protect the souls of the warriors who die fighting bravely. She stands for freedom, bravery, and heroism. The second meaning of the Valkyrie is a figure that stands for courage and bravery.

The Valkyrie has two hands: one hand holds a sword or spear, and the other holds a shield. These weapons represent the power of the human spirit. The Valkyrie has also been seen as a protector and guide of slain warriors.

Valkyries are not just warriors, they are also the Goddesses of death. They are the ones who escort the dead to Valhalla. Valkyrie Norse symbols are also representative of several key virtues and qualities that the Vikings hoped for and respected:


The determination and relentless spirit of the Viking were exemplified by the full-body armor and sturdy horses of the Valkyries. The Vikings aspired to be like the Valkyries, embodiments of courage and strength.

Physical prowess

The personification of ideal warriors was the Valkyries, who were strong and flexible. They felt powerful and determined to succeed.

Feminine power

The Viking culture was progressive for its time, encouraging women’s empowerment. Valkyries were the ideal role models. Valkyries flying over battlefields in service to their deity or country is a sign of hope and strength in the face of adversity.

Love and Freedom

The Valkyries are often seen as the embodiment of the power of love and beauty. Valkyrie Norse symbols are associated with transformation and freedom, but they also have a dark side.

Transformation and free-spiritedness

Transformation and free-spiritedness are often associated with Valkyries. They are betrothed to men who steal their suits of swan feathers. If Valkyries recover their feathers, they cause heartbreak to their mates.

Men and swans are associated with them. When men steal swan feathers, they will be betrothed to swan maidens. They cause a lot of pain to their mates when they recover their feathers.

Two powerful Valkyries with spears fighting back to back with Thor’s Hammer in the middle

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