What Does An Upside Down Cross Necklace Mean?  (Chains and Gothic Cross)

Today we will discuss the Upside Down Cross Necklace. Often adorned in a gothic style, it is commonly known as the Inverted Cross, which is a symbol with a lengthy history and a variety of contemporary connotations. Many of which are false popular modern constructs with little true connection with history and more to do with horror films and books.

A Latin cross is simply twisted such that the crosspiece is closer to the bottom than the top, as the name of the designates. An individual hanging from such a cross would be facing downward.

Throughout history, whether you are a devout follower of a particular religion or are spiritual, the cross has been a recurring symbol. If we look for the indicator, it may be seen rather frequently in our regular activities. Be it in books, movies, churches, interior design, or jewelry that has meaning. The cross is a representation of strength, hope, and compassion.

A Latin cross turned upside-down is sometimes referred to as an inverted cross, Petrine Cross, or Cross of St. Peter. The inverted cross is either a representation of the meek Christian religion or the demonic aspirations, depending on who you ask, their superstitious beliefs and at which point in time they live(d).

One of the most well-known global symbols in the world is the cross, an easy geometric form. It is a strong, conventional shape with several design and adornment options that are frequently used in jewelry and other works of art that are considered spiritual.

While it’s true that everyone is allowed to have their religious and fashion preferences, for many of us it is frequently important to understand what cross jewelry represents. Through this understanding the aesthetic symbol can often mean more to us than just something nice to look at.

Let’s gain a deeper understanding of the upside down cross necklace, the gothic upside down cross necklace, their various symbolic significances, and what makes them unique.

This Upside Down Cross Painted on her face certainly seems sinister, but is it really?

Before We Turn It Upside Down, What Does the “Right-Side Up” Cross Necklace Mean?

The term “cross necklace” is used to describe any necklace that has a Christian cross or crucifix. The cross is hence the main focus of this jewelry design. But have you ever given its importance any thought?

The cross was widely utilized in ancient Babylonia in the BC (before Christ) era before spreading to ancient Middle Eastern nations. The crucifixion’s portrayal of Jesus Christ makes it most frequently compatible with the Christian faith.

The wearing of a cross is believed to ward off bad spirits or forces. A cross necklace personifies the Christian concept of love and compassion, which is represented by a cross and is specifically linked with the crucifixion Jesus Christ on the Cross. This, of course, forms one of the most important symbolic myths in the Christian religious belief system.

Classic Christian Crucifix Cross


What Does The Gothic Upside Down Cross Necklace Mean?

The Gothic style is saturated with many different and often striking symbols. Some of them exhibit the beautiful part of this culture, as seen in flowers or stained glass, while others highlight the Gothic style’s ominous and frightful side which plays on the strong superstitious beliefs of the people from that European Era.

A Gothic Upside Down Cross Necklace from Etsy Artist “WhisperToTheMoon”

Crosses are among the most common symbols seen in silver Gothic jewelry. And not just the typical Catholic cross, but also a wide variety of cross-shaped emblems from many societies and times.

The most widely used Christian emblem in Western culture is the Latin cross. It has a well-defined name since it represents the cross that Christ was crucified on: crucifixion. It distinguishes itself from  The cross of the West, the cross of Life, and the cross of Suffering are some of its other titles.

Long before Christianity emerged in human culture, this design, which resembles a person spreading their arms, represented God in China and Greece. Kindness was represented by a cross emerging from the heart of the ancient Egyptians.

The Latin cross is also known as the Long cross. Did you know that when they needed to cross themselves, the priests of the Middle Ages marked a cross in the book?

As for a Latin Upside down cross? Well, this would be one with Jesus on it upside down. People adhering to the Christian faith would no doubt be offended by this as it clearly is mocking one of their most important religious symbols.

As for wearing the upside down cross with Jesus on it as a necklace specifically in a gothic style? Well, this is either something out of a Hollywood movie, a Cosplay fan from Rosemary’s Baby, or a teenager having rebellious fun at their Christian parents’ expense. Our advice is not to take it seriously, it has no inherent evil power that can actually hurt anyone outside Hollywood magic.

The Various Upside Down Cross Chain Types and Their History

Although crosses are currently among the most well-liked pendants worn by bling enthusiasts, this trend was previously not only unheard of but also hazardous. Before the advent of Christianity, in many regions donning a cross meant risking probable persecution.

The majority of early cross necklaces were instead tucked into garment pockets or concealed behind layers of clothes as a symbol of hidden faith.

Cross chain appeal is not the only aspect that has evolved significantly throughout time, however. Upside down cross chain designs have changed and reinvented themselves several times throughout history.

Let’s explore some of the upside down cross chain types and their possible meanings.

First, let’s clear something up, there is nothing inherently unique about a chain that holds an upside down cross around the neck of the owner. It’s the same gold, silver or cheap steel metal chain used on standard cross necklaces.

Gold Cross Pendants and Chains

The gold cross pendant is one of the most traditional and identifiable cross necklaces. The pure gold cross pendant is cast in a clean, straightforward style. This necklace’s simple design is derived from some of the first produced gold cross pendants.

Gold Cross Pendants’ History

Although the exact year when gold cross pendants were first worn is unknown, significant religious occurrences like the Crusades and the Black Plague all contributed to the developing trend of wearing gold cross necklaces as a symbol of faith.

Along with the rise in the popularity of photography portraiture, gold cross necklaces also became increasingly common. Gold cross necklaces were frequently worn by women with modest shirts to demonstrate their steadfast devotion.

Upside Down Cross Chain Types: Gold vs. Silver

Silver cross necklaces were also worn by early Christians, but gold cross necklaces were more in demand. Jewelers usually used gold to make necklaces since it is a noble metal. Gold is historically less abundant than silver, thus it has carried a higher price throughout history. This higher price makes for more expensive chains which skewed ownership towards wealthy owners and aristocracy.

Other parts of the world, however, saw a greater prevalence of silver crosses. In no small part due to the greater ubiquity of silver mine deposits compared to gold.

To convert Native Americans to Christianity, for instance, Christians invaded their territories and gave them silver cross necklaces with silver chains. These necklaces were intended to represent faith and unite newly converted Christians with other Christians from various cultural backgrounds.

What Does Wearing An Upside Down Cross Necklace Mean?

Well, it depends on the belief system, or sense of humor of the owner.

If you’re a Christian it may represent St. Peter and is an important Holy Symbol.

If you’re trying to a annoy a Christian, well, you could wear one with Jesus on it and display it in front of them. And some of them might find it offensive. More likely is that they will ignore you and think you’re in a cleaver Halloween costume pretending to be some sign of evil like Satan. (For the record, the Church of Satan does not have the upside down cross necklace as some sort of anti-christ symbol. That’s just lazy research.)

Recently, a symbol that looked ALOT like an upside down cross appeared in the popular Marvel Universe series, Wandavision. There is little doubt this was inserted for “dramatic effect” associated with the concept of Wanda as a witch and all the “evil witch” connotations that come with this. However during the show dialog, it is revealed that the necklace is actually a sword inside a teardrop. In Marvel, this represents the SWORD organisation – “The Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Department”. This is understood to be a precursor to SHIELD that focuses on extraterrestrial threats.

Source: Marvel Studios



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