Symbols of Prosperity, Wealth and Good Fortune

In today’s post, we will be examining the symbols of prosperity, items that bring you wealth and good fortune ranging from religious icons to ancient symbols like the cornucopia. Without further ado, here is our detailed list of symbols of prosperity, wealth and good luck.

Dragons As A Symbol of Prosperity

In China, the dragon is a symbol of power, prosperity and good luck. Dragons are also known as the “emperor of all animals” in many Asian cultures. The dragon is one of the 12 Chinese zodiacs and it is said that those born in this year will have a lot of success in life.

Symbols of Prosperity and Good Luck, A Beautiful Image of a Dragon, a Chinese Symbol of Strength
A Beautiful Illustration of a Dragon by Singink

In the Far East, dragons can be found on many different objects including architecture and art. The reason for this is because they are seen as a symbol of strength and power. In some Eastern cultures, dragons are even seen as gods or deities who protect people from evil spirits.

Some Chinese people believe that they are the descendants of dragons. They worship dragons and there is a festival in China called the “Dragon Boat Festival” which is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. It is also seen as a god that brings rain to keep crops growing.

Chinese Coins, Feng Shui Symbols of Good Luck

The Chinese coins are one of the most popular symbols in Feng Shui. They are seen as a symbol of prosperity and luck.

The coins in Feng Shui can be used to bring prosperity, good fortune and wealth to the home or business. They are often displayed in the living room, office or kitchen as they represent wealth and abundance.


Gold is a precious metal that has been used for centuries as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It is an essential part of the global economy and it has been traded for thousands of years.

The use of gold in jewelry-making dates back to the Bronze Age, and gold has been used in coins since 600 BC. Representing wealth and prosperity, gold is also an important symbol in many religions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

Cornucopia As A Symbol of Wealth

In ancient Greece, the cornucopia became a significant symbol of prosperity and good fortune. The Greeks believed that it represented fertility and abundance and it was also one of the prominent symbols of Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Cornucopia, Symbols of Wealth, Prosperity and Good Luck
Cornucopia, a prosperity symbol by Jill Wellington

The word “cornucopia” comes from the Latin word “cornu copiae” which means “horn of plenty.” The cornucopia was originally a goat’s horn filled with fruit, vegetables, grains, and nuts that was given.

Peridot Stones As Prosperity Symbols

Peridot (also called the “evening emerald”) is the gem variety of olivine and can be found in many different colors including yellow, green, brown, blue, and black.

The most common color is green. The name peridot comes from the Greek word “peridona”, which means “to give light” or “to bring day” because peridots were thought to be able to predict the weather.

Peridot is the gemstone of prosperity. It is believed that the stone has healing properties that bring good luck and wealth to its owner.

Wearing a peridot necklace will not only bring you success, but it can also help to calm your nerves and improve your mood.

Money Frogs, Symbols of Wealth and Fertility

Since ancient times, the frog has been a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. The Money Frog is a powerful talisman for attracting wealth and prosperity.

In the past, frogs were used as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Frogs would be used in rituals to ensure that people had many children and a good harvest.

The Money Frog is a powerful talisman that is said to bring happiness, wealth, and success to its bearer.

The Money Frog is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to people who have it. It is also believed that the Money Frog will help them in their business ventures.

Maneki Neko, The Lucky Cat

The Maneki Neko is a figure of a cat that is believed to bring good luck. It is popular in Japan and considered to be one of the most widely recognized symbols in the country.

The figure has been seen as a lucky charm since the Edo period when it was put up by merchants outside their shops.


The pig is a symbol of prosperity in many cultures. In China, for example, pigs are considered the most important animal and the more pigs you have, the wealthier you are.

In Chinese culture, the pig is also associated with happiness and good luck. The pig is one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

In Hinduism, pigs (boars) are considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and a symbol of fertility and abundance.

Money Trees As Good Luck Charms

The money tree is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. It is often seen as a decoration at weddings, parties, or other celebrations.

In China, the money tree is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. It is believed that the more coins or notes you put under the branches, the more prosperous your life will become.

The money tree is also a popular decoration during Chinese New Year celebrations. This tradition stems from an ancient belief that by decorating their homes with this symbol, they would be able to bring themselves prosperity and good luck for the coming year.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha, also known by its Japanese name, Hoteiosho, is a statue of a fat and happy Buddha with his hands together in front of his chest which is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

In some Buddhist traditions, the laughing Buddha is a representation of Maitreya. There are several beliefs about where this character comes from and what he represents, but generally, he is said to represent happiness and good luck.

Ox Statues

The ox statue is a symbol of prosperity and a good luck charm in many Eastern cultures. Believed to be bringers of wealth and good fortune, oxen are one of the most loved animals in the Chinese zodiac.

It is assumed that the symbol of the ox statue originated in China, where it is the symbol of agriculture and prosperity. In India, the Ox statue is considered to be the giver of all wealth and prosperity.

It is also important to note that oxen are symbols of spring in Chinese culture, hence, their importance for culture and the belief regarding them bringing good fortune to farmers.

This wraps up our post on wealth and prosperity symbols. If you enjoyed reading it, you should definitely check out our article on butterfly symbolism here and ladybug meaning and symbolism here. Thanks for reading with us!

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