Blue and Black Monarch Butterfly Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism


Some of the most difficult butterflies to view in the wild are those that are black and blue monarch species. This rarity is why the sight of one of these species is so prized and leave us often wondering if there is a special meaning to their fleeting presence in our lives. Black and blue butterflies are wisely regarded as uplifting spiritual symbols. They stand for many joyous and inspirational things that we would want to see in our daily lives. … Continue reading the article

Black Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism 


Butterflies are frequently connected with the transition. The black butterfly, on the other hand, has various intriguing interpretations. These include death, strength, and power. The black butterfly is frequently seen as an undesirable and unwelcome sight to behold, but under its wings mat also lie many hidden messages of knowledge, hope, and optimism. In this article, we’ll look at the black butterfly meaning, its authentic symbolism, and what it means to see one in your dreams and real life.   A … Continue reading the article

Labrys Flag Deep Dive Into Its Evolution


The “labrys,” or double-headed axe, is one of the earliest emblems of Greek culture and has many religious and mythical meanings that remains a significant emblem to this day. In today’s article we take a closer look at the history and symbolism that has evolved over time to gain a better understanding of what the labrys flag meaning is now. A labrys, a sort of double-headed axe, is placed on an inverted black triangle on a violet backdrop in the design. … Continue reading the article

The White Butterfly Meaning? Love, Death, Or…?


The butterfly is a lovely insect with many metaphorical and spiritual meanings. Sighting a white butterfly can be a good omen, indicating that it is time to grow and evolve favorably. It can also be a powerful and favorable symbol that means purity, serenity, plenty, and expanding spiritual connections. Butterflies have long been seen as a link between the physical and spiritual worlds in many civilizations. As an inevitable evolution of this line of thinking, the white butterfly has come to … Continue reading the article

What do the Red Daisy Flower, Red Gerbera and Red African Daisy Symbolize?


Because of its enormous popularity, the daisy is cited in a variety of cultural allusions all across the world. Some view the daisy flower to be a sign of optimism, innocence, new beginnings, positive energy, and joy. The daisy is the holy flower for the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse mythology. As a result, daisies represent childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. As a result, they’re an excellent flower to give to a new baby! Daisies are members of … Continue reading the article

2 Symbols for Freedom – The Statue of Liberty and Roman Goddess Libertas


Simply put, a symbol represents a concept, right? Even while many of us take it for granted now, are you aware, that for the majority of recorded history, the average human have experienced freedom as an exception rather than a fundamental human right.  The idea of freedom as a right did not genuinely come into mainstream culture until the Age of Enlightenment when the discourse was purposefully formed by philosophers of the notion that every human is created equal and hence … Continue reading the article

Japanese Symbols for Strength and Wisdom (Including Animals) 

Japanese Character Courage

In this article we will explore some of the key Japanese symbols of strength and wisdom that have emerged in Japanese culture. The term “strength” has a certain ring to it in it’s various versions in every language. Even more remarkable than the term for strength are the Japanese signs and symbols for it. Power, strength and wisdom are the three character traits that almost every human aspires to have at some point in their lives. Sometimes Japanese representations of strength … Continue reading the article

Vibrant Black and Orange Koi Fish Meaning

Although Koi fish are kept in ponds all over the world, Asia has a unique significance for them. The mythology that dates back many thousand years in China describes how carp (Koi) that pass through the dragon gate and swim up a waterfall are miraculously turned into dragons. The ability to persevere and endure allowed the carp to develop into mythological creatures. The Koi fish has been a symbol of endurance and persistence for two thousand years. Despite having their name … Continue reading the article

The Fullmetal Alchemist Symbol, FMA Symbol and Tattoo: What Do They Mean?


The popular Fullmetal Alchemist series display a wide range symbols that are often seen throughout the anime, manga, and video games. The Fullmetal Alchemist (abbrev. “fma symbol”) or “Fullmetal Brotherhood” as they are often called, are characters in the manga and anime series who are able to transform their body into a metal form. The Fullmetal alchemist symbols and tattoos are immensely popular with both gamers and fans of the series, but what is the meaning behind them? Like many modern … Continue reading the article

Pangender Flag Meaning, Origin, Colors and Pride


Imagine that every human is gathered beneath the rainbow flag, which, in this analogy, is similar to the national flag. And every grouping of humans who identify with a common gender have their own distinctive flag to represent them, much like every state in the nation.  One such flag is the Pangender Flag, which you can see flying at any number of pride events throughout the world, in cities from Helsinki to Honolulu to Istanbul and everywhere in between! Although the … Continue reading the article

The Strength Icons, Images and Signs. What do they mean?


When we hear the word strength, it is the concept of physical strength that most often comes to mind. We might even think of a specific person or fictitious character who is strong or powerful. We might think of a person who is capable of doing something difficult like overcoming great adversity in something like a “Hero’s Journey”. The strength icon in modern culture is typically regarded as a symbol of power. For example, it is used in the world of … Continue reading the article

Peace Colors: The List Of Calming And Soothing Colors Representing Peace

Two Dove on a Tree Branch, Universal Love Symbols

What are the colors of peace? What color brings peace of mind to a person? The answers to these questions and more is in this very post. Without further ado, here is the list of colors representing peace. Blue As a Color of Peace Blue is perhaps the color that is most strongly associated with peace. It is the color of tranquility, calm as well as loyalty, faithfulness and trustworthiness, the concepts all of which are more or less related to … Continue reading the article

Koi Fish Symbolism, Meaning And Tattoo Ideas – What Do Koi Fish Represent?

Koi Fish Symbolism and Meaning, What Do Koi Fish Represent - A Koi Fish Illustration

Adored for their beautiful appearance with vibrant colors worldwide, koi fish have been known to be prominent symbols in some cultures like Chinese and Japanese. With multiple deep symbolic meanings attached to them, koi fish imagery has been widely used in Asian art and design, in various forms, for a very long time. Let us get right into it then, here is everything you should know about koi fish symbolism, the legend behind the symbol and the spiritual meaning and religious … Continue reading the article

Frog Symbolism And Meaning: What Do Frogs Symbolize?

What Do Frogs Symbolize, the Explanation: A Yellow and Red Frog Picture

Carrying on with our animal symbolism articles, we will be discussing frog symbolism across cultures and religions throughout the world. Let us get right to it then, here is everything you should know about what frogs represent as symbols and what it means to have a frog as a spirit animal. As amphibians, frogs have the ability to live on land and water since their bodies are capable of adapting to both. Frogs have distinct qualities that make them interesting creatures; … Continue reading the article

Water Symbolism: Religion, Culture And Literature

Water Symbolism Explained: A Waterfall Photographed

The symbolism of water is vast, widespread and fluid as the water itself. It is present in almost every area or field that involves symbolism, ranging from art and literature, spirituality and religion to science,  magic and alchemy. Let’s not keep you waiting, here is everything you should know about how water has been used as a symbol across cultures throughout history. Water Symbolism: The Many Meanings of Water As a Symbol Since water is an element of nature and vital … Continue reading the article

Daisy Symbolism And Meaning – What Do Daisy Flowers Represent?

Daisy Symbolism and Meaning, Daisy Flowers in a Field

Throughout history, people have been using flowers to convey messages and express emotions. And today, we are starting our new series on flower symbolism with one of the most popular species of flowers in the world, daisies. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the meaning and symbolism behind the daisy flower and how it came to be associated with such meaning. Daisy Flower: The Etymology and Origin of The Word “Daisy” Daisy got its common name … Continue reading the article