Dahlia Flower Meaning and Symbolism – Top 10 Special Aspects


Best known for their gorgeous appearance, layered petals, and long-lasting blooms, dahlias have numerous symbolic meanings. It is believed that both the color of the dahlia and the location play a vital role in determining what the dahlia symbolizes. Most historians believe that Royal Gardens director Antonia Jose Cavanilles gave the gorgeous flower its name. In Sweden, dal means valley. Thus, the dahlia is often referred to as a valley flower. Dahlia Flower Meaning and Symbolism  Dahlias stand out in gardens … Continue reading the article

19 Flowers of Love – Unique Choices for the One You Love


While the red rose is the most common and popular flower of love, it is not the only flower that symbolizes undefinable emotion. In fact, 19 other flowers represent deep affection. Let’s take a look at them: Camellia Not only camellia looks like roses, but it is also a flower of love. Common varieties of this flower are deep red, bright pink, and light pink. Since its common varieties boost colors are also similar to the roses that signify love, camellia … Continue reading the article

Special Sweet Pea Flowers – What Do They Mean?


Sweet Pea has a scientific name ‘Lathyrus odoratus.‘ This name has two different meanings. These are ‘attractive’ and ‘sweet-scented.’ The beautiful flower has a distinctive sweet fragrance that almost smells like candy without being too overwhelming and is widely used in flower arrangements. It is native to Italy and is one of the most popular flowers in Europe today. One of its distinguishing characteristics that makes this flower even more appealing to humans is that it does not attract flies. Despite … Continue reading the article

What Flower Am I? 32 Beautiful Birth Flowers and Their Meanings


Flowers are one of the greatest gifts given to us by mother nature. The beautiful and colorful blossoms with sweet scents can uplift anyone’s mood instantly. But like, birthstones, every month of the calendar is assigned one or more flowers that hold special meanings. It is believed by many that these meanings are symbolic of the inherent characteristics of the people of that particular month.  So, if you have found yourself asking, ‘what flower am I?’ you have come to the … Continue reading the article

12 Flowers with Negative Meanings | Flower Symbolism


Most (if not all) of us have always used flowers to express love and other positive emotions. But did you know that several flowers carry negative connotations in various parts of the world? Let’s talk about some flowers with negative meanings to ensure you do not unintentionally send them to someone and end up communicating the wrong message. 12 Flowers That Symbolize Negative Emotions In the secret language of flowers, the following ones carry negative meanings: Black Dahlias Dahlias are typically … Continue reading the article

Giving Hope To A Friend in Need? 6 Flowers That Symbolize Hope


Since ancient times, people have relied on flowers and their symbolic meanings to express their sentiments and true feelings. Many flowers symbolize hope making them the perfect choice for extending best wishes to a loved one going through a rough patch in life. Here’s a detailed review of flowers that mean hope. Take a look to find the right flower of hope that you’d like to gift your friend. Flowers of hope spread happiness and positivity. Sometimes the aromatic scent and … Continue reading the article

A Flower that Represents Strength? Gladiolus, Orchid, Magnolia and 5 More!


Do you know a flower that represents strength? By strength, you might think of a rare flower you have yet to hear about. Quite the contrary, some of the most common flowers used in decorations and given in bouquets to please our loved ones symbolize strength. Flowers transmit our feelings much better than words because they have accompanied human life since antiquity. You must have already given flowers more than once to someone you love without knowing the meaning they symbolize. … Continue reading the article

White Flowers Meaning: What Do They Symbolize? (4 Best Choices)


White flowers showcase an unearthly grace and unique beauty, without which no bouquet or spring garden feels complete. These flowers are often associated with perfection and innocence, striking a perfect blend of purity and elegance.  The white shade creates an excellent contrast to the other beautiful hues in a garden. However, flowers can mean and signify different things for different people. So, what exactly do white flowers mean, what is their significance, and when is the right occasion to send someone … Continue reading the article

Perfect Pink Lotus Flower Symbol And Special Buddhism Meanings

Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism Article

I find the lotus a particularly fascinating symbol. It is an almost universal symbol as the Eastern Lotus or the Western Lily or even Rose. It is a solar and lunar, birth and death, appearing with Egyptian and Hindu Sun Gods and Semitic Moon Gods and with the Great Mother as Lunar Goddess. The special spiritual connotations of the pink lotus flower are often challenging to communicate to others. Naturally, lotus blossoms have symbolic implications in several civilizations and Lotus blooms … Continue reading the article

What do the Red Daisy Flower, Red Gerbera and Red African Daisy Symbolize?


Because of its enormous popularity, the daisy is cited in a variety of cultural allusions all across the world. Some view the daisy flower to be a sign of optimism, innocence, new beginnings, positive energy, and joy. The daisy is the holy flower for the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse mythology. As a result, daisies represent childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. As a result, they’re an excellent flower to give to a new baby! Daisies are members of … Continue reading the article

Daisy Symbolism And Meaning – What Do Daisy Flowers Represent?

Daisy Symbolism and Meaning, Daisy Flowers in a Field

Throughout history, people have been using flowers to convey messages and express emotions. And today, we are starting our new series on flower symbolism with one of the most popular species of flowers in the world, daisies. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the meaning and symbolism behind the daisy flower and how it came to be associated with such meaning. Daisy Flower: The Etymology and Origin of The Word “Daisy” Daisy got its common name … Continue reading the article