The Strength Icons, Images and Signs. What do they mean?

When we hear the word strength, it is the concept of physical strength that most often comes to mind. We might even think of a specific person or fictitious character who is strong or powerful. We might think of a person who is capable of doing something difficult like overcoming great adversity in something like a “Hero’s Journey”.

The strength icon in modern culture is typically regarded as a symbol of power. For example, it is used in the world of business to show that a company is strong and can be trusted. It’s also widely used in the world of sports to show that an athlete is capable of performing well and winning over the competition.

When used in a personified design, the strength icon generally indicates a powerful or resilient character. Inspiration for the icon imagery is commonly associated with the human body, the earth, powerful animals and also the sun. These associations intend to invoke feelings of power, self-confidence and personal integrity in the viewer.

It may also connote someone or an organization, who is in control and able to handle difficult situations. When you wear a strength icon on your clothing or perhaps as a tattoo, you are outwardly displaying a connection to your inner power and self-confidence.

This article is about the strength icon and what it means. It also includes examples of some power icons and discusses common “strength images” and “signs of strength”.

Many different icons have been used to convey a message of strength

What is an Icon?

The modern definition of the word “icon” refers to a small graphical representation on the screen of a computer, smartphone, tablet, marketing brochure, billboard, sporting paraphernalia etc which can represent something else in human conceptual thought or feelings. In this article specifically, we will examine examples of strength images and sign of strength icons and the meaning behind them.

The definition of icon was derived from the Greek eikn or eikenai, which means “to seem or to be like”. In earlier times, it was often used as a reference to Christian religious art, but has been extensively used in various fields of business, including technology.

Icons typically represent various items, concepts, or ideas. They can be used to quickly and easily identify something on a screen, or as a way to represent the meaning or ownership and association of an item.

They are also used as a way to represent the strength of an item, or as a way to represent the cultural strength and significance of an idea. This practice extends to early human civilization. For example, the Egyptians used the scarab beetle icon as an ancient and significant icon representing the eternal cycle of life.

In this article we focus on strength icons in detail. We highly recommend reading our excellent Symbols of Strength and Perseverance article for a thorough examination of the wide range of ancient symbols used by different human cultures to symbolize strength.

What is the Meaning of the Strength Icon?

The strength icon (also known as a “strength symbol”, “sign of strength”, or a “strength image”) is a symbol that represents the strength of an organization, person or group of people. It is used to convey strength and unity within the group, and to signify that the group is capable of achieving its goals.

It is usually placed on the front of a building or on a flag, and it is often used to represent a military unit, a sports team, a political party, or a corporation. If you are in a business, then you may be using it to show the strength and power of your business.

The strength symbol can also be found on various products and services. For example, it is used on some commercial brands of power

A strength icon can also be a self-selected symbol that represents your personal strengths. It is used to show others who you are and what you stand for.  A strength icon helps you communicate your strengths to others. It can also be used to motivate yourself when you’re feeling weak or need a boost.

What Do Strength Icons Look Like?

The strength icon most of us are familiar with shows variations of a muscular figure with arms raised high and/or fists clenched. It is often also commonly depicted by a superhero, clenched fist, eagle, dragon, sun, lion, rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, or mountain etc.

A simple single black and white fist icon quickly delivers a message of strength, power and resilience or resistence

The strength icon is used for different purposes, depending on who is using it. It is a symbol of the mental strength of the body. This is an image that has been widely used in various sports and games. The strength icon is not only for athletes but also shows the strength of anything.

In the fitness world, the strength icon is used to represent strength and muscle power. If you have been exercising for a while, you have probably seen the strength icon before. The strength icon helps people understand the importance of strength and muscle power. If you are in a fitness app, then you may be using it to show your strength as a fitness trainer.

Many people are familiar with this symbol. The strength icon is also used as a symbol of the strong power of the mind. The strength icon is a very powerful icon that can be used to attract people to you. If you want to create an impact, use it in your presentation and in other situations. Also, you can use this icon to create a sense of excitement.

Do you see how this icon conveys the message of “mental strength”?

The Icon is an indicator of how strong you are, and how well you are able to keep your health up. The strength icon is used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to represent the importance of strength and muscle power. It’s used to show the importance of strength training to anyone who is interested in maintaining or improving their health and fitness.

Strength Icons can be used in a variety of ways:

  • In business settings: A strength icon is used to represent a company that is strong and stable. It can also be used to represent a strong leader or someone who is successful in business.
  • In health: A strength icon is used to represent a healthy person or someone who is in good health. We can often see this in government health communication and fitness club infographics.
  • In personal life: A strength icon is used to represent a strong person or someone who is strong and independent.
  • In sporting teams: Teams often want to project a sense of strength to their fans and competition
Sport teams often use Animal icons to represent strength like these

What is a Sign of Strength?

The sign of strength can vary depending on the individual, but generally they will display an assertive personality, resilience, and a strong work ethic. There are many sign of strength, but some of the most common are being able to stand up to adversity, being resilient in the face of difficulty, and being able to maintain composure under pressure. In fact, it is used as a person’s highest compliment.

Animal imagery with icons is commonly used as a vehicle for designers in modern marketing and business. Let’s take a look at some of these icons in more detail now.

The Tiger as a Sign of Strength and Courage

The truth is, every symbol has its own specific meaning, even though most of us don’t know what that means. For example, the word “tiger” doesn’t mean anything by itself. The word is symbolic, like all words; instead, it represents a whole series of emotions and associations. And these associations and emotions may have significant differences for each human that hears or reads the word.

We can see here how the Tiger in this business icon attempts to associate the Tiger’s strength with the organization


Traditional Totem Animal Icons that represent Strength

Totem animal is the animal that represents strength, courage, authority, wisdom, and personality. The Totem animal is found in many African and European cultures. An animal that is venerated as a deity is a totem animal. Each being is connected to the spirit of an animal according to American Indian beliefs. Each tribe has a sacred symbol that is sacred to them.

A traditional American Indian Totem, the American Eagle conveys various emotions including strength

The phoenix continues to be one of the most popular symbol of strength and resilience.

The Phoenix icon is often used to project power and strength

Some animals that are often considered as signs of strength include lions, tigers, dragon (or dragon Scarab Beetles), and bears. These animals are often seen as most popular symbols of bravery and courage, and can be very intimidating to other animals. The dragon also represented a symbol of imperial power and strength as a heraldic sign by the Chinese emperor.

The Bear as a Sign of Strength, Courage and Tenacity:

Does this bear seem strong? Or just angry?

Bear is the most well known sign of courage. It also stands for bravery and tenacity. It is an old symbol of power and strength. The spirit of the bear is considered very dangerous because it is so strong. It will always protect its cubs even if it gets into trouble. The cubs represent a warrior or a leader, just like their father.

The symbol of the bear was used on Greek coins and on Roman and Byzantine armor. This is because the bear is an extremely strong animal. In some Native American beliefs, it is said that the bear is the spirit of thunder.

It is said that if a person were to see a bear in the wild, they would know that thunder had struck them. Bear is also the symbol of strength and honor, and was often used on weapons and tools.

The Lion as a sign of Strength, Courage and Nobility:

The lion is often seen as a king of the jungle. Although lions do hunt for food, they have a very gentle and peaceful nature. The lion is a large cat that has been revered for a long time. It is widely recognised in many cultures as a powerful sign of strength. The spirit of the lion is personified and regarded as noble and brave. If you look closely at a lion’s face, you’ll notice that the lion has a very regal, majestic appearance.

During Roman times, the symbol was on the helmet and shields of their centurions. Sometimes the eagle sign has used to symbolize courage and strength. It is often said that if you see a lion, you will be safe. Although is in direct opposition to reality, if you encounter a Lion in the wild, you most certainly are not safe!

You can also use a lion sign or statue on your home, car, and office. This is because it is believed that it will bring protection to these things. Again it is interesting how our human personification of the animal in symbolism doesn’t correlate with the real animal behaviour in relation to humans. In this case, a Lion will most certainly not keep our home and it’s possessions safe.

The symbol of the lion is often used in sports and was the flag of France until 1964. A lion is the symbol of the French Republic. Lions are often associated with courage, power, royalty, dignity, authority, justice, wisdom, and nobility.

This elegant lion icon attempts invoke feelings of power, strength and courage

• Strength: The strength of a lion is in its power, and it has been revered for centuries for its ferocity. Strength can be defined as the ability to endure pain or hardship. This is why lions roar when attacked. The roar is a sign of strength.

Courage: A lion can be seen as courageous because of its ability to stand up to enemies and fight back. It is also a sign of royalty and majesty.

Dignity: The lion is considered to be a symbol of dignity and nobility.

The Eagle as Sign of Strength:

The eagle is commonly used in many icons as a sign of strength

Eagle is a power symbol. It represents a strong spirit, strength, and ability to soar high, to fly, and to have great physical strength.

It’s believed that an eagle is able to carry its prey with its claws. But, eagles are also considered by some people as symbols of protection. They were very strong and brave. A lot of ancient cultures have used eagle as the symbol of strength. In some other cultures, eagle is also considered as a good luck charm.

In ancient Egypt and Greece, eagle was considered as the symbol of royalty and strength. This is the reason why people choose to represent their own personalities by using animal as a sign of strength image.

What are some other common Strength Images?

A common strength image shows a person lifting weights with their arms in the air is one of my favorites. This strength image was created by a photographer who specializes in photographing strength and power. It gives the viewer an idea of a powerful man.

Flexed muscle images like these are often used to convey a feeling of strength

Strength Image icons are a simple graphic that represents strength. It can be found on many websites and applications to represent strength and fitness. The image typically shows a person with a strong pose, usually with their arms raised above their head or another active movement involving human muscles under tension. It is often used to represent strength and fitness, or to show that the website, application, business or organization is associated with these topics.

There are many different images that are used to represent strength. Some common images include Sun, Mountain, Lotus Flower, Uruz (2nd Nordic rune), and athletes etc.

Sun as a Strength Image:



The sun is a symbol of strength. It also signifies a person’s strength and power. This symbol has been found in many different cultures across the globe. The sun’s symbol is also a powerful reminder that all things change. It reminds us to embrace the changes that are happening in our lives and to keep moving forward. The sun image can represent the strength to keep going through tough times. It is a symbol of hope and happiness.

Sun is one of the most popular strength images in the internet. People usually like to see this image because it represents positive energy. It is said that when the sun rises, the world begins to live. So choosing the sun as a strength image is a good choice.

Sun represents light, warmth, hope, creativity, inspiration and many more. Lotus flower is also a sign of courage and strength in Buddhism because it can survive in filthy and murky environment.

A Mountain as a Strength Image:

A solitary and majestic snow-capped mountain often invokes feelings of strength, power, endurance and vitality.

Many people are able to commonly associate a feeling of strength, power and lasting endurance when they see a mountain.

Mountain images are one of the most commonly used strength icons in the internet and business today. Beyond just strength, the mountain is also considered a strong symbol of life and vitality. The strength of the mountain often represents the strength in ourselves as individuals to reach higher ground or in our life.


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