Symbols Of Lust And Desire in The 7 Deadly Sins


Lets talk about Lust, you know you want to. Though we seldom define the word “lust,” we all agree that it refers to an excessively strong desire for something. Although the usual connotation is sexual, you can lust for anything, even food (which is probably gluttony) and other people’s success (which is probably jealousy). When it comes to visual representation of lust as a concept, which lust symbol comes first to your mind? Why do you think that is?   Lust in … Continue reading the article

Why is Angel Number 555 strongly linked to Twin Flame Love?

In general, the angel number 555 represents a significant shift in your life that is about to occur. Your guardian angels are indicating an impending change that is going to take place if Angel Number 555 starts to occur more regularly and coincidentally. Also known as angel numbers. The fact that your angel is speaking to you and attempting to help you to a realization about your life may be hard for some individuals to accept. In this post, we’ll discuss … Continue reading the article

What is Merkaba Meditation and How Is It Related to Metatron’s Cube?


By bringing to life the energy fields that emanate from inside and surround you, Merkaba meditation is a fantastic technique to boost your vitality. Although the term “Merkaba” may be unfamiliar to many of us, it is a well-liked method for maximizing your potential. Any type of meditation is beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. One type of meditation you may practice is Merkaba meditation. It offers several advantages as this type of meditation is distinctive and intriguing. Long-term practitioners … Continue reading the article

Meaning Of The Holy Greek Orthodox Cross For The Church and Baptism


Christening is a term used to describe infant baptism in the holy greek orthodox tradition. A child is ceremonially reborn in Christ by baptism and “named” as one of the elect in the Book of Life. The Greek Orthodox church emphasizes tonsuring, chrismation, and the ritual of churching in addition to baptism at christenings. In today’s post we examine the symbolism behind one of many Christian Cross types, the Holy Greek Orthodox Cross. Holy Cross Day is a liturgical celebration held … Continue reading the article

555 Meaning Manifestation (Now Including Law of Attraction)


The angel number 555 meaning manifestation is a sign from your guardian angels that it is time to break free from old habits and ascend. What you focus on is what you attract. If you desire more money, concentrate on feeling wealthy. Focus on offering love if you want to love. Extreme change is currently emerging in your life. Angel numbers provide us with information, guidance, and powerful messages. When particular number sequences pique our interest, we should always take a … Continue reading the article

Great Angel Number Tattoo Ideas (Including 444 and Meaning)


Let’s get one thing straight right now, not all numbers are referred to as angel numbers. The question remains then, what makes an angel number so special and how to choose one of the angel number tattoo ideas for your body? The magical or angel numbers are those that have a religious or logical relation to our life. This is an area of contention as different people hold various opinions concerning angel number tattoos. And based on our research, there really … Continue reading the article

Triple Cross Tattoo History, Meaning and Different Designs


The triple cross tattoo has become quite popular over the years. Most people prefer getting tattooed than getting a simple piece of jewelry designed for their body. In fact, tattoos have become a form of self-expression commonly used by both men and women. The most famous part of Christian history is the cross, the cross on which Jesus was crucified. A cross tattoo is a way to remember the Creator and Son of God and keep your faith. It conveys a … Continue reading the article

What Does An Upside Down Cross Necklace Mean?  (Chains and Gothic Cross)


Today we will discuss the Upside Down Cross Necklace. Often adorned in a gothic style, it is commonly known as the Inverted Cross, which is a symbol with a lengthy history and a variety of contemporary connotations. Many of which are false popular modern constructs with little true connection with history and more to do with horror films and books. A Latin cross is simply twisted such that the crosspiece is closer to the bottom than the top, as the name … Continue reading the article

Adoption Symbol, Heartagram AKA Heart Triangle Symbol Meaning

Heartagram Heart Triangle Symbol for Adoption

The heartagram, also known as “the heart triangle symbol” and “adoption symbol” is a symbol made by combining a heart symbol with an upward triangle, which sometimes also has a circle around it. The origin of the symbol can be traced back to the Finnish metal band HIM. The heartagram is the official logo of the band and it is supposed to represent the unity of two opposites like life and death as well as love and hate. The symbol can … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Harmony: The Extensive List Of Unity And Harmony Symbols

the Two Koi Fish, Symbols of Harmony

In today’s post, we will be looking into the symbols of harmony and balance across cultures around the world. Without further ado, here is the list of symbols representing unity, harmony and balance. Ouroboros, Also Known As the Symbol of Infinity, the Ancient Symbol of Harmony and Interconnectedness The ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, representing the cyclical nature of the universe as well as the interconnectedness of everything within it. Also known … Continue reading the article

Symbols Of Courage And Bravery, The Extensive List

Mjolnir, one of the Viking Courage Symbols

In today’s post, we are bringing you symbols of courage and bravery across cultures around the world. What represents courage? Which color speaks to your confidence and bravery? The answer to these questions and more are here on this list. Read on to find out. Mjolnir, The Ancient Viking Symbol of Bravery and Power An ancient Viking symbol that is still quite popular among modern Scandinavians today, Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology. It … Continue reading the article

Mormon Symbols: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Symbolism

A Beehive, One of the Most Prominent LDS Symbols/Mormon Symbols

The Mormon religion was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844). Smith claimed that he had been led to a set of golden plates buried on a hill near his home by an angel named Moroni. These plates were said to be inscribed with an account of ancient inhabitants of America and their dealings with God, who, in Christian theology, is the Supreme Being and Creator of all things. In today’s post, we will be delving into the symbolism of … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Friendship: The List of Modern And Ancient Friendship Symbols

A Claddagh Ring, Celtic Symbols of Friendship

Today’s post is about symbols of friendship across the world. From flowers that represent friendship to more intricate symbols like the Claddagh ring, here is the complete list of all ancient and modern symbols that represent the beautiful bond of friendship. Lapis Lazuli Stone As a Symbol of Friendship Associated with loyalty, wisdom, honesty and truth in modern times, Lapis Lazuli is a blue gemstone that was traditionally used as a symbol of friendship in ancient times. It was believed to … Continue reading the article

The Lion Of Judah In Christianity And Judaism – Judah’s Lion Explained

The Lion of Judah, AKA Judah's Lion as a Religious Symbol in Christianity and Judaism

We will be delving into religious symbolism in today’s post and examine the Lion of Judah. Why was Jesus called the Lion of Judah? How important is it in Judaism and Christianity? Here are all the answers to those questions. Lion Symbolism in General – What Do Lions Represent? The lion is a majestic and ferocious animal often depicted as the king of the jungle or savannah. It symbolizes royalty, power, and nobility. Lions also symbolize bravery because it is a … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Prosperity, Wealth and Good Fortune

Cornucopia, Symbols of Wealth, Prosperity and Good Luck

In today’s post, we will be examining the symbols of prosperity, items that bring you wealth and good fortune ranging from religious icons to ancient symbols like the cornucopia. Without further ado, here is our detailed list of symbols of prosperity, wealth and good luck. Dragons As A Symbol of Prosperity In China, the dragon is a symbol of power, prosperity and good luck. Dragons are also known as the “emperor of all animals” in many Asian cultures. The dragon is … Continue reading the article

202 Angel Number Meaning Explained: Numerology, Twin Flame And Love Interpretations

202 Angel Number Meaning, Twin Flame, Love Interpretation

Angel numbers are considered to have a symbolic meaning and be a method of one-way divine communication from a higher power that appears in daily life or dreams and requires a degree of interpretation to understand the significance of the digits in one’s life. The angel number 202 is associated with following the path you are on and being more conscious about yourself and others to become a better human being. It acts as a sign that there are better times … Continue reading the article