Adoption Symbol, Heartagram AKA Heart Triangle Symbol Meaning

Heartagram Heart Triangle Symbol for Adoption

The heartagram, also known as “the heart triangle symbol” and “adoption symbol” is a symbol made by combining a heart symbol with an upward triangle, which sometimes also has a circle around it. The origin of the symbol can be traced back to the Finnish metal band HIM. The heartagram is the official logo of the band and it is supposed to represent the unity of two opposites like life and death as well as love and hate. The symbol can … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Harmony: The Extensive List Of Unity And Harmony Symbols

the Two Koi Fish, Symbols of Harmony

In today’s post, we will be looking into the symbols of harmony and balance across cultures around the world. Without further ado, here is the list of symbols representing unity, harmony and balance. Ouroboros, Also Known As the Symbol of Infinity, the Ancient Symbol of Harmony and Interconnectedness The ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, representing the cyclical nature of the universe as well as the interconnectedness of everything within it. Also known … Continue reading the article

Symbols Of Courage And Bravery, The Extensive List

Mjolnir, one of the Viking Courage Symbols

In today’s post, we are bringing you symbols of courage and bravery across cultures around the world. What represents courage? Which color speaks to your confidence and bravery? The answer to these questions and more are here on this list. Read on to find out. Mjolnir, The Ancient Viking Symbol of Bravery and Power An ancient Viking symbol that is still quite popular among modern Scandinavians today, Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology. It … Continue reading the article

Mormon Symbols: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Symbolism

A Beehive, One of the Most Prominent LDS Symbols/Mormon Symbols

The Mormon religion was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844). Smith claimed that he had been led to a set of golden plates buried on a hill near his home by an angel named Moroni. These plates were said to be inscribed with an account of ancient inhabitants of America and their dealings with God, who, in Christian theology, is the Supreme Being and Creator of all things. In today’s post, we will be delving into the symbolism of … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Friendship: The List of Modern And Ancient Friendship Symbols

A Claddagh Ring, Celtic Symbols of Friendship

Today’s post is about symbols of friendship across the world. From flowers that represent friendship to more intricate symbols like the Claddagh ring, here is the complete list of all ancient and modern symbols that represent the beautiful bond of friendship. Lapis Lazuli Stone As a Symbol of Friendship Associated with loyalty, wisdom, honesty and truth in modern times, Lapis Lazuli is a blue gemstone that was traditionally used as a symbol of friendship in ancient times. It was believed to … Continue reading the article

The Lion Of Judah In Christianity And Judaism – Judah’s Lion Explained

The Lion of Judah, AKA Judah's Lion as a Religious Symbol in Christianity and Judaism

We will be delving into religious symbolism in today’s post and examine the Lion of Judah. Why was Jesus called the Lion of Judah? How important is it in Judaism and Christianity? Here are all the answers to those questions. Lion Symbolism in General – What Do Lions Represent? The lion is a majestic and ferocious animal often depicted as the king of the jungle or savannah. It symbolizes royalty, power, and nobility. Lions also symbolize bravery because it is a … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Prosperity, Wealth and Good Fortune

Cornucopia, Symbols of Wealth, Prosperity and Good Luck

In today’s post, we will be examining the symbols of prosperity, items that bring you wealth and good fortune ranging from religious icons to ancient symbols like the cornucopia. Without further ado, here is our detailed list of symbols of prosperity, wealth and good luck. Dragons As A Symbol of Prosperity In China, the dragon is a symbol of power, prosperity and good luck. Dragons are also known as the “emperor of all animals” in many Asian cultures. The dragon is … Continue reading the article

202 Angel Number Meaning Explained: Numerology, Twin Flame And Love Interpretations

202 Angel Number Meaning, Twin Flame, Love Interpretation

Angel numbers are considered to have a symbolic meaning and be a method of one-way divine communication from a higher power that appears in daily life or dreams and requires a degree of interpretation to understand the significance of the digits in one’s life. The angel number 202 is associated with following the path you are on and being more conscious about yourself and others to become a better human being. It acts as a sign that there are better times … Continue reading the article

Symbols Of Femininity, Female Symbols Throughout The World

A Pink Lotus Flower, Symbols of Femininity Throughout the World

We have discussed the symbols of motherhood a few days ago in another post. But what symbols represent women in general? How were the females, whether divine goddesses or ordinary human beings, symbolized across cultures throughout history ? Let us get right into it. Here is our extensive list of symbols of femininity that will answer all of these questions. African Symbols Of Femininity Duafe, The Adinkra Female Symbol The duafe is an Adinkra symbol that literally translates to “wooden comb” … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Patience Across Cultures

Ivy Plans, Symbols of Patience

In today’s post, we will be discussing symbols of patience across cultures and how patience is represented by people from civilizations in all four corners of the world. Let us start with the Far East and Chinese culture. Chinese Symbols For Patience Ren Symbol Ren 忍 is a symbol created by combining two characters in the Chinese language – Ren 刃 and Xin 心. The character Ren translates to the blade of the knife, and Xin means heart. When placed on top … Continue reading the article

Symbols for Motherhood Around The World

Celtic Triskelion, Symbols for Motherhood

In today’s post we will be discussing a very interesting and lovely topic, the symbols that represent the motherhood. Let us get right into it. Here is the list of the symbols of motherhood across cultures around the world. Celtic Symbols for Motherhood The Celtic Motherhood Knot The Celtic mother’s knot is made of two hearts that intertwine to form a bigger and overarching heart shape. The knot does not have a beginning or an end, which shows the never-ending and … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Freedom And Independence With Their Origin Stories

Symbols of Freedom and Independence

Today, freedom is considered a fundamental human right and many of us have been lucky to be given this right from birth. However, it has not always been the same. History is rife with examples of individuals, groups, and nations fighting for freedom. But how was it represented? Without further ado, here is our extensive list of freedom symbols, their origin stories and uses. Ancient Symbols of Freedom Pileus Pileus was a conical-shaped brimless hat that ancient Romans associated with the … Continue reading the article

Jewish Symbols And Their Meanings: The Symbols of Judaism Explained

A Mezuah with Intricate Design, Jewish Symbols Collection

Carrying on our series on religious symbols, we will be discussing Judaism symbols in today’s post. Without further ado, here is our extensive list of Jewish symbols, their meanings and importance for the people of the faith. Mezuzah Mezuzah is a Hebrew word meaning doorpost, indicating the usage of this highly valued religious Jewish symbol. Jews place it on the doors of their homes, where it serves as a constant reminder of God’s presence in their lives and their allegiance to … Continue reading the article

555 Angel Number Meaning And Symbolism: A Detailed Explanation

555 Angel Number Meaning and Symbolism Explained, An Angel Radiating with Light

Angel numbers are a sequence of repeating digits, and they are considered to be the universe’s way of communication with sentient beings. The angel number 555 is a unique sequence with multiple interpretations that provide us with a link to the spiritual realm and your guardian angel. While guardian angels cannot establish direct contact, they share messages through signs such as angel numbers that have specific meaning behind them. The meanings associated with angel number 555 are a magnification of the … Continue reading the article

818 Angel Number Meaning, Symbolism and Importance In Numerology

818 Angel Number Meaning and Symbolism Explained - Angels on the Sky

In today’s post, we will be taking you to the spiritual realm and discussing one of the most important numbers in numerology, namely, angel number 818.  If you are learning to decipher the messages sent by your guardian angels, you cannot do without understanding the meaning of angel number 818. So, let us get right into it! 818 Meaning In General As An Angel Number 818 is one of the most important and powerful angel numbers, with multiple meanings attached to … Continue reading the article

Symbols Of Love Around The World: The Extensive List

Two Dove on a Tree Branch, Universal Love Symbols

In today’s post, we will be talking about a very lovely topic, quite literally that is. Here is our complete list of symbols of love around the world and their origin stories along with a gallery of beautiful images depicting them. Ancient Symbols of Love Maple Leaf The maple leaf is one of the most well-known ancient love symbols. It originated in China and Japan where it represented the beauty with which true love manifests in your everyday life. The symbol … Continue reading the article