Sigil of Lucifer, The Meaning and Symbolism Behind The Seal of Satan

Carrying on with our articles on occult symbols, we will be examining the mysterious Sigil of Lucifer symbol in today’s post. Let’s get right into it, here’s everything you should know about the Lucifer Sigil, its meaning, history, origins and uses.

Sigil of Lucifer Symbol Meaning and History , A seal of Satan in orange color
sigil of Lucifer Symbol by TPYXA Illustration



What Is A Sigil And What Are They Used For?

First things first. Let us give some vital information for the ones who are uninformed about the ways of magic and the occult world.

A sigil is a sign/symbol used in ritual magic. Sigils are mostly associated with entities like Jinns, demons and angels. They are considered to be signatures and symbolic representations of these entities and are used to call them forth.

Sigil of Lucifer also known as Seal of Satan depicted in black on white
Sigil of Lucifer Symbol/Seal of Satan by Robin Ph

Sigils can be found in magic books called grimoires and the grimoire named the Lesser Key of Solomon contained one of the most extensive lists of sigils, if not the most extensive.

This book contains the sigils for a total number of seventy two demons.

Now, onto the origin of the Sigil of Lucifer.

Satan's number 666 inside a Seal of Satan AKA Lucifer's Sigil
Lucifer’s Sigil with Satan’s number 666 by Afazuddin

Where Did The Sigil Of Lucifer Come From, What Is the Origin Of The Symbol?

Although the exact origin of the Sigil of Lucifer symbol (also known as the Sigil/Seal of Satan and Sigillum Luciferi/Satanas/Diabolus) is not known, it is believed to date back to the 1400s.

That said, first documented use of the Lucifer’s sigil was in the grimoire called Grimorium Verum (“the Grimoire of Truth” or “the True Grimoire”) which is mostly believed to be written in 18th century although some sources state that it might have been written in the 16th century by Alibeck the Egyptian.


What Is The Meaning Of The Sigil of Lucifer And How Is It Used?

The Sigil of Lucifer is mainly used to call forth and communicate with Lucifer/Satan during rituals. That said, there is much more to the symbol than just its use in magic.

A Woman Holding a Snake inside a Lucifer Sigil, Seal of Satan - Black and White Illustration
A Woman Holding a Snake within the Seal of Satan Symbol by Croisy

As for the symbolism and meaning behind Lucifer’s sigil, since the symbol represents Lucifer himself, it can be and is used to represent the core values Luciferians and Satanists believe.

Seal of Satan/Lucifer also known as the Sigil of Lucifer Symbol
Seal of Satan/Sigil of Lucifer

Whether a person is an atheistic Satanist, like the followers of Anton LaVey who do not believe Satan actually exists but consider him a metaphor for individualistic values oppressed by the majority, or a theistic/spiritual Satanist who do actually worship Lucifer as a god, Lucifer/Satan is a symbol for independence and individuality.

Lucifer rebelled against God, challenged his power and need for worship. In this sense, the Sigil of Lucifer can be interpreted as a symbol of power, rebellion and independence.

Lucifer's Sigil Meaning and Definition Explained, a Lucifer Sigil with Two Serpents
A Seal of Satan with Two Serpents by Black Morion

It is important to note that some spiritual Satanists believe that seeking knowledge was important to Satan. In fact, Lucifer/Satan is associated with the serpent that encouraged Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis 2-3. In that sense, the sigil of Lucifer could also be loosely interpreted as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Lucifer Sigil, Also Known as Seal of Satan Definition and History
Lucifer Sigil with Serpents by Black Morion

On a side note, the word ‘lucifer’ means “the light-bringer” in Latin, so the sigil can also be considered as a symbol of light by some.

Today, along with the Sigil of Baphomet and the Leviathan Cross (also known as the Satanic Cross), the Sigil of Lucifer is one of the most prominent occult and satanic symbols.

Ancient Leviathan's Seal, Sigil of Lucifer Symbol
Satan’s Sigil Illustrated by Black Morion

This wraps up our post on Lucifer’s Sigil also known as the Seal of Satan, its meaning, symbolism and origins. If you would like to read more about the occult symbols, please kindly click here.

Thanks for reading!

Sigil of Lucifer Meaning and Origin - The Seal of Satan


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