Runic Symbol for Love – Symbols for Different Kinds of Love

It wouldn’t surprise you to learn that a delicate concept like love still held sway and meaning even in largely militant societies that thrived in the Viking age. There was more than one runic symbol for love, mostly because such a powerful emotion had many faces depending on the people perceiving and feeling it.

To the Norse people, everything in this world was somehow ruled by or directly affected by one god or another. Important aspects of life, such as love, war, strength, courage, and protection, could all be ascribed to a specific god. Since a concept such as love was considered tender, caring, and feminine in general, it was ascribed to a Nordic goddess.

Runic Symbol for Love

Let’s take a quick look at the Norse goddess of love, the kind of rune symbols ascribed to her, and the concept itself. It should be noted that since there are many sides to love, there’s hardly any runic letter or rune symbol that is considered to belong to it solely.

As such, it was common to find people adopting a wide range of love runes or runic inscriptions meant to symbolize or specify the kind of love they were referring to.

With that in mind, here are some runic symbols for love from the ancient Nordic people.

The Norse Goddess of Love

There has been some confusion between two Norse goddesses: goddess Freyja and goddess Frigga. Some scholars even believe the two to be the same. However, several Norse mythology texts state that they aren’t the same and were very different goddesses with varying influences on the ancient Nordic people.

The goddess Frigga, after whom the day Friday is named, was the wife of the All-Father, Odin. Goddess Frigga, although compassionate and loving, was closely associated with foresight and, like her husband, wisdom.

Goddess Freyja was the sister of Goddess Frigga. Goddess Freyja was the Norse goddess of love, sex, fertility, war, beauty, and gold. The term “Freyja” means “lady,” which makes it the goddess’ title rather than name.

This title came about because the goddess was known for traveling the mortal world in search of her lost husband. Since she used many disguises to hide her true identity, she was labeled “lady.”

The goddess Freyja had a reputation for being a party animal in Asgard. It was rumored that she had slept with every elf and gold in the place, including her own brother. Despite her carefree demeanor, Freyja was a powerful deity, and only Odin wielded as much magical power over the known universe.

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Norse Symbol Associated With Love

As mentioned, love has many faces, and myriad symbols are associated with it. Some of the most common symbols associated with the goddess Freyja, and therefore, love, include:

  • The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  • Romantic words and music, in general
  • Viking helmets
  • Floral bouquets
  • A sword (this one depicts her warring side)

Ancient Norse people also used plants and animals to symbolize Freyja. Among the many plants and animals associated with the goddess Freyja were the following:

  • Apples
  • Horses
  • Thyme
  • Geese
  • Vervain
  • Sparrows
  • Cypress
  • Yarrow
  • Bramble

There were a couple of other colors as well. Mainly red and black. She was also closely associated with some gems and metals, such as:

  • Jade
  • Ruby
  • Red Jasper
  • Citrine
  • Copper
  • Malachite

What Is the Norse Rune Symbol for Love?

There are many different Elder Futhark runes for love. Here are just a few that are most commonly associated with the concept:

Ehwaz: Associated With Movement, Horse, and Progress

Ehwaz is the rune closely associated with the link between a man and his horse (rider and animal). This rune symbolizes what can be achieved when we work in unison. A rider and horse can overcome obstacles and cover great distances when working together.

Through this rune, it can be recommended that lovers take on projects together, bringing them closer to one another and forming a better bond regarding their thinking and actions.

Ehwaz also represents the physical, legal, and spiritual bond between a man and a woman. When reversed, it can herald distancing, breakups, and even falsehood.

Gebo: Associated With Generosity and Gifts

Gebo is the rune that is closely associated with gifts and generosity. It symbolizes giving, receiving, and hospitality. It can also represent a happy relationship or unrestricted couple ties.

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How to Use Rune Symbols for Love

Like reading runes, rune casting is also specific and a little complicated. There are, however, some basic rules to be followed.

  • Use runes in the upright position, which lets the love spread over your life
  • Keep the rune symbol on you whenever you are on a date with a love interest, or you could have it on you whenever you are in a social setting that might lead to meeting many new people and potential love interests
  • If you are into casting love spells, add a specific rune or Viking symbol to the ingredients
  • When creating a love sigil, remember to use the words that represent the rune you want to invoke and display it or bring it wherever you go

Even though rune reading or the rune alphabet isn’t that easy to understand, you can still use rune divination to help attract love into your life. This is exactly how Viking runes were used in the past. Whenever a person wanted to attract love into their lives, they would use the Elder Futhark runes to do so.

This meant that the person would use the rune most closely associated with the kind of love they wanted to attract. It was recommended that these runic symbols for love be used at night when the intimate and sensual energy was strongest. You could also choose to use it on Fridays when the Venus love energy is enhanced.

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