Runic Symbol for Love – Symbols for Different Kinds of Love

Runic Symbol for Love

It wouldn’t surprise you to learn that a delicate concept like love still held sway and meaning even in largely militant societies that thrived in the Viking age. There was more than one runic symbol for love, mostly because such a powerful emotion had many faces depending on the people perceiving and feeling it. To the Norse people, everything in this world was somehow ruled by or directly affected by one god or another. Important aspects of life, such as love, … Continue reading the article

Odinism Meaning Throughout History & What Does It Mean Today


Odinism is both a religion and a movement. To grasp the true meaning of Odinism, one must return to the Viking era. These Germanic and Scandinavian tribes had a deeply rooted belief in their gods, specifically the Norse god Odin or the All-Father. The Germanic people of Northern Europe who practiced Odinism are said to have sailed throughout Europe and North America, where this movement has recently gained traction. So, what is Odinism as it was in the past and as … Continue reading the article

9 Fascinating Norse Patterns and Their Meanings

old viking signs

Before getting into the Norse patterns or Viking art, it is essential to understand who “Northmen” were to get a feel of the origin of Norse art. The term “Northmen” was used to identify the Norsemen or the Norse people who were residents of medieval Scandinavia, which included the Northern European countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Viking warriors included Norsemen and a bunch of seafaring “warriors” who conquered Europe and distinguished areas like the British Isles. Their invasion … Continue reading the article

Eye of Odin Symbol – Meaning and History of This Viking Symbol

odin status

The stories we hear about Odin, the All-Father of the Viking gods, indicate how much the divine leader was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. The ruler of Valhalla is notably distinguished by his missing eye. Odin is a significant figure in Norse mythology. He is considered the leader of the Norse gods and features in different Norse myths. Odin’s name is usually mentioned when stories are told about how he lost his eye in exchange … Continue reading the article

Norse Knots – Norse Knotwork History & Relation to Celtic Knots

ancient designs

Like many other warring civilizations of the past, the Vikings had a unique culture that set them apart from every other society they either conquered or assimilated into their fold. One of the most outstanding styles of life for the Vikings was their Norse knots. These knots permeated almost every aspect of their lives, from how they wore their hair to how they twisted their totems, fishing lines, and so much more. There are, however, some slight similarities between Norse knots … Continue reading the article

Ravens in Norse Mythology- Your Guide to the Viking Nordic Raven


Viking symbols are increasingly becoming a source of inspiration and, by association, a fad for those who understand them and want to fit in. They make cool tattoos and beautiful engravings. That being said, if you are branding or sending out a message, it’s prudent to know what it says. Viking culture is rife with gods and mythical creatures, each with unique qualities and roles according to the Norse people. The raven is a powerful symbol because it forms an important … Continue reading the article

Gungnir Symbol Meaning – Odin’s Spear in Norse Mythology


Like its owner, Odin, the All-Father, the gungnir symbol is one of the most important features in Norse mythology. The very word itself, “gungnir,” directly translates to “tremble.” What is it about Gungnir, Odin’s spear, that makes it unique, and what does this magical weapon symbolize?   What Is Gungnir? In ancient Norse mythology, the great warriors and even gods had the habit of naming their favorite weapons. For example, Thor had his hammer, Mjolnir, while Odin had his magical spear, … Continue reading the article

Yggdrasil Symbol – What Does It Represent?

Yggdrasil Symbol

Yggdrasil, the “World Tree,” is one of the most important cultural icons in Norse mythology. The Yggdrasil symbol, therefore, is held in high regard by both ancient Scandinavian and Germanic cultures and is by far the most recognizable ancient symbol in Norse culture. The Norse people believed that there were many universes in existence. Yggdrasil, or the “World Tree,” was believed to connect these universes and realms with its roots and branches. While most ancient cultures revered trees, the Norse people … Continue reading the article

Viking Symbol for Love – Decoding Viking Signs

Viking Symbol for Love

As with many things in human nature, Viking culture had many symbols representing almost every aspect of life. The Viking symbol for love, like many other equally complex concepts, was either simple to understand or difficult to grasp, depending on the type of love in question. Was there a Viking symbol for love? The answer is most likely no. The reasoning is that the concept of love was as diverse as the people experiencing it. Some people consider macabre concepts such … Continue reading the article

6 Norse Tattoos to Avoid – Why You Should Stay Away From Them

tattoo on man

Are there any Norse tattoos to avoid? When it comes to body art, very few things come close to a good, old-fashioned tattoo. Not only are well-thought-out tattoos a powerful symbol of self-awareness, but they often also pass different types of identity messages to all those who look upon them. This is particularly true if you are into tattoos representing a past era or culture, such as Aztec or Norse tattoos. However, if you are going to get these ancient symbols or … Continue reading the article

Fenrir Symbol – The Giant Wolf of Norse Legend

Binding of Fenrir

The Fenrir symbol represents a wide range of meanings, from courage to brute strength, destiny, inevitability, patience, and determination. Wolves are closely associated with Norse mythology, as is the case with many other cultures, such as Native Americans and some in Northern Europe. Geri and Freki, for example, are two wolves that always accompany the all-father, Odin. Fenrir is yet another wolf featured in Norse mythology whose purpose and destiny directly contradict those of Geri and Freki. Instead of being friendly … Continue reading the article

What Flower Am I? 32 Beautiful Birth Flowers and Their Meanings


Flowers are one of the greatest gifts given to us by mother nature. The beautiful and colorful blossoms with sweet scents can uplift anyone’s mood instantly. But like, birthstones, every month of the calendar is assigned one or more flowers that hold special meanings. It is believed by many that these meanings are symbolic of the inherent characteristics of the people of that particular month.  So, if you have found yourself asking, ‘what flower am I?’ you have come to the … Continue reading the article

9 Symbols to Represent Yourself

flying eagle

“What is the meaning of life?” This is just an example of the questions we tend to ask ourselves. There’s no doubt that we like to find meaning in almost everything around us. Everything can have a universal and subjective meaning depending on how and when you see it, from different symbols to metaphors, gestures, and facial expressions. Symbols to represent yourself, therefore, can be anything you closely identify with at any given time. The problem with this approach is that … Continue reading the article

8 Ancient Symbols of Purity – What They Mean & How to Use Them

wood burning

In our everyday lives, purity has almost always been associated with goodness. Symbols of purity are, therefore, what you would typically expect them to be. Something bright, something nice, and something innocent. Purity, however, isn’t always good. Sometimes, the term can be linked to undesirable qualities such as naiveté or a lack of experience. Those instances, however, are far between. If you identify purity as a positive attribute and want something that represents that in your life, here are some symbols … Continue reading the article

12 Flowers with Negative Meanings | Flower Symbolism


Most (if not all) of us have always used flowers to express love and other positive emotions. But did you know that several flowers carry negative connotations in various parts of the world? Let’s talk about some flowers with negative meanings to ensure you do not unintentionally send them to someone and end up communicating the wrong message. 12 Flowers That Symbolize Negative Emotions In the secret language of flowers, the following ones carry negative meanings: Black Dahlias Dahlias are typically … Continue reading the article

An Exploration of Ancient Egyptian Patterns & Art Meaning

ancient Egypt symbols

Ancient Egyptian art and patterns might seem antiquated, but they remain one of the most admired and striking types of art known to man. Despite being produced around the 31st century BC through the 4th century AD, this kind of artwork has yet to be successfully replicated. These ancient art forms are so popular and valuable because they weren’t produced for the same reasons art is produced today. This type of art was intended to sell and tell a story. A … Continue reading the article