What is the Triple Moon and Who is the Goddess Hecate?


With the present popularity of moon phases, it is easy to miss the significance and history of these symbols. The Triple moon goddess sign, which consists of a waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent, is frequently tossed into the mix of popular moon images, but it has deeper origins and a more complex meaning than you might assume.   What Is A Triple Moon? The Triple Moon has traditionally been connected with the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, Priestesses, and Witches … Continue reading the article

What Does A Laurel Wreath Crown Symbolize?


The Ancient Greeks bestowed laurel wreaths on winners of the Olympics and lyrical contests. The laurel wreath crown was an Apollo “cult” emblem, and the leaf itself was thought to have spiritual and bodily purifying properties.  Laurel wreaths were worn on the head or the neck. Laurel wreaths were initially constructed from the branches and leaves of the bay laurel. Butcher’s brooms, cherry laurel, and olive trees were later used to make wreaths. A Roman laurel wreath crown was later used … Continue reading the article

Labrys Flag Deep Dive Into Its Evolution


The “labrys,” or double-headed axe, is one of the earliest emblems of Greek culture and has many religious and mythical meanings that remains a significant emblem to this day. In today’s article we take a closer look at the history and symbolism that has evolved over time to gain a better understanding of what the labrys flag meaning is now. A labrys, a sort of double-headed axe, is placed on an inverted black triangle on a violet backdrop in the design. … Continue reading the article

The White Butterfly Meaning? Love, Death, Or…?


The butterfly is a lovely insect with many metaphorical and spiritual meanings. Sighting a white butterfly can be a good omen, indicating that it is time to grow and evolve favorably. It can also be a powerful and favorable symbol that means purity, serenity, plenty, and expanding spiritual connections. Butterflies have long been seen as a link between the physical and spiritual worlds in many civilizations. As an inevitable evolution of this line of thinking, the white butterfly has come to … Continue reading the article

555 Meaning Manifestation (Now Including Law of Attraction)


The angel number 555 meaning manifestation is a sign from your guardian angels that it is time to break free from old habits and ascend. What you focus on is what you attract. If you desire more money, concentrate on feeling wealthy. Focus on offering love if you want to love. Extreme change is currently emerging in your life. Angel numbers provide us with information, guidance, and powerful messages. When particular number sequences pique our interest, we should always take a … Continue reading the article

Great Angel Number Tattoo Ideas (Including 444 and Meaning)


Let’s get one thing straight right now, not all numbers are referred to as angel numbers. The question remains then, what makes an angel number so special and how to choose one of the angel number tattoo ideas for your body? The magical or angel numbers are those that have a religious or logical relation to our life. This is an area of contention as different people hold various opinions concerning angel number tattoos. And based on our research, there really … Continue reading the article

The Celtic Motherhood Knot Explained: What is the Meaning Behind This Symbol? Including Tattoo examples

She is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Celtic Symbols. She can be found on anything from wacky t-shirts and mugs to necklaces, neck tattoos (yes, really!) to vehicle and minivan stickers. Unfortunately, despite her obvious celebrity symbol status, many of the Celtic motherhood knot symbols that have proliferated online have little to no connection to the Celts or historical Celtic patterns of significance. The term “Celtic” best defines the collection of languages that includes Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, and Welsh. … Continue reading the article

What is the Female Egyptian Eye Tattoo Meaning? Including the 1 All Seeing Eye


You’ve got a vision, a wealthy woman, and you’re finally ready for that eye tattoo you’ve always wanted. You’ve even had a couple of tattoo ideas in mind, but before you make the big decision, you’d like to know what a female Egyptian eye tattoo means. You enjoy the intrigue and mystery, but you want to be definite that what you are inking on your body in a pretty permanent fashion is a message you agree with. From ancient Egypt to … Continue reading the article

What do the Red Daisy Flower, Red Gerbera and Red African Daisy Symbolize?


Because of its enormous popularity, the daisy is cited in a variety of cultural allusions all across the world. Some view the daisy flower to be a sign of optimism, innocence, new beginnings, positive energy, and joy. The daisy is the holy flower for the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse mythology. As a result, daisies represent childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. As a result, they’re an excellent flower to give to a new baby! Daisies are members of … Continue reading the article

The Seventh Letter of the Greek Alphabet: Its History and Meaning (7th)


The Greek alphabet is the basic unit of Greek writing. It consists of 24 letters, which are arranged in 5 groups. The Seventh Letter of the Greek Alphabet (ETA) is a symbol that was used by the ancient Greeks. It is the most widely used writing system in the world, and it was first invented in ancient Greece. The Greek alphabet is the basis for most alphabets used today, including the Latin alphabet. It is also one of the oldest known … Continue reading the article

2 Symbols for Freedom – The Statue of Liberty and Roman Goddess Libertas


Simply put, a symbol represents a concept, right? Even while many of us take it for granted now, are you aware, that for the majority of recorded history, the average human have experienced freedom as an exception rather than a fundamental human right.  The idea of freedom as a right did not genuinely come into mainstream culture until the Age of Enlightenment when the discourse was purposefully formed by philosophers of the notion that every human is created equal and hence … Continue reading the article

Japanese Symbols for Strength and Wisdom (Including Animals) 

Japanese Character Courage

In this article we will explore some of the key Japanese symbols of strength and wisdom that have emerged in Japanese culture. The term “strength” has a certain ring to it in it’s various versions in every language. Even more remarkable than the term for strength are the Japanese signs and symbols for it. Power, strength and wisdom are the three character traits that almost every human aspires to have at some point in their lives. Sometimes Japanese representations of strength … Continue reading the article

Triple Cross Tattoo History, Meaning and Different Designs


The triple cross tattoo has become quite popular over the years. Most people prefer getting tattooed than getting a simple piece of jewelry designed for their body. In fact, tattoos have become a form of self-expression commonly used by both men and women. The most famous part of Christian history is the cross, the cross on which Jesus was crucified. A cross tattoo is a way to remember the Creator and Son of God and keep your faith. It conveys a … Continue reading the article

Vibrant Black and Orange Koi Fish Meaning

Although Koi fish are kept in ponds all over the world, Asia has a unique significance for them. The mythology that dates back many thousand years in China describes how carp (Koi) that pass through the dragon gate and swim up a waterfall are miraculously turned into dragons. The ability to persevere and endure allowed the carp to develop into mythological creatures. The Koi fish has been a symbol of endurance and persistence for two thousand years. Despite having their name … Continue reading the article

What is the Last Letter of the Greek Alphabet: Its Symbol, History & Meaning


There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet and Omega(Ω) is one of them. Omega(lowercase ω, uppercase Ω) is the 24th and final letter of the Greek alphabet, and has a value of 800 in the Greek numerals system. It’s a word that pronounced in [ɔ:] or ‘aw’ as in ‘raw’. It is often used to represent the end of an expression, especially in the context of time.   It is written in the shape of a circle. You can also … Continue reading the article

What Does An Upside Down Cross Necklace Mean?  (Chains and Gothic Cross)


Today we will discuss the Upside Down Cross Necklace. Often adorned in a gothic style, it is commonly known as the Inverted Cross, which is a symbol with a lengthy history and a variety of contemporary connotations. Many of which are false popular modern constructs with little true connection with history and more to do with horror films and books. A Latin cross is simply twisted such that the crosspiece is closer to the bottom than the top, as the name … Continue reading the article