Greek Alpha Symbol Meaning, History And Uses

You have probably heard of the term “Alpha” many times before, but did you know that it is of Greek origin? Before it became the term that signifies leadership in groups such as a wolf pack, the Alpha sign is, first of all, a letter from the Greek alphabet. In one of our recent posts, we have given a summary of the entire Greek alphabet and each of its letters. In today’s article, we delve into Alpha, its origin, history, meanings, … Continue reading the article

Greek Omega Symbol: Meaning, History And Uses Explained

Omega Symbol Meaning, History and Uses Explained, The Last Letter of the Greek Alphabet

You’ve probably heard of the word “Omega” many times before. You might remember it from your math or science classes, the Biblical phrase “Alpha and Omega” or as the brand logo of your Swiss luxury watch, if you are lucky enough to have one. True enough, the Greek Omega symbol has a lot of uses, denoting and symbolizing a lot of different things. You’ll see it used in science, mathematics, and even in entertainment. In a previous post, we have given … Continue reading the article

Greek Epsilon Symbol Meaning, Origins And Uses

Epsilon Symbol and Its Meaning, Greek Alphabet Letter in Blue and Green Colors

Carrying on with our series on the Greek symbols, today we are delving into the Epsilon symbol. Here is everything you should know about the Epsilon, its origins, history and uses. The Greek Epsilon Symbol and Its Origins Epsilon (uppercase Ε, lowercase ε or lunate ϵ; Greek: έψιλον) is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet. Just like other Greek alphabet letters, it also represents a value in the Greek numeral system. It has a value of 5. The Epsilon symbol … Continue reading the article

Sigma Symbol Meaning, History And Uses of The 18th Greek Alphabet Letter

Sigma Symbol, The 18th Greek Alphabet Letter in Blue and Green Colors

As part of our series on Greek symbols and their meanings, we will be examining the Sigma symbol in detail in today’s post. Here is everything you should know about the Greek alphabet letter, Sigma, its meanings and uses. The Origins and History of The Sigma Symbol Sigma (uppercase Σ, lowercase σ or in word-final position ς; Greek: σίγμα) is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the Greek numeral system, the Sigma symbol denotes the value of 200. Sigma … Continue reading the article

Greek Symbols And Their Meanings – The List of Greek Alphabet Letters

Greek Alphabet Letters, Greek Symbols and Their Meanings - the Omega

Being one of the most prominent and influential civilizations in the history of mankind, the ancient Greeks surely left their mark in the world. In today’s article we will examine the letters of the Greek alphabet, the symbols that have been used in many scientific areas, art and literature since the dawn of this ancient civilization. Over the centuries, the letters of the Greek alphabet have gone through various changes and modifications. According to the Greek Alphabet Code, the Greek alphabet … Continue reading the article

Famous Norse And Viking Symbols And Their Meanings (In Mythology, Religion And Daily Life)

Celtic Tree of Life Knot Meaning Explained

The Norse people were as spiritual as it comes, so much so that their spiritual beliefs were essentially considered not a religion, but a part of their everyday reality. They genuinely believed that cosmic forces played an active role in everything that happened with their lives. They also believed in magic and practice of seidr (Norse magic), which also heavily featured symbols, was quite common. That is why symbols played an important role in Norse culture and it would be impossible … Continue reading the article

Alchemy Symbols/Signs And Their Meanings, Elemental Symbols – The Extensive List

Philosopher's Stone, Alchemy Symbols, Elemental Symbols Used in the Discipline

Being one of the most interesting and alluring subjects for the curious minds among us since the ancient times, the discipline of alchemy certainly had its impact on the human history.  But how did the alchemists practice it? What did they use ? In today’s post, we are deciphering the language of alchemists by bringing you the extensive list of alchemy symbols along with their meanings and uses. Let us not keep you waiting then, here is all the elemental symbols … Continue reading the article

Hermes Symbols, Sacred Animals And Plants, The Trickster God In Greek Mythology

Hermes, the Greek God of Speed, Trade and Messengers Symbols, Sacred Animals and Plants

If you are a real fan of mythology, you already know that some of the most interesting and entertaining myths involve the trickster gods. Today, as we continue our article series on Greek gods and their symbols, one of those trickster gods is our guest on Symbols and Meanings, Hermes, the messenger of gods in Greek mythology. Let us get right into it then. Here is everything you need to know about Hermes, his symbols, sacred animals and plants, and Greek … Continue reading the article

Poseidon Symbols, Sacred Animals And Plants – The God of Oceans and Earthquakes In Greek Mythology

Poseidon's Trident, the Main One in the Poseidon Symbol List Including Sacred Animals and Plants

In the next part of our series on Greek God symbols, we will be going back to ancient Greece to discuss Poseidon, the god of oceans and earthquakes, horses, floods and droughts in Greek mythology. Here is everything you should know about Poseidon’s symbols, sacred plants and animals, his family tree and myths involving him. Who is Poseidon in Greek Mythology? One of the most volatile and wrathful of the Olympian gods, Poseidon’s rule extended over all bodies of water. After … Continue reading the article

202 Angel Number Meaning Explained: Numerology, Twin Flame And Love Interpretations

202 Angel Number Meaning, Twin Flame, Love Interpretation

Angel numbers are considered to have a symbolic meaning and be a method of one-way divine communication from a higher power that appears in daily life or dreams and requires a degree of interpretation to understand the significance of the digits in one’s life. The angel number 202 is associated with following the path you are on and being more conscious about yourself and others to become a better human being. It acts as a sign that there are better times … Continue reading the article

Artemis Symbols, Sacred Animals And Plants – The Goddess of Wilderness In Greek Mythology

Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt and Wilderness in Greek Mythology, Her Symbols, Sacred Animals and Plants

Carrying on with our articles series on Greek god symbols, we will be discussing the Greek goddess of wilderness Artemis, her symbols, sacred animals and plants in today’s post. Let us get right into it. Who is Artemis in Greek Mythology? Being one of the most revered ancient Greek goddesses, Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and wilderness  as well as chastity, childbirth, and the moon. Artemis was also considered to be the protector of young girls until they got … Continue reading the article

Symbols Of Femininity, Female Symbols Throughout The World

A Pink Lotus Flower, Symbols of Femininity Throughout the World

We have discussed the symbols of motherhood a few days ago in another post. But what symbols represent women in general? How were the females, whether divine goddesses or ordinary human beings, symbolized across cultures throughout history ? Let us get right into it. Here is our extensive list of symbols of femininity that will answer all of these questions. African Symbols Of Femininity Duafe, The Adinkra Female Symbol The duafe is an Adinkra symbol that literally translates to “wooden comb” … Continue reading the article

Symbols of Patience Across Cultures

Ivy Plans, Symbols of Patience

In today’s post, we will be discussing symbols of patience across cultures and how patience is represented by people from civilizations in all four corners of the world. Let us start with the Far East and Chinese culture. Chinese Symbols For Patience Ren Symbol Ren 忍 is a symbol created by combining two characters in the Chinese language – Ren 刃 and Xin 心. The character Ren translates to the blade of the knife, and Xin means heart. When placed on top … Continue reading the article

Hecate’s Wheel, Strophalos Meaning, Symbolism, Origin And Uses

Hecate's Wheel Symbol in the Sigil of the Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft in Greek Mythology

In today’s post we will go back to ancient Greece and examine a very interesting symbol that is familiar to people of pagan faith and/or are involved in witchcraft. Here is everything you should know about the symbol that is called the Hecate’s wheel, its meaning, symbolism, origin and uses. The Origin of the Hecate’s Wheel Symbol Hecate’s wheel, also known as the Strophalos of Hecate, is a symbol featuring a central six-sided star surrounded by a circle, a “triple-sided” labyrinth, … Continue reading the article

Athena Symbols, Sacred Animals And Plants – The Goddess of Wisdom And War In Greek Mythology

Athena the Greek Goddess of Civilization War and Wisdom Depicted on Top of a Hill

The Olympian goddess of wisdom and war, Athena is the most beloved patroness of the city of Athens. She is best-known for her connections with peace and handicrafts such as spinning and weaving. Athena has been known as majestic and stern, a talented goddess who was the best at both of her domains. She was feared by Ares and sought after for advice from the other Greek gods and goddesses. Athena has close ties to the city of Athens. Ancient Greeks … Continue reading the article

Gods, Goddesses And Symbols Of Knowledge And Wisdom

Athena Symbols, Symbols of Knowledge, the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge with an Owl

Today’s post is about the symbols of knowledge and wisdom around the world. What symbolizes knowledge? Which symbol did the people in ancient times use to represent it? Who are the gods of wisdom? The answer to these questions and many more is here in this detailed article. Let us begin our journey of knowledge with the Norse mythology. Norse Symbols of Knowledge and Wisdom Mimir, The Norse God of Knowledge and Wisdom Mimir is the Norse god of knowledge and … Continue reading the article