Lilith Sigils And Symbols For The Goddess And Demon In Mythology

Lilith Sigil, The Lilith Symbol for Invoking Her In Magic Rituals in Black and White

Perhaps one of the most interesting characters involved in creation myths, Lilith is a religious figure and a female demon who became a symbol of femininity, courage, strength, rebellion, women’s equality with and independence from men. Lilith is known as the first feminist in the world and there is a good reason for that. According … Read more

Sigil of Lucifer, The Meaning and Symbolism Behind The Seal of Satan

Seal of Satan/Lucifer also known as the Sigil of Lucifer Symbol

Carrying on with our articles on occult symbols, we will be examining the mysterious Sigil of Lucifer symbol in today’s post. Let’s get right into it, here’s everything you should know about the Lucifer Sigil, its meaning, history, origins and uses. What Is A Sigil And What Are They Used For? First things first. Let … Read more

Unicursal Hexagram Meaning, Symbolism And Origins Explained

Unicursal Hexagram's Meaning and Origins Explained, Aleister Crowley's Symbol for Thelema Religion

Perhaps you are interested in occult magic or you just watched that Supernatural episode and are wondering what that Men of Letters logo means. In this post, we will examine that very symbol called the universal hexagram, its origins, meaning and uses. First things first. What does ‘unicursal’ mean? And what is a hexagram exactly? … Read more