Merkaba Star Meaning And Origin: Merkaba Symbol In Sacred Geometry And Meditation, Tattoo Design Ideas

We are carrying on our articles series on spiritual symbols with one of the most important sacred geometry symbols today; the Merkaba star. Here is our extensive piece on the Merkaba symbol, its meaning, origin, use in spiritual practices like meditation, and its importance in various religions and cultures.

Merkaba Symbol in Sacred Geometry and Jewish Mysticism
Merkaba Symbol on a Colored Background by Veronika By

Definition of Merkaba: What is the Merkaba Star?

Merkaba (also spelled as Merkabah) is a sacred Jewish geometrical symbol comprising two intersecting three-dimensional triangles facing opposite sides. It is a symbol with deep ancient roots and interesting mathematical properties. But what is the origin of the Merkaba symbol, where did it come from? Let us get right into it.

The Origin of the Merkaba Symbol

It’s difficult to trace the exact origin of the Merkabah. However, it is believed to have come into use somewhere between 100 to 1000 CE.  References to the symbol can be found in the Bible’s Old Testament and ancient Hebrew texts. There is also evidence involving the prophet Ezekiel, of its use by ancient Jewish mystics for visionary contemplation.

Merkaba Origin and Symbolism Merkaba Crystal Sacred Geometry
Merkaba Crystal on Metatron’s Cube in Sacred Geometry by Jozef Klopacka

References to the Merkaba symbol are also found in Hasidei Ashkenaz literature created during the famous Jewish movement of the Middle Ages.

However, from what symbolic interactionism has found so far, it seems that the majority of literature about Merkaba was developed between 200 CE to 700 CE.

Another historical piece of evidence about Merkabah mysticism thrived in Palestine in the 1st century AD. That being said, its popularity seems to have shifted to Babylonia later, where it flourished from the 7th to the 11th century.

Merkaba Meaning And Symbolism

Merkaba has several meanings in history and symbolism, emerging primarily from religion and sacred geometry (it is a highly revered sacred geometry symbol).

According to ancient Jewish texts, Merkaba is a Hebrew word that means “chariot”. From this perspective, it is believed to be a symbol of God’s chariot. In fact, one of the mentions regarding the symbol in the Bible reflects this very meaning.

In Ezekiel 1:4-26, Merkaba is referred to as the “Throne-Chariot of God” or the “Moving Throne of God”. However, according to Jewish Biblical scholars, the shape of the Merkaba star is an analogical reference to the many ways God reveals himself in the world.

Merkaba Meditation Uses, Merkaba Symbol and Chakras
Merkaba Star and Chakras by Anne Mathiasz

When broken down phonetically, the word Merkaba appears to be a combination of three distinct words – Mer meaning Light, Ka meaning Spirit, and Ba meaning Body. This refers to the Merkaba star as a divine vehicle made of light to help connect our body and spirit to the higher realms.

Some people, however, explain it a little differently. According to them, the union of the human body and spirit can produce a light, an energy field, or the Merkaba effect that reveals a divine path following which we, as human beings, can achieve enlightenment.

It is also believed that the two three-dimensional triangles spinning in opposite directions, which form the symbol, reflect the balance or union of opposites – yin and yang, feminine and masculine, dark and light, cosmos and earth.

The spinning of tetrahedrons in opposite directions is also believed to symbolize the three-dimensional energy field that surrounds each and every one of us.

Merkaba Star on Metatron's Cube in blue and White Color
Merkaba Symbol on Metatron’s Cube by Anne Mathiasz

From another perspective, the light or energy created by the continuous and harmonizing movement of the two tetrahedrons in the Merkaba star represents divine energy.

Another popular interpretation of the Merkabah symbol comes from Jews. Hasidic Jews see Merkaba as a symbol that represents a multi-dimensional approach toward this world, its reality, and human nature.

It is considered a reminder for us, humans, to continue contemplating how we can improve ourselves and become better human beings.

The Merkaba symbol is also widely used in meditation to unlock higher states of awareness and consciousness. It can also be used as a tool to recognize your true inner powers and to connect with divinity.

The two-dimensional representation of the Merkaba symbol is often related to the Star of David, which is considered a divine shield of protection that guards you both physically and spiritually.

From that perspective, the Merkaba star can also provide a sense of safety and protection.

Merkaba Star in front of the Flower of Life Symbol, Two Sacred Geometry Symbols
Two Sacred Geometry Symbols: The Merkaba Star and The Flower of Life by Peter Hermes Furian

Merkaba Star in Sacred Geometry

In addition to being one of the most important ancient symbols featured in Jewish mysticism, the Merkabah symbol is of significant importance for sacred geometry.

For the uninitiated, sacred geometry is an ancient science that involves identifying, exploring, and understanding the meanings behind various sacred shapes and patterns that make the core designs of everything in the universe.

In other words, sacred geometry is a field of study that involves ascribing or investigating the spiritual meanings of various shapes and patterns prevalent in nature.

Merkabah in sacred geometry is seen as a tool that can help unlock your inner powers, achieve a heightened state of consciousness, and connect to the higher realms.

Merkaba Art on Dark Blue and Black Background
Merkaba Image on Dark Blue and Black Background by Jozef Klopacka

The shape of Merkabah may appear unique, but according to sacred geometry experts, it is found everywhere in nature, from within our own body to animals, plants, and microorganisms.

It is important to note that when we talk about the Merkaba symbol being present in the human body, it doesn’t refer to our physical being, but rather our spiritual being.

In sacred geometry, the Merkaba symbol represents the geometric formation of the human spirit and all other non-physical aspects of our presence that connect us with nature and the universe.

The two vertical points of the Merkaba star represent our connection with the higher being (God) and earth. They reflect that while we can reach and connect with high realms, we should remain connected to the earth.

Merkaba Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas: A Merkabah Symbol on a Starry Background
Merkabah Symbol on a Starry Background by Whatawin

The activation of your “inner Merkaba” can help you ignite the inner fire, uncover your true powers and potential, discover the inner truth, achieve higher consciousness, and connect with the higher authority, all the while keeping you balanced and grounded. One way this can be achieved is through sustained mindful practice of the special Merkaba Meditation.

In sacred geometry, a triangle pointed upwards is a representation of masculine and celestial energy as well as active creation.

On the other hand, an inverted triangle is considered a symbol of feminine energy, earth, and passive creation. The Merkaba star is formed by combining these two triangles, and hence, it is believed to offer a perfect balance of all these energies and life forces.

Merkaba Meditation Lotus Pose with Chakra Symbols
Merkaba and Chakra Symbols in Lotus Meditation Pose of Yoga by Inna Panycheva

Merkaba Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas

Since it is a beautiful symbol of highly spiritual meaning, a Merkaba tattoo would be a great choice for any spiritual person.

Merkaba also symbolizes our connection with a higher being and the world. In addition to that, sacred geometry experts suggest it exists within all parts of the universe, even microorganisms.

In that sense, it is a symbol of the universe and nature itself. You could use the symbol in that meaning while searching for tattoo ideas.

Since it is also the key to unlocking a higher level of consciousness, a Merkaba tattoo could just be the means to mark and represent your spiritual awakening. to

This wraps up our post on the Merkaba symbol, its meaning, origin and importance in religions and sacred geometry. If you liked it, you would probably enjoy reading our article on another sacred geometry symbol, the Flower of Life here.

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