12 Mayan Signs – What Were They and What Did They Mean?

Ancient civilizations created the 12 zodiac signs we know today. Mayan signs and the 12 Zodiac signs were derived from the divisions of the ecliptic into 12 zodiac signs by Babylonian astronomers.

However, in Mesoamerica, they had different ways of doing things. Their calculations were based on the popular Mayan calendar. The Zodiac system differs from Mayan astrology because it does not use the calendar. Ancient civilizations were advanced despite the tales told about post-colonization.

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Mayan Signs

The Mayan civilization was the most prominent Mesoamerican civilization. With this in mind, it is safe to say that Mayan astrology was also sophisticated and also very distinct from that developed by the Aztec Civilization. The Mayan Day signs are equivalent to the Zodiac signs.

The Mayan calendar had 13 galactic numbers and 20-day signs, which, when put together, formed a 260-day year. The Mayans attached each day to a sign, and the system attached the signs to parts of the world.

The signs symbolize the essence of a person and are based on the birth time, date, and location. The Mayan Zodiac signs are different on each day. A person’s zodiac sign describes their attributes and dominant personality traits. For example, day signs could point us to our life purpose and reveal our talents and weak spots.

Here are some Day signs and their associated meanings.

Crocodile (Kibray)

The first-day sign is the crocodile. It covers the notions of new beginnings and theories. Crocodiles are born as leaders who are not scared of facing changes and challenges. These people are creative, energetic, driven, have initiative, are bold and assertive, and have intelligent attitudes toward life.

Crocodiles are usually considered selfish and domineering but can make considerable changes if their powerful energy is used wisely. These individuals are normally against being told what to do. Instead, they prefer taking time to analyze the situation before acting.

These characteristics make them good researchers or workers in places that need close attention to detail. They are predominantly prudent and shy and prefer relationships based on respect.


Wind is the second day sign. The wind is considered a driving force that cannot be seen. It deals with communication and intellect. The word “wind” describes people with great personal power, cunning minds, and tremendous awareness. They are usually adaptable, multifaceted, and versatile.

They are also considered to be romantic and idealistic. Individuals with the Wind sign are viewed as free-spirited and unconventional, but at the same time, they can be overly idealistic and take time to make up their minds.

They are unpredictable and hyperactive. They are drawn toward creating art and beauty because they have a strong sense of aesthetics. They can be good writers, especially for children’s books.


The third day sign is a house. It inspires change and closes the gap between ancient traditions, values, and ultramodern ideas. These types of people are considered loyal companions or friends, have an imposing presence, have robust characters, and can achieve a lot.

Individuals with the house sign are grounded, introspective, deep, and stable. They combine ancient wisdom with youthful optimism but usually have difficulty identifying the right path.


The lizard is the fourth day sign. It is a sign associated with sexual maturity, independence, and performance. Lizards have superior standards; self-esteem is critical, and they are usually attracted to activities requiring attention.

They can be intense in their lust for life. They want to express themselves freely and live legally. Although versatile and courageous, they can still be domineering and uncompromising.

Serpent (Kan)

The fifth day’s sign is the serpent. The serpent concerns power and charisma as well as emotional outbursts. Serpents have sharp minds, but they can also go overboard. They are philanthropists who are very considerate and empathetic to others.

They still have solid characters, can fight for what they believe in, and have strong reactions. They sail through life using intuition, going deep into the human psyche, and usually finding themselves in emotionally charged situations.

These individuals are intelligent and curious, so they always try to learn new things and engage in different activities. They also appreciate admiration and respect, which they easily get because of their charisma. They can make very good teachers and writers.

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The sixth day’s sign is death. It symbolizes transformation, self-sacrifice, and acceptance of the change. Individuals associated with the death sign are usually altruistic, wise in nature, and extremely responsible.

They are calm, spiritual, and intelligent. Their lives are normally filled with changes to which they are adaptable. Their selfless nature sometimes makes them take on responsibilities that are not theirs.


According to Mayan astrology, the deer is the Seventh Day sign. A deer is unconventional, nomadic, innovative, sensual, and artistic. The majority are trailblazing leaders who are geared toward achievement.

However, deer can be inconsistent in various ways. They also highly value their freedom as much as they appreciate family and community. Individuals associated with deer signs have strict boundaries and find it challenging to let people into their space and expose their vulnerability and romantic side.

Still, they can be territorial and will protect people or things they value. They have a high sense of aesthetics and sensitivity. They can be seducers and, at the same time, elegant and sweet, which makes them attractive to people.


The rabbit is the eighth day sign. Rabbits are spirited and mercurial people with active, clever minds. They are usually active and enjoy games and competitions. However, they rarely take things seriously.

Rabbits are spontaneous and deal with situations as they present themselves. Occasionally, they are prone to arguments and self-destructive activities. Their main focus in life is repressing their attention-seeking energy.


The ninth day’s sign is water. Those people associated with this sign tend to be imaginative and emotional and normally have difficulty dealing with strong urges. They can be great visionaries or dreamers who, on some occasions, can be psychic.

They are naturally born leaders who lead by example. They have excellent emotional intelligence, a sense of responsibility, and discipline. However, they must be careful with their emotional depth to avoid it becoming compulsive.


The tenth day sign is the dog. It is a symbol of consistency, loyalty, leadership, and commitment. Dogs are creative, good team players, and loyal to those they deem important.

Dogs like to wander, but they are always close to home. They are cooperative and trusting, but when they are hurt, they will be very critical. They are naturally suspicious and worry a lot. Dogs have a hard time trusting again after their trust is broken.


The eleventh day sign is the monkey. Of all the Mayan symbols and signs, this is the funniest. It revolves around the idea of never losing your inner child. They live their lives in the present, full of optimism.

They value having large groups of friends and the feeling that comes with that situation. They are comfortable doing jobs that require organizing events, and they get to meet people. Sometimes they like being the main character.

Their inner child brings forth curiosity, making it difficult for them to have patience for particulars and routines, especially if they are boring. They find it hard to remain focused and sometimes forget the realities of the present. Mayan culture emphasized Mayan zodiac signs because they believed it was the path to follow. Their astrological system worked in the Maya civilization before it was influenced by western astrology.

Some Mayan signs closely resemble the Zodiac signs introduced to the Mayan culture after the Spanish conquest. The native Mayan inhabitants tried to hold on to their spiritual beliefs even after the conquest. The Mayan signs are very interesting, especially when you know where you belong.

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