Lilith Sigils And Symbols For The Goddess And Demon In Mythology

Perhaps one of the most interesting characters involved in creation myths, Lilith is a religious figure and a female demon who became a symbol of femininity, courage, strength, rebellion, women’s equality with and independence from men.

Lilith is known as the first feminist in the world and there is a good reason for that. According to the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible, specifically in Genesis 2:22, it is stated that God created Eve from the rib of Adam.

In an earlier part of the Book, Genesis 1:27, however, it is said that God created Lilith from the same clay that Adam was created (for he said in Genesis 2:18 “it is not good for man to be alone”).

Seeing how they were created the same way and were equals, Lilith refused to submit to Adam. They could not get along and she left Adam after which Adam complained to the Almighty according to some beliefs.

From Dead Sea Scrolls of 40-10 BC to Zohar documents of 1280, sources of Jewish folklore and mythology mentioned Lilith many times as a demon along with all the other texts of Mesopotamian mythology.

That said, who and what Lilith is a topic for another very long article that we will be focusing on later. Now, let us get back to Lilith sigil for invoking her and the most prominent Lilith symbol.

So, what do the symbols and sigils of Lilith look like?

She has two sigils and the first Lilith sigil looks like this:

Lilith Sigil, The Lilith Symbol for Invoking Her In Magic Rituals in Black and White
Lilith Sigil Depicted in Black and White

The second sigil of Lilith is as follows:

The Second Sigil of Lilith for Invoking Her, Lilith Symbol for the Demon
The Second Sigil of Lilith in Black and White

And this is the most significant Lilith symbol which is commonly used in astrology where she is also known as “the dark moon”:

Lilith Symbol in Astrology, the Triple Goddess Symbol of Lilith Also Known to be a Demon
Lilith Symbol in Astrology

She is represented with a crescent moon on top of a cross.

Lilith Symbols And Sigils - The Goddess And Demon In Mythology

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