Lilith Astrology And The Dark Feminine Energy Of The 12 Black Moon Signs

Lilith is the symbol of femininity and feminine power. It is illustrated as a crescent moon with a cross of equal arms below, which is not much different from the universal symbol for women, i.e., a circle with a cross of equal arms below. While the female symbol is considered to be derived from the Roman goddess Venus, its roots in the symbol of Lilith are obvious.

Lilith Symbol in Astrology, the Triple Goddess Symbol of Lilith Also Known to be a Demon
Lilith Symbol in Astrology

Lilith Origin – Myths and Legends

According to Jewish and Mesopotamian mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Some interpreters believe that in Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female,” God meant creating two equal beings.

The creation of Eve is mentioned later on in the book, in Genesis 2:22, as “and the rib which the Lord had taken from the man, he made into a woman and brought her to the man,” and has led to the interpretation that God first created a woman from the same clay which He used to create Adam. This woman was named Lilith, and she was Adam’s equal.

Adam And Eve Origin Myth Carving On St James Greater Church Door in Italy

As his equal, Lilith refused to obey Adam and left him alone in the Garden of Eden. The legends state that Lilith coupled with the archangel Samael led God to create another partner for Adam, i.e., Eve. God created Even from Adam’s rib so she would stay beside him and be subservient to him.


Lilith – the Demon

In Hebrew, Lilith or lilit means night owl, night monster, or night creature. She was demonized as a rebellious woman who didn’t follow God’s or man’s orders. She became a monster who visits men at night and prays on their children.

Lilith Sigil, The Lilith Symbol for Invoking Her In Magic Rituals in Black and White
Lilith Sigil Depicted in Black and White

With no mention of the first woman’s name in the Hebrew Bible, the name was taken from the list of animals in Isaiah 34. In that passage, Lilith is the name of a dangerous demon from whom men must seek God’s mercy. The passage with the name Lilith reads as: “(14)…there shall the Lilith repose, and find for herself a place to rest. (16) look in the book of the Lord and read: no one of these shall be lacking, for the mouth of the Lord has ordered it…” Thus, the name Lilith was used for the first woman to refer to her as a dark monster or female demon of the night, as an influence of ancient Babylonian religion on Jewish traditions.

Throughout history, Lilith is mentioned extensively in various Jewish texts, following the Hebrew Bible. These include the Dead Sea Scrolls, Gemara, the Alphabet of Ben-Sira, Midrash Abkir, Treatise on the Left Emanation, and Zohar.


Lilith – The First Feminist

As the first woman to free herself from patriarchy, Lilith has been titled the first feminist in the universe. She left the bounties and comfort of the Garden of Eden, which demanded obedience to God and Adam, to explore the universe and live a life of freedom.

Her reclamation as a feminist figure is credited to Kabbalah, the beginning of astrology in Jewish tradition. With present-day astrology’s roots in Kabbalah and ancient Mesopotamian traditions, Lilith has gained the status of a goddess. The association of Lilith as a feminist gained worldwide popularity during the second wave of feminism.


What is Lilith in Astrology? Origin of Black Moon Lilith in Astrology

In Astrology, Lilith is also known as Black Moon Lilith. The name is rumored to have a scientific origin though it was never confirmed.

In the late nineteenth century, the scientist Georg Waltermath claimed the discovery of Earth’s second moon, which was the same in size and mass as the first moon. The scientific community rejected Waltermath’s claim, but the astrologer Walter Gorn Old rationalized it. He claimed that the second moon was too close to be visible to the human eye and named it Lilith.


The invisibility factor earned the second moon the titles of Black Moon Lilith, Unseen Planet, and Dark Moon. The name and invisibility are also associated with hidden powers, intuition, and psychic knowledge. 


Black Moon Lilith in Contemporary Astrology

Present-day astrology does not believe in a hidden second moon. Instead, it uses the name Black Moon Lilith for specific placement in the astrological chart. This placement is calculated as the farthest point from Earth at the time of a person’s birth.

Being hidden from plain sight, the black moon Lilith is regarded as a sign of hidden desires. Named after Lilith, the black moon Lilith is also associated with sexual liberation and reclamation of one’s femininity, feminine power, and animalistic needs.

An alternative meaning of black moon Lilith is regarded as those desires or personality traits of one that make them feel vulnerable. Vulnerability is often (mistakenly) denoted as a weakness or emotional side. Linking vulnerability to weakness makes one hide their emotional side from others, leading to repression and hiding. The hiding of true desires also occurs out of fear of being misunderstood or criticized for them.


Black Moon Lilith in Birth Charts

A natal chart is a calculated placement of stars and planets in a given moment. A natal chart is called a birth chart when it calculates the placement of stars and planets at the moment of one’s birth. Birth charts are a common practice used in astrology and allow an insight into one’s potential and character. They also show the influence of the constant movement of stars and planets during one’s lifetime. 

Astrologer Creating A Birth Chart

Most people only familiarize themselves with their sun sign (commonly called zodiac sign) as they are the easiest to figure out. However, a deeper dive into the birth chart can help one find their calling and guide them through different chapters of their life.

The black moon Lilith is one of the many elements of the birth chart. Its placement can be found through one’s birth chart. Just as everyone has a sun (zodiac) sign, everyone has a black moon Lilith placement on their birth chart.


What Does Your Lilith Sign Mean?

Lilith sign also called black moon Lilith or dark moon, can mean different things for different people, depending on its placement in their birth chart. But generally, it symbolizes one’s inner struggles and desires. Learning one’s Lilith sign can assist them with self-exploration and self-healing.

While the deep and specific meaning of the Lilith sign is always found in a combination of other placements in one’s birth chart, it does have some general meanings according to all its potential placements.

Astrologic symbol of lilith or black moon with zodiac signs and moon phases cycle.


Black Moon in Aries

Lilith sign in Aries is all about competing to win. Aries is fire energy, which denotes high energy and passion. So those who have their black moon in Aries are restless and physically active. They are also likely to have high sex drive and anger management issues.


Black Moon in Taurus

Taurus is a sensitive sign that doesn’t like disruption. Therefore, Lilith sign in Taurus symbolizes a deep need for security and consistency. Individuals with a black moon in Taurus may experience anxiety on the littlest issues or slightest of change. This can keep them in their comfort zone, halting their progress and growth.


Black Moon in Gemini

Gemini is as strong as they are weak. The trait is blatant in those with the black moon in Gemini. The Lilith sign in Gemini can make individuals struggle from being manipulative and destructive. Gemini brings the power of influential communication, but knowing when to stop talking can be challenging.


Black Moon in Cancer

Cancer has a nurturing feminine energy, which contradicts the general meaning of the Lilith sign. Therefore, those with the black moon in Cancer can struggle with drawing and maintaining healthy boundaries. They tend to become people-pleasers, find comfort in codependency, and expect more than what others can give them.


Black Moon in Leo

Leo is the highest placement for Lilith sign. This can give those with the black moon in Leo a charm that keeps others hooked. While it sounds good, superficial charm can pose a hurdle in developing meaningful relationships. It can also make these individuals habitual of external validation that can severely impact their self-love journey.


Black Moon in Virgo

Virgo symbolizes organization, structure, and high standards. So with Lilith sign in Virgo, individuals can become perfectionists and control freaks. This can prove damaging to their own mental and physical health as well as their relationships. The most difficult lesson for those with the black moon in Virgo is to learn to let go. 


Black Moon in Libra

Libra is all about balance. So those with the black moon in Libra can become hyper-fixated on achieving balance. They may expect as much and exactly as what they do for others or obsess over restoring the balance in the various worldly aspects. In any case, they can face challenges accepting the world or their life as it is and find it difficult to ever be happy.


Black Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio has a dark and mysterious energy, which is not very different from Lilith sign. In Scorpio, the black moon can signify a tendency to delve deeper than one should. It can result in an obsession with sex or harmful, hedonistic traits. A black moon in Scorpio can lead to self-destruction when not handled carefully.


Black Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius has abundant and hedonistic energy. For individuals with the Lilith sign in Sagittarius, this can mean overindulgence with a lack of accountability. The obsession with excess can lead to a negative impact on health and finances. Moon sign in Sagittarius can also increase the tendency to feel bored and seek thrill from danger, which can also prove harmful.


Black Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn is a sign of power, success, and achievement. So those with the black moon in Capricorn can easily become obsessed with materialistic and worldly power. The obsession can encourage them to only mingle with similarly successful individuals, despite their character and intentions. They can also expect the same drive from their family members and push them away if they prefer simple living.


Black Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius sign shares the rebellious nature of the black moon Lilith. While the alignment of pushing boundaries, enjoying freedom, and reclamation of one’s power can be useful, it can also go too far. Individuals with Lilith sign in Aquarius can often become “rebels without a cause.” They also tend to despise anyone who tries to engage them in logical discourse.


Black Moon in Pieces 

Lilith sign in Pieces boosts out-of-the-box creativity and imagination. But the fantasy world that individuals with the black moon in Pieces create can be so charming that they can feel stuck in it. This can make them live their aspiring lives inside their head instead of working for them in the real world.


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