Lilith Astrology And The Dark Feminine Energy Of The 12 Black Moon Signs

Lilith Symbol in Astrology, the Triple Goddess Symbol of Lilith Also Known to be a Demon

Lilith is the symbol of femininity and feminine power. It is illustrated as a crescent moon with a cross of equal arms below, which is not much different from the universal symbol for women, i.e., a circle with a cross of equal arms below. While the female symbol is considered to be derived from the Roman goddess Venus, its roots in the symbol of Lilith are obvious. Lilith Origin – Myths and Legends According to Jewish and Mesopotamian mythology, Lilith was … Continue reading the article

Lilith Sigils And Symbols,Their Meaning, Lilith’s Mark In Palm Reading, Sign,Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Lilith Symbol, The Black Dark Moon Lilith Sign in Astrology

Perhaps one of the most interesting characters involved in creation myths, Lilith is a religious figure and a female demon who became a symbol of femininity, courage, strength, rebellion, women’s equality with and independence from men. Lilith is known as the first feminist in the world and there is a good reason for that. According to the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible, specifically in Genesis 2:22, it is stated that God created Eve from the rib … Continue reading the article