Greek Goddess Hestia Symbols, Sacred Animals And Plants, The Full List

Despite not being a flashy character or having amazing war stories or mythical tales of love under her belt, Hestia was one of the most significant gods in Greek mythology.

In this post we will provide you with vital information about the Olympian goddess including her family tree while also giving you the full list of Hestia symbols, her sacred animals and plants.

Who is Hestia in Greek Mythology?

Hestia is the virgin goddess of the hearth, family, home, sacrificial flame, domestic life, cooking, the state and architecture in Greek mythology.

Hestia Holding A Torch Greek Goddess Hestia Symbols, The Full List of Hestia Symbols, Sacred Animals and Plants
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She was also known as the patron of the houses and family life and is known to be the protector of homes and their sanctity.

Alongside Artemis and Athena, she is one of the three virgin goddesses in Greek mythology.

Her equivalent in Roman mythology is Vesta.

Hestia’s Family Tree – Who Are Hestia’s Parents?

Titan King and Queen, Kronos/Cronus and Rhea, respectively, are the parents of Hestia.

She is one of the six children of Kronos and Rhea and her siblings are Hera, Zeus, Demeter, Hades and Poseidon.

As she was a virgin goddess and never got married, she did not have any children.

The Hestia Symbol List – What Are Hestia’s Symbols?

The Greek goddess of domestic life was represented with many things in ancient Greece, but the main Hestia symbol was the hearth and its fire.

Actually, the Greek word Ἑστία’ (latinized as “Hestia”) literally means ‘fireside’ and ‘hearth’.

Other Hestia symbols include home, chaste trees, kettles, oil, wine, veils and architecture.

Hestia In A Veil Holding a Torch, Hestia Symbols Sacred Animals and Plants
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What Are The Sacred Animals Of Hestia?

Hestia’s sacred animals are swines/pigs while some sources also state that cows and donkeys were also sacred to her believers.

What Are The Sacred Plants of Hestia?

Chaste trees are Hestia’s main sacred plants while some sources suggest that yarrows and some other flowers were also sacred to her.

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Greek Goddess Hestia Symbols, Sacred Animals and Plants

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