Who is Eileithyia, the Greek Goddess of Childbirth and Labor?


The goddess of childbirth known as Eileithyia (or Ilithyia) in Greek mythology revered the cow and the peacock as sacred creatures. She was the offspring of ZEUS, the supreme ruler of all other gods, and Hera, his sister and seventh and last wife. In Book 19 of Homer’s The Odyssey, a cave in Knossos, Crete, where Eileithyia was born, is described. The goddess Eileithyia made this cave her main location of devotion. She was highly revered at Olympia, where a temple … Continue reading the article

10 Greatest Norse Mythology Goddesses


The Norse had a belief system that made them rationalize everything that happened around them. From the growth of the flowers to the transition of the day to the night, it was believed that every action was executed by a god or goddess.  The realm of gods was not dominated by men alone, but also women, and the Vikings have told many legends of powerful goddesses. And from these legends, it can be made clear that these goddesses played an inherent … Continue reading the article

Zeus vs Odin – Comparing The Greek and Norse Gods


Who is the Alpha God in the ultimate Zeus vs Odin ancient deity smackdown? Both Gods were mighty and ruled their mythic kingdoms with absolute power thousands of years ago. We still mention Zeus and Odin today in popular culture from comics to books to TV series. So clearly their narrative resonates, yet the two haven’t met yet on the battlefield. Who would win? Come with me as I compare this pair of mighty mercurial and, dare I say, horribly flawed … Continue reading the article

Sun Gods And Goddesses, The Personification of Sun Across Cultures, The Extensive List

Eye of Ra Meaning, Symbolism and Origin, Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus Compared

In today’s post, we will be discussing the personification of the sun and how it was represented in many different cultures. Without further ado, here is the extensive list of sun gods and goddesses. Ra, The Ancient Egyptian Sun God Ra is the god of the sun in ancient Egyptian religion who was widely worshipped as one of the most powerful deities. He was seen as the creator of all life, both in human beings and in all other creatures by … Continue reading the article

Fire Goddesses Around The World – The Extensive List

Hestia Holding A Torch Greek Goddess Hestia Symbols, The Full List of Hestia Symbols, Sacred Animals and Plants

In today’s post, we will be discussing the goddesses of fire across cultures and religions around the world. Without further ado, here is the complete list of female deities of fire. Oya, African/Yoruban Goddess of Weather, Fire, Death and Rebirth Mainly known as a goddess of weather, Oya is the Yoruban and West-African spirit and goddess of fire, storms, lightning, death and rebirth. In addition to the Yoruba religion, she is venerated in many cultures and religions including Haitian Vodou, Santeria, … Continue reading the article

Greek God Apollo Symbols, Sacred Animals And Plants – The God of The Sun, Music And Healing In Greek Mythology

Apollo Greek God of Music, Poetry, Healing and Sun with his Lyre

Carrying on with our series on Greek god symbols, we will be examining Apollo, the Greek god of sun, music, and healing today. Here is everything you need to know about Apollo, also known as Apollon, his family tree, symbols, sacred animals, and plants. Who is Apollo in Greek Mythology? In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of the sun, music, poetry, healing, truth, archery, dance, music, and prophecy. He was often depicted as a beardless young man with a halo … Continue reading the article