Frog Symbolism And Meaning: What Do Frogs Symbolize?

Carrying on with our animal symbolism articles, we will be discussing frog symbolism across cultures and religions throughout the world. Let us get right to it then, here is everything you should know about what frogs represent as symbols and what it means to have a frog as a spirit animal.

Frog Symbolism and Meaning explained: 3 Frogs Illustrated in Different Colors
A Trio of Frogs by Dean Zangirolami

As amphibians, frogs have the ability to live on land and water since their bodies are capable of adapting to both.

Frogs have distinct qualities that make them interesting creatures; their ability to jump great distances, make loud croaking sounds, 360-degree visibility, and their smooth and slippery skin that can change color depending on their toxicity.

Frogs are found throughout the globe. This is primarily because they only need a water body to breed in. They are also amongst the most diverse creatures, with over 5000 subspecies and new discoveries constantly being made.

Frog Meaning Explained: A Green Frog on a Tree Branch
A Frog on a Tree Branch by TSV Creative

Additionally, frogs have been mentioned and symbolized in culture and religion as they are considered to be rooted in two primary elements, namely, earth and water. This has caused them to be associated with the following concepts over time:

  • Adaptability
  • Evolution
  • Circle of Life
  • Transcendence
  • Ascendence
  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Rebirth

Cultural Meaning of Frogs

Frogs In Japanese Culture

East Asian cultures worship frogs as they are associated with good fortune and luck. There are even shrines present in Japan with frog statues that are assumed to be messengers of gods such as Sarautahiko, and they are believed to grant wishes.

Frogs are prevalent in Japan as their population thrives in flooding rice fields, and they are often used in art and poetry. As a symbol of luck for Japanese people, they are often carried by travelers to protect them during their travels.

In Japanese language, the word for frog is kaeru, which is pronounced as the word return, adding to its cultural significance as a good luck charm which has also led to the popularity of carrying frog amulets on journeys for safety.

What Do Frogs Symbolize, the Explanation: A Yellow and Red Frog Picture
A Beautiful Frog Illustrated by Dean Zangirolami

Religious Meaning of Frogs

Frogs Symbolism in Christianity and the Bible

Frogs are referenced in the Hebrew Bible, which is the basis of the Old Testament in Christianity. They are mentioned as a plague sent to punish Egypt by the God Yahweh, and it is considered the second plague out of ten.

In the Book of Exodus, the Egyptian pharaoh was exceptionally cruel to his slaves and refused to let them leave for the promised land and mocked their god.

Yahweh brought forth ten plagues, including the frogs, with each plague symbolizing the lack of power of the Egyptian gods.

They are also mentioned in the Book of Revelation as unclean spirits to create Satan’s army to defeat the army of Christ. While frogs are not inherently evil creatures, they can represent evil spirits and become objects of worship and fear.

Spiritual Meaning of Frogs

Frog Presence Symbolism – What Does It Mean When You See a Frog?

Seeing a frog can mean the individual who saw it is in a state of transition. The frog is trying to inform you that any cause for concern about your future prospects, including our plans and career, is unfounded. There will be great transformation in your life, whether a spiritual one or one about your relationships, especially if it requires a rebirth.

It is effectively a positive sign for your future plans as they are meant to bring good luck. It also stands for fertility, and it can also be a positive sign when applied to whether you’re trying to conceive and give birth to an idea or a human being.

Additionally, it also stands for abundance, and is a sign of fulfillment in love and relationships to come. Its presence can help set you on the path to developing positive relationships so you will have abundance in your life, whether it’s spiritual or physical.

Frog on Doorstep Meaning

The appearance of a frog on a doorstep is a sign of luck as not only do they eat insects and pests that can harm us and our crops, but they are also general symbols of luck and prosperity and, as such, should not be chased away from the property.

If a frog is found in the front yard, it is also a sign of good times and fortunes to come your way, and it is a wake-up call that encourages you to be prepared for the changes that are going to come into your life which will also result in an emotional evolution.

Frog Inside the House Meaning

Finding frogs inside one’s house is a rare occurrence as they are creatures of nature that enjoy being outdoors and in touch with natural elements.

Finding a frog inside the house means that they have come to deliver an important message which is considered the beginning of good fortune and luck for the owner. It is considered to bring wealth and opportunity as the frog is a lucky charm, and it can send one on the path to making decisions that bring reward in all endeavors.

Seeing A Frog in A Dream Meaning

The appearance of a frog in one’s dreams means there is great positive change and growth on the horizon, which can be invoked by focusing on and believing in oneself and one’s ideas and hard work.

However, the interpretations can vary between individuals, and the meanings can range from transformation, change, love, positivity, and introspection.

Dead Frog Symbolism and Meaning

Seeing a dead frog can signify that it is not yet time to evolve and embrace change as the universe is not aligned and the individual is not in the best state to undergo significant change.

It can also act as a wake-up call as it depicts how short life is and the need to achieve goals and growth by taking a look at one’s priorities and if they ascribe to their definition of a good person.

This can signify that the individual needs to go into planning mode, so once they’re ready for change, they can strike while the iron is hot.

Frogs as Spirit Animals

As spirit animals, frogs have the ability to support and provide direction in times of change. Frogs inhabit many landscapes, including forests and deserts, which highlights their ability to embrace change, survive, and thrive on both land and water, and they can pass on their capacity to transform to others.

Due to their connection with water, they can cleanse us of our past failures and grievances and become reborn by connecting with our emotions and energies to channel their power into more fruitful pursuits.

Frog Totems

In Native American culture, the frog depictions were placed on totem poles as a foreshadowing of danger. The totem allows individuals to invoke the frog’s ability for transformation and provide the courage to explore new opportunities that can bring good fortune.

The frog totem encourages people and allows them to have faith in their abilities to develop a deeper connection with themselves and others.

They are also considered to possess healing powers in terms of spirituality, and they were even used to prepare medicine for cattle, thereby signifying the capabilities of the frog totem.

This ends our post on frog symbolism across cultures and religions. If you liked it, you should definitely check out our articles on butterfly symbolism here, hummingbird symbolism here and ladybug symbolism here. Thanks for reading on Symbols and Meanings!

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