A Flower that Represents Strength? Gladiolus, Orchid, Magnolia and 5 More!

Do you know a flower that represents strength? By strength, you might think of a rare flower you have yet to hear about. Quite the contrary, some of the most common flowers used in decorations and given in bouquets to please our loved ones symbolize strength.

Flowers transmit our feelings much better than words because they have accompanied human life since antiquity. You must have already given flowers more than once to someone you love without knowing the meaning they symbolize. Much like the rose symbolizes love, some flowers represent strength. You can give them to someone going through a difficult time to give them strength. Or, you can offer to a person who has always been there for you and has been your strength. 

Red Gerbera grows out of ashpalt in a show of strength and resilience

Here is a list of flowers that represent strength!


Its name comes from the Latin “gladiolus,” diminutive of “gladius,” which means “sword.” This is due to the shape of its blades, which are reminiscent of Roman swords. Its name also refers to the flower given to Roman gladiators who triumphed in battle. Therefore, gladioli are the symbol of strength and victory.

In mythology, many tales of gladioli emerge from the blood spilled on a Roman sword. Later, in the Middle Ages, gladioli were used medicinally as ointments and poultices.

Regarding its symbology, the gladiolus is a flower meaning strength, victory, inner strength, and moral integrity. It is a fighter and winner flower.

As in most flowers, each color has a meaning, and gladioli are no exception.

The orange gladioli symbolize sensual love, the pink ones wish luck, the red ones evoke eroticism, the yellow ones invite love, and the meaning of the white gladiolus is related to innocence and purity.


Lisianthus is a flower that stands out for its strong resistance. Behind its soft and fragile appearance, it carries a strong symbolism inspired by its natural environment. 

This vigorous flower, a symbol of strength and respect, can indeed survive in harsh conditions in the middle of the desert, where it can bloom even if nothing goes right. Even if the desert does not provide the optimum conditions, it does bloom, giving birds and bees something to eat.

In the language of flowers, the lisianthus is a symbol of strength, gratitude, and respect. It can thus be offered for any occasion, and whatever relationship binds you to its recipient: love, friendship, professional relationship, etc.

Lisianthus often appears in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements! In addition to its nuptial symbolism, the lisianthus can be offered on a birthday, to thank your hosts at a dinner party, or to congratulate a loved one on their successes.

The Gerbera

For those who make everything around them brighter, the gerbera will know how to give it back through its message of strength and conviviality. It does not really have much to envy over the roses through its beauty and its variant forms, each as beautiful as the other. In fact, there are more than thirty varieties of gerberas.


The meaning of each of these varieties will depend on its color. Thus, if the pink gerbera evokes light and the white symbolizes joy, truth, and purity, the red gerbera, in turn, symbolizes strength, courage, and sacrifice.


The chrysanthemum is one of the most common and recognizable flowers, frequently used in celebrations and festivals. It is a flower that represents strength, resistance, wealth, and prosperity.

The chrysanthemum has many different meanings, depending on the color of the flower. White chrysanthemums symbolize joy and happiness, while yellow ones signify admiration and respect. Yellow chrysanthemums are often used in funeral bouquets or given as gifts to the deceased’s family.

Another common use of the chrysanthemum is in Chinese culture, where it is used as decoration on special occasions, such as the Chinese New Year, since it symbolizes wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.


Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers to grow and make a great gift for any occasion. They symbolize strength, luxury, refinement, and elegance and are often used to decorate special events and parties.  The ancient Greeks associated them with virility, but their symbolism shifted to luxury during the Victorian era.

Orchids are one of the rarest flowers in the world and have a delicate and exotic appearance. They have appeared in works of art and decorative pieces for hundreds of years and are found in many royal palaces. Plus, they are often given as gifts or kept as treasured possession.

Red orchids signify courage and power and can be given to someone facing a difficult time or as a token of encouragement for someone hoping to achieve something crucial in life. The blue ones represent calm and tranquility but, at the same time, symbolize power, spirituality, inspiration, and strength.

Magnolia Flower

Appreciated by many flower lovers, the magnolia is subject to many interpretations and symbolism. Its opulence and nobility make this flowering plant an unparalleled visual and fragrant spectacle. From its polychrome color palette, the magnolia has deep meanings. Primarily, it is a flower that symbolizes strength. Its seniority, tenacity, and resistance make this plant an emblem of power.
The symbolism of magnolia flowers also varies according to their color. So, when you want to offer a floral arrangement of magnolias, do not hesitate to play on the meaning of the colors: this will bring an even more personalized and thoughtful dimension to your gift.

  • The magnolia will first be an emblem of lasting love and loyalty for purple or red flowers.
  • Pink flowers represent friends, love, and femininity
  • Yellow flowers are synonymous with sunshine and radiance.
  • Regarding white flowers is the language of purity and the moon.


A symbol of strength, elegance, and fidelity, but also the end of a cycle (including death), the aster has fueled many legends during its existence. The aster is the last flowering plant of the year, with a bloom that survives until the last days of autumn. This is where it gets its meaning of strength in old age.

In a magnificent bouquet or adorable little vases, the aster sends strength and wishes of happiness with age.


The lotus flower is one of the most popular flowers in the world and has many meanings. It is a flower that represents strength and prosperity, as well as beauty and grace, and is often associated with meditation. 

The lotus flower is revered in many cultures, including Hinduism and Buddhism, where it is often grown in ponds or water gardens. It also has many meanings in feng shui, where it is a popular choice to grow indoors as an ornamental plant. Some feng shui practitioners believe that the lotus flower can help bring about more prosperity and power, and it can also be a good gift for others who hope to receive the same benefits.

lotus flower

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