19 Flowers of Love – Unique Choices for the One You Love

While the red rose is the most common and popular flower of love, it is not the only flower that symbolizes undefinable emotion. In fact, 19 other flowers represent deep affection. Let’s take a look at them:



Not only camellia looks like roses, but it is also a flower of love. Common varieties of this flower are deep red, bright pink, and light pink. Since its common varieties boost colors are also similar to the roses that signify love, camellia is an excellent alternative to show your love to anyone.

camelia flower


Carnation is one of the most beautiful flowers. Its soft and abundant petals make it a flower of love for moms or anyone who inspires feelings of warmth and protection. This means you can give your mom, aunts, teachers, and nurses carnations to show gratitude and affection towards them.


However, carnation is also a flower of romantic love in some cultures. In China, it is used extensively in wedding décor. Carnation bouquet as the bridal bouquet is also used in various other countries.


Though tiny in size, forget-me-nots signify immense love. Their name helps them make a flower of love that lasts till eternity. You can give this flower to a romantic partner with whom you have to part ways, but hope they will remember you. Forget-me-nots can only be given to friends or anyone else who you are unforgettable to you. They are a popular flower when visiting a loved one’s grave.



Orchids are popular houseplants, despite being challenging to grow indoors. However, this specific trait has earned them the status of the flower of love. Like orchids, love can be difficult to grow or even wither when not given enough or the right attention and care. In fact, in the right condition, orchids can last for months.


Orchid symbolizes beauty and romance. They also signify luxury as they are more expensive than most flowers. Hence, they are perfect for a partner with gift-giving as their love language. You can also use orchids to tell your partner how beautiful they are to you.


A tulip isn’t just a flower of love but that of unconditional, undying love. Tulips can be found in many beautiful colors, with each color signifying a specific emotion. However, the emotions projected by different tulips are always in combination with love.


For example, white tulips represent forgiveness. This makes them perfect for asking forgiveness of a loved one. Similarly, yellow tulips symbolize joy and cheer and are perfect to gift to a sad friend.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is mostly used as a filler flower for bouquets. But on its own, it makes a perfect flower of love. Baby’s breath is one of the most long-lasting flowers, which is why it is considered to represent eternal love. The delicate and small flower also inspires feelings of innocence and purity, further adding to the beautiful emotion of love. These factors also make baby’s breath a popular flower for baby showers and a vital part of bouquets for new moms.

The Baby’s Breath added to a Rose arrangement like this is just stunning

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart’s unique shape is where it gets its name and status as a flower of love. It represents a burning, passionate romantic love that may or may not be unrequited. You can gift this flower to a friend mourning their breakup or to a (potential) partner you love with an intensity that cannot be communicated in words.



The peony is another flower with abundant petals that signify richness and prosperity. These symbols make peonies a popular part of wedding décor. Therefore, the peony represents a love full of happiness, compassion, riches, and honor. In short, it symbolizes a love that makes a happy marriage.



The sunflower is a symbol of hope and joy. Since love encourages similar feelings, the sunflower is also considered a flower of love. Like peony, sunflower is also popular for wedding décor, bridal bouquets, and happy marriages.



Lilac is a breathtakingly beautiful flower. Each cluster of lilac contains many tiny flowers and buds, making it a symbol of budding fascination and love. This love represents early romantic love. You can gift lilac bouquets to friends on their wedding anniversaries or to your romantic partner to remind them of the honeymoon years.

Copy this idea and your lover’s heart will swoon. If not, surely the coffee will give a welcome buzz


Primrose is one of the most romantic flowers of love, even more than the red rose. This flower represents a passionate love that is always hopeful. It is the perfect flower to send to your partner after an argument or when proposing marriage.



Jasmine is another dainty flower that is most commonly found in white color. However, it can also be found in pale white and yellow colors. It is also one of the most beautiful-smelling flowers, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity. All these factors combine to make jasmine a flower of love and a symbol of pure, sensual, and delicate love.


Jasmine is the perfect flower to gift to a crush or a beloved you have parted ways from. It represents feelings of romantic love but in a subtle, sweet, gentle, and kind and honors the receiver’s delicate beauty.


Azalea is another flower of love that honors the receiver. Azalea is an extremely pretty flower that symbolises abundant beauty, femininity, wisdom, and wealth. It can be found in various colors, but pink and red azaleas are most commonly used to represent romantic love.


You can give azaleas to your partner to convey your feelings of affection while acknowledging how amazing they are.

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is also a tiny flower that blooms in abundance. It is extraordinarily pleasing to look at and occupies a spiritual significance in its native countries, i.e., Japan and China. The flower is also short-lived. Thus, cherry blossoms can be gifted to a beloved to convey the hope of a renewal of love or to acknowledge their spiritual beauty.



Daisy is one of the most popular flowers. Though it is simple, it encourages feelings of happiness and joy in the onlooker. The flower blooms in early summer and represents new beginnings and good fortune. All these meanings make daisies the perfect flowers to gift someone who has brought new meaning, passion, and happiness into your life.

Daisy Symbolism and Meaning, Daisy Flowers in a Field
Daisy Flower in a Field by Sergios



In their most common color, yellow, Daffodils bring cheer to every onlooker. The solid-colored yellow daffodils spreading everlasting cheer have earned them the status of forever love and happiness. They are commonly gifted on the 10th wedding anniversary. However, you can gift it to your romantic partner even if you haven’t spent ten years with them but look forward to it.


Chrysanthemums, with their plethora of petals, signify abundant joy and love. However, this flower of love only represents platonic love, that too, in only red and purple colors.

Chrysanthemums, Flowers That Represent Death and Grief
Chrysanthemums by Bud Jenkins


Iris is a uniquely beautiful flower. Its elegant shape and delicate petals in an ombre of colors earn it the status of representing someone who occupies the most special place in one’s heart.

The Iris is a beautiful flower of hope as a gift


The beautiful gardenia looks like a white rose and has a calming fragrance. It is naturally only white in color, signifying purity. These traits make it a flower of love that is deep and pure. Give it to your romantic partner any time of the year to show your affection.



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