Giving Hope To A Friend in Need? 6 Flowers That Symbolize Hope

Since ancient times, people have relied on flowers and their symbolic meanings to express their sentiments and true feelings. Many flowers symbolize hope making them the perfect choice for extending best wishes to a loved one going through a rough patch in life. Here’s a detailed review of flowers that mean hope. Take a look to find the right flower of hope that you’d like to gift your friend.

Flowers of hope spread happiness and positivity. Sometimes the aromatic scent and beautiful colors of a fresh bunch of flowers are all it takes to uplift someone’s mood and let them know that everything will be fine and good times are ahead of them.

The German Iris, or any Iris variety is a beautiful flower of hope as a gift

Iris As A Flower Of Hope

Also known as the Iris Xiphium, this flower has over 300 species and is originally from the Northern hemisphere. The Iris represents hope. The large, vivid, and sprawling leaves and the bright color of the flower can brighten up any setting- bringing it to life just like hope can brighten up your rough day, knowing that good times are soon to come.

In Chinese traditions, the Iris is associated with the Purple Butterfly because the flower is a pleasant reminder of beautiful, free, and fluttering butterflies bringing hope and happiness with every returning spring. The blooms of the Iris wither during winters, but the re-emergence of shoots and flowers each spring signifies hope. Hence, during the cold and dark winter days, the Iris is a pleasant assurance that bright days are ahead.

Similarly, in Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the Olympian gods. She was also the companion of the souls of women. Therefore, Greeks laid irises on women’s graves, hoping the goddess would guide the souls to heaven.

Opuntia – Flower of Hope From A Cactus?

The flower of Opuntia or prickly pear belongs to the family of cacti. Its unique shape and structure with cladodes enable the flower to store water. The spines protect the flower against predators. The cup-shaped yellow flowers look visually appealing, making them a great addition to gardens, especially for those who need hope.


The flower gets its name from the Greek city Opus. It symbolizes hope and endurance in many regions and cultures because of its survival abilities. This flower can survive in the harshest weather conditions without losing its glory and charm. Opuntia can survive in both freezing temperatures and extreme heat. It has unique antifreeze chemical properties in its cells, helping the flower survive in freezing weather. Likewise, as it stores water, this feature enables it to withstand heat and drought.

Daffodils – A Perennial Favorite For A Flower of Hope

These flowers are Mother Nature’s way of reminding people that hope exists even in the most depressive and darkest situations. The daffodils symbolize hope, rebirth, and new beginnings. These flowers emerge and are reborn after cold and harsh winters. They bloom with life and greenery just when it seems everything will remain dull and covered in the snow forever during the coldest winter nights.


Moreover, daffodils are also used to denote hope by the American Cancer Society (ACS). The organization celebrates the Daffodil Days to spread hope and joy to people battling cancer. Also, during their fundraisers, the ACS sends beautiful daffodil bouquets to people with cancer and their loved ones, reminding them that they hope for the best.

Snowdrop or Galanthus

Snowdrops or Galanthus belong to the amaryllis family. It is a small white flower with a drooping head to the ground. The flower’s head collapses when the temperature is freezing cold. However, once the winter ends, it is the first flower that blooms. The flower symbolizes hope marking the spring season’s beginning.


Besides this, the legend is that one of the angels transformed snowflakes into these beautiful white flowers (snowdrops). The angel gave the snowdrops to Eve and Adam, who God expelled from the Terrestrial Paradise. These flowers symbolize fortitude and hope. They denoted that Eve and Adam should remain hopeful, knowing God would forgive them someday.

In Russian folklore, the snowdrop or Galanthus flower is a symbol of fearlessness and hope. It was the only flower strong enough to withstand the vicious old lady (winter) and successfully fought the freezing cold temperature and the thick snow.

The Centaurea

Another flower that symbolizes hope is the Centaurea. It is also called the Cornflower, the Basket Flower, and the Bachelor’s Button. It has approximately 500 species. The flower is symbolic of hope for many reasons. Centaurea is a Greek word derived from kentauros. This word means the mythical beast centaur. One of the famous centaurs in Greek mythology was Chiron, known for his expertise and wisdom in medicine. He used Centaurea flowers for healing wounds. Later, he taught others about the healing properties of this flower, hoping to achieve recovery from wounds and other ailments fast. 

There are hundreds of Centaurea varieties

Bachelor’s Button has been a symbol of hope and optimism since mythology. The flower also represents hope in love for men. It makes single men hopeful of falling in love with their soulmates. There’s a belief that those who want to attract their soulmate should place dried Bachelor’s Button flowers in their amulet. This act will hopefully attract a lover. The symbolic meaning of this flower is associated with hope and availability, making it the perfect choice for single men. 

The flower earned these meanings during the Victorian Era. At that time, single males would wear cornflower in the suit’s buttonhole as they courted women. This practice signified that they were available and looking for their love interest. Hence, it eventually became a popular flower choice for a wedding boutonniere. 

Eranthis – Spring Is The Season Of Hope

The words ‘er’ in Eranthis means spring, while ‘anthis’ is derived from ‘anthos,’ meaning flower. Eranthis flower is also known as the Winter Aconite. However, unlike its other species, it is not poisonous. These cup-shaped yellow and white colored flowers look beautiful and symbolize hope

Eranthis look beautiful sprawled in a garden bed

Like snowdrops, Eranthis represents hope. The idea of hope is associated with the flower’s resilient nature. Eranthis flowers can survive in cold temperatures. It signifies that one has to stay strong and have thick skin to withstand the odds and challenges that may come their way and hope for the best. Eranthis flowers withstand cold and frost and are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring.

Gardeners in modern times rely on Eranthis for signs of spring. Eranthis signifies hope because when they bloom, the spring season is approaching, and spring brings new beginnings. It’s similar to the process of rebirth. When they begin to blossom, the brightly colored yellow flowers cover the ground. This gives hope to people knowing that the winter season will be over soon, and they can enjoy the warm season again.

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