The Eye of Ra And The Eye of Horus: A Detailed Comparison

The Eye of Horus is one of the most popular ancient Egyptian symbols in the world which is often confused with the Eye of Ra. But what exactly is the difference between the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus? The answer to that question is in this post drawing a comparison between the Eye of Horus vs. the Eye of Ra symbols. Read on to find out.

To distinguish between the two symbols, first we need to tell you about the legend of the Eye of Ra.

The Legend Behind the Eye of Ra

Ra is the ‘God of the Sun,’ or the ‘Creator God,’ who created many gods according to the legend. The Eye of Ra is said to be his female counterpart.

Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus, Eye of Ra Depicted in Color
The Eye of Ra by Intueri

In the accounts, the Eye of Ra is told to be a protector, an illuminator, a mother, a daughter, and a seductress throughout legends. She is also told to be an aggressor.

Several myths speak of her wrath. One particular myth that stands out is when Ra himself sent the Eye of Ra to teach the people a lesson.

They had fallen into chaos and refused to obey Ra’s orders. Thus the Eye of Ra unleashed her wrath upon them all.

It is said that her powers were not limited to humans alone. She had influence over the deities as well because Ra was the Creator God, and she was his female counterpart.

In another legend, the Eye of Ra is literally depicted as Ra’s eye. According to the myth, Ra lost his children and sent his eye to look for them.

While the Eye was out searching for Ra’s children, another eye grew to replace the missing one. When the Eye of Ra returned, she was furious and envious. To appease her, Ra placed her over his forehead, and so she became his third eye.

Eye of Horus As an Occult Symbol
The Eye of Horus Symbol by Renikca

Another representation of the Eye of Ra is in the form of a cat. According to the legend, this cat protected Ra from a snake.

The takeaway from these legends is that the Eye of Ra was the protector of the sun god Ra. Some depictions have it as a cobra surrounding a sun disk while in some, it looks exactly like the Eye of Horus.

The Eye of Horus vs. the Eye of Ra – What Are the Differences Between the Two Symbols?

Although the two eyes look almost the same in the depictions, they are not.

The meanings associated with each symbol are also quite different.

Although both the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus are considered symbols of protection, the Eye of Ra supposedly only protected pharaohs and royalty. On the other hand, the Eye of Horus symbol was a common symbol of protection meant for and used by everyone.

The Difference Between Eye of Ra And Eye of Horus Symbols Explained, Eye of Horus Vs. Eye of Ra
Eye of Horus by Blackstroke on Shutterstock

The Eye of Ra is said to represent the sun. It represents femininity, fertility, birth, and aggression if threatened or cornered.

Egyptians used it as a symbol of power, protection, and good luck. It also represents heat and light and is associated with the red glow of dawn, marking the onset of a new day.

The Eye of Ra was told to be aggressive or destructive when protecting the Pharaohs.

Eye of Ra Meaning, Symbolism and Origin, Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus Compared
The Eye of Ra by Paul Fleet

The Eye of Horus, on the other hand, while also representing the sun,  is a symbol of sacrifice, the victory of good over evil, protection, health, well-being, and power.

It is commonly used to ward off evil spirits and guarantee physical protection.

The Eye of Horus was also used as a measuring system in addition to representing all these concepts.

Another difference between the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus is about the position of the eyes. The Eye of Ra is believed to be the right eye of the Sun God, Ra, while the Eye of Horus is the left eye of the falcon-headed God of the Sky and Kingship, Horus.

This concludes our comparison between the Eye of Horus vs. the Eye of Ra and we hope you enjoyed reading. If you would like to read about other Egyptian symbols, please check out our extensive list by clicking here. See you on the next post!

The Eye of Ra and The Eye of Horus - What Are The Differences?

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