Druid Symbols, Their Meanings And Uses

Druids were high-ranking members of ancient Celtic classes, and they were known for being knowledgeable specifically about religion. Mainly being teachers, priests, and judges, their occupations reflected their thirst for knowledge.


While they did not keep written records of their knowledge, the Druids did leave behind several symbols that have complex meanings and were used to signify different purposes and act as agents for healing, protection, and magic. Let us take a close look at the Druid symbols, their meanings and relevant uses now.


Druid Protection Symbols

The Celtic Shield Knot

The Celtic shield knot, also known as the looped square, is an ancient druid symbol that represents protection as it is considered an effective symbol for warding off negative energy and evil spirits who wish to cause harm.

The symbol is known as a shield knot as it was also carried by warriors going into battle as protection from their rivals. The protection offered by the shape is in terms of love, as the intertwined shape represents the bonds between relationships, friendships, and family, along with the unity and love that comes with it.

This bond represents strong connections that can provide solace and protect from harmful forces that seek to cause physical or emotional damage.


The triskele, also known as the triskelion, is another Celtic symbol used by the druids that links earth, fire, and water, which are represented by each spiral vortex of the symbol. The symbol is considered to provide protection to its wearer as it is supposed to increase wealth and be a source of good luck.

Celtic Triskele Symbol - Druid Symbols and Their Meanings Explained
Celtic Triskele Symbol by Bourbon-88

It is thought to bring harmony and peace to the wearer by aligning their energy with the universe and enabling them to make positive choices while being protected from negativity, evil, and misfortune.

Druid Magic Symbols


Druid magic is rooted in nature, wisdom, and establishing a connection with the gods. The Celtic druid pentacle or pentagram is a five-pointed star used in magical rituals, and it is a symbol of protection and positivity.

Each point of the pentagram radiates protective energy for the wearer, and it can be used to invoke a blessing for protection for individuals at every stage of their lives – birth, youth, adulthood, old age, and death, represented by the five points of the symbol.

The protection can also be extended to pieces of land and countries. The circle represents a sacred space that acts as a boundary to keep the positive energy contained in a limited area where it will have the most effect.

Druid Rune Symbols

The Celtic Druids used ogham, also known as ogham rune alphabet,  which has 20 alphabet letters associated with different trees.

The letters are even considered to be named after trees such as birch, which reflects the letter “b.” These symbols were carved into trees and pieces of bark, and they are assumed to be used for magic.

Each symbol has a significant mythical meaning associated with it, and it can even be considered divine, which is why they each have a purpose and provide support for their believers. For example, the ogham symbol Beith (pronounced Beh) associated with birch reflects happy beginnings such as starting a new phase in one’s life. It is also linked with creativity and cleansing.

The change associated with the symbol sets us up for a transformative journey. Previously birch trees were linked with magic, and this letter is a symbol of letting go of negative energy and preparing for positive change, which can be in the form of childbirth or allowing cleansing energy to enter your life.

Druid Elemental Symbols

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is a cross with a circle around the point of intersection, and while it has multiple meanings, a common meaning associated with it as a pagan symbol is that it represents the four elements – fire, water, earth, and air. The symbol shows how these elements must coexist to maintain the balance of nature.

The symbol also represents the four directions on a compass, the four seasons, and the four parts of the day. The circle signifies continuity and how all four arms of the cross must be present for there to be continuity, so the cycle of nature repeats continuously to sustain the earth.

Triquetra, The Celtic Trinity Knot

Triquetra, also known as the Celtic trinity knot is another elemental symbol that uses three intertwined symbols representing the intersection of two circles with a circle running through it. This symbol represents spirituality and the three essential elements – fire, earth, and air while showing how they are all interlinked.

The harmony of the foundation provided by the earth symbol combined with the transformative energy of fire and the life-sustaining properties of air provide a balance in nature that has been maintained since the creation of the earth, and it acts as our connection to the universe.

What Did  The Druid Symbols Mean for Their Religion?

Druid symbols are commonly used for religious practices as they often have both a spiritual and religious meaning associated with them. The druid religion is closely associated with promoting harmony and establishing a connection with the elements of nature.

The Awen symbol is rooted in religious mythology as it is thought to invoke Awen, an inspirational muse-like figure that appears in dreams, and the artistic and creative individuals influenced by Awen acted as if they were in a spiritual or religious trance.

By invoking the power of Awen, individuals can inspire creativity in themselves, which is similar to divine guidance, and it allows for the flow of energy into the mind, body, and soul for an awakening that can inspire knowledge and wisdom within individuals.

How Are Druid Symbols Used?

Druid symbols have different meanings associated with their unique shapes as they seek to invoke the forces of nature and the universe to be used for healing, inspiration, magic, and for other purposes that seek to improve the lives of their wearers or for those in close proximity to the symbol.

The exact method of use is not known for the symbols as the druids believed in passing knowledge orally and did not keep accounts in any written text detailing their rituals, and other narratives do not provide much detail about how they used the symbols precisely. They mainly used the symbols to communicate with nature and integrate positive energy and maintain a harmonious balance in the universe.

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