Unalome Meaning and Symbolism Explained – What Is An Unalome?

Unalome with Heart and Lotus, Unalome Meaning Explained

Today’s post is about a seemingly simple yet really powerful symbol with a deep and beautiful meaning behind it; the unalome. If you are a Buddhist, you probably already know what the unalome symbol means. If you practice yoga, you are familiar with it because the chances are someone in the class already has the … Read more

Swastika Symbol, Its Meaning and History

Swastika as One of the Common Viking/Norse Symbols

If you were to show anybody the swastika symbol and ask of its meaning, then they would likely speak of World War II and the symbol’s links with fascism and the Nazis. However, this was not the first recorded use of this symbol in history; in fact, the swastika dates back thousands of years and … Read more