Famous Octagram Symbols and Their Meanings

8-pointed Star in Gold on a Black Background

Depending on how a culture or spiritual system interprets the sign, the eight-pointed star, or octagram, can symbolize many different things. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the eight-pointed star stands for fresh starts. The goddess Ishtar, who was connected to the planet Venus, was thought to be symbolized by an octagram, according to the Babylonians.  The eight-pointed star has a lengthy and intricate history as a symbol. Over the years, it has been employed by several diverse civilizations, each of which has … Continue reading the article

Witch Symbols of Protection and Everyday Witchcraft


Witches have existed for millennia, but the concept of a “witch influencer” on Instagram or WitchTok is new. You can find a witch influencer giving you all you need to know in a one-minute video or infographic, whether you’re seeking advice on which crystal will entirely revolutionize your life (hello, moldavite) or a Full Moon ceremony or three to try.   Witch symbols have always been inextricably related to the outcast, alienated, unusual, or misunderstood. Additionally, as witchcraft spread, it evolved … Continue reading the article

Is There 1 Powerful Wicca Symbol or Many Different Wiccan Symbols?

A person who practices Wicca and takes part in its rituals is referred to as a “Wiccan.” Contrary to several other religions, there is no official conversion procedure for Wiccans. Wiccan symbols can simply decide to begin practicing, but they frequently carry out or take part in a dedication rite either by themselves or with other Wiccans to demonstrate their dedication to the faith. The Wicca religion, one of the world’s most enigmatic, has long been associated with magic and nature … Continue reading the article

A Symbol Of Destruction Across Culture and Time


In today’s post we discuss one of the many symbols of destruction expressed by humanity. It is known as a symbolic synergy of life, death, and destruction. Our focus symbol today is known as “Ouroboros”, which is a mythological creature with a snake’s body and a dragon’s head. It’s a symbol of destruction that represents the cycle of life and death. It is a symbol that has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures and religions. In the … Continue reading the article

What is the Triple Moon and Who is the Goddess Hecate?


With the present popularity of moon phases, it is easy to miss the significance and history of these symbols. The Triple moon goddess sign, which consists of a waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent, is frequently tossed into the mix of popular moon images, but it has deeper origins and a more complex meaning than you might assume.   What Is A Triple Moon? The Triple Moon has traditionally been connected with the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, Priestesses, and Witches … Continue reading the article

What Does A Laurel Wreath Crown Symbolize?


The Ancient Greeks bestowed laurel wreaths on winners of the Olympics and lyrical contests. The laurel wreath crown was an Apollo “cult” emblem, and the leaf itself was thought to have spiritual and bodily purifying properties.  Laurel wreaths were worn on the head or the neck. Laurel wreaths were initially constructed from the branches and leaves of the bay laurel. Butcher’s brooms, cherry laurel, and olive trees were later used to make wreaths. A Roman laurel wreath crown was later used … Continue reading the article

Helm, God of Protection Symbol in D&D 5e Forgotten Realms


In this post, we will discuss Helm, The God Of Protection, his symbolism, appearance, and how it relates to the D&D helm and “helm 5e” in the Forgotten Realms deity lore. Helm is most often misattributed as the God Of War. People are taught about Helm in history books and are told that he is a warrior, but he is actually a protector. He helps people to feel safe and protected. Many gods in D&D help to protect the world. One … Continue reading the article

The Valkyrie Symbol in Norse Mythology and Tattoo


The Valkyrie symbol is a sign of power and prestige and in ancient Norse mythology. It reflects Norse beliefs on destiny, death, and fate. In the modern age both men and women, getting a Norse Valkyrie symbol tattoo is becoming more popular. There are many different versions of the Valkyrie symbol, which have been adapted and amended over time. We dug into the past in order to help you out. Find out here all you need to know about the meanings … Continue reading the article

Double Headed Axe: Meaning, Symbolism & History


The double-headed axe is an important symbol in Viking history. It is believed to have originated from a Minoan object called the labrys, which many historians believe to have been an important religious symbol. It was called pélekys, or pélekus in Greek. This post details the double-headed axe, what it means, what it symbolizes, what it looks like, its uses and history. In ancient history, the double headed axe was used as a symbol of control, power, and strength. Today, It … Continue reading the article

Symbols Of Opposites And Duality, The Extensive List

Yin and Yang , One of the Most Common Symbols of Opposites

What represents opposites, good and evil, dark and light? What are the most common symbols of opposites and duality in the world? The answers to these questions and more are all in this article. Read on to find out. Yin and Yang, the Most Prominent Symbol of Opposites Yin and Yang are the opposite but complementary forces that interact within the natural world. They are believed to represent everything in existence, including the sun and moon, light and dark, good and … Continue reading the article

Symbols For Fate: The List Of Destiny And Fate Symbols

Web of Wyrd Meaning, One of the Symbols of Fate, The Symbol in Blue and White

In today’s post, we will be examining the symbols for fate/destiny throughout history. Here is the list explaining everything you need to know about symbols representing the concept of fate across cultures. Web of Wyrd, Skuld’s Net As a Symbol of Fate The first item on our list of fate symbols is the Web of Wyrd. With no evidence of it from ancient times, the Web of Wyrd is mostly considered a modern Norse symbol. The word “Wyrd” is the anglicized … Continue reading the article

Norse Viking Symbols And Their Meanings (Mythology Signs And Sigils For Tattoo Ideas)

Celtic Tree of Life Knot Meaning Explained

The Norse people were as spiritual as it comes, so much so that their spiritual beliefs were essentially considered not a religion, but a part of their everyday reality. They genuinely believed that cosmic forces played an active role in everything that happened in their lives. They also believed in magic and the practice of seidr (Norse magic), which also heavily featured symbols, was quite common.   That is why symbols played an important role in Norse culture and it would … Continue reading the article

Hecate’s Wheel, Strophalos Meaning, Symbolism, Origin And Uses

Hecate's Wheel Symbol in the Sigil of the Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft in Greek Mythology

In today’s post we will go back to ancient Greece and examine a very interesting symbol that is familiar to people of pagan faith and/or are involved in witchcraft. Here is everything you should know about the symbol that is called the Hecate’s wheel, its meaning, symbolism, origin and uses. The Origin of the Hecate’s Wheel Symbol Hecate’s wheel, also known as the Strophalos of Hecate, is a symbol featuring a central six-sided star surrounded by a circle, a “triple-sided” labyrinth, … Continue reading the article

Gods, Goddesses And Symbols Of Knowledge And Wisdom

Athena Symbols, Symbols of Knowledge, the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge with an Owl

Today’s post is about the symbols of knowledge and wisdom around the world. What symbolizes knowledge? Which symbol did the people in ancient times use to represent it? Who are the gods of wisdom? The answer to these questions and many more is here in this detailed article. Let us begin our journey of knowledge with the Norse mythology. Norse Symbols of Knowledge and Wisdom Mimir, The Norse God of Knowledge and Wisdom Mimir is the Norse god of knowledge and … Continue reading the article

Tree of Life Symbol, Meaning, Origin And Symbolism

Tree of Life Meaning and Symbolism, Yggdrasil the Norse World Tree in Mythology

In today’s post, we will be examining an ancient symbol shared by many cultures and religions around the world, the tree of life. Let’s get right into it, here is everything you should know about the tree of life, its origin, symbolism and meaning. What is the Tree of Life? The tree of life is a universal symbol with varying connotations in different cultures, folklore, mythology, and religions. A tree is in itself a source of life as it produces oxygen … Continue reading the article

Seal of Solomon Meaning, Symbolism And Origin Legend

Seal of Solomon Meaning and Symbolism Explained, a Colored Illustration

In today’s post, we will be examining another fascinating ancient symbol that has made its way to several cultures and religions alike. Everything you should know about the Seal of Solomon including its meaning, symbolism, legends regarding its origin and its importance in different systems of faith is here. But who was King Solomon? Let us give you some background before we start explaining the symbol. Who Was King Solomon? Often referred to as the richest man in Babylon and the … Continue reading the article