Anubis Symbol & Meaning – The Egyptian God of Death

Anubis symbols

The Greeks have Hades, the Vikings have Hel, and the Romans have Pluto—every culture across the globe has a god or goddess of the underworld. To the Egyptians, Anubis was that god and the Anubis symbol was always associated with death and what comes after. According to Egyptian mythology, Anubis preceded the ancient Egyptian god Osiris as the god of the underworld. Origin of Anubis The ancient Egyptian god Anubis was called “Inpu” or “Anpu.” These words are believed to have … Continue reading the article

An Exploration of Ancient Egyptian Patterns & Art Meaning

ancient Egypt symbols

Ancient Egyptian art and patterns might seem antiquated, but they remain one of the most admired and striking types of art known to man. Despite being produced around the 31st century BC through the 4th century AD, this kind of artwork has yet to be successfully replicated. These ancient art forms are so popular and valuable because they weren’t produced for the same reasons art is produced today. This type of art was intended to sell and tell a story. A … Continue reading the article

10 Most Important Ancient Mexican Culture Symbols and What They Mean

Mexican flag

Mexico is a country with abundant history. Their history includes the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and Mayans. It also includes a bit of history influenced by the European world, a factor brought about by the arrival of the Spaniards. The mixture of all these cultures resulted in one full of art, folklore, religion, and symbols. Here we will look at the most important ancient Mexican cultural symbols and what they represent. 1. The Mexican Flag The Mexican flag is considered … Continue reading the article

The Phoenix Bird | Rise And Fall | Meaning, Mythology and Symbolism

Phoenix bird as part of symbols of rebirth and reincarnation collection

The image of a colorful bird rising from the ashes is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word phoenix, and people usually derive different meanings from it. Some see it as a symbol of hope, while others take the inspiration never to give up. But what does the phoenix bird really mean and represent? Join us in today’s post as we explore this mythical creature. What is a Phoenix? Phoenix is a large, legendary, mythical creature … Continue reading the article

What is the Female Egyptian Eye Tattoo Meaning? Including the 1 All Seeing Eye


You’ve got a vision, a wealthy woman, and you’re finally ready for that eye tattoo you’ve always wanted. You’ve even had a couple of tattoo ideas in mind, but before you make the big decision, you’d like to know what a female Egyptian eye tattoo means. You enjoy the intrigue and mystery, but you want to be definite that what you are inking on your body in a pretty permanent fashion is a message you agree with. From ancient Egypt to … Continue reading the article

Eye of Ra Symbol: Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism And Tattoo Ideas

Eye of Ra Meaning, Symbolism and Origin, Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus Compared

In today’s post, we will be discussing one of the most prominent ancient Egyptian symbols, the Eye of Ra. Here is everything you need to know about the symbol including various symbolisms and meanings behind it, the myths regarding its origin as well as the differences between the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus. Who is Ra, the Egyptian God? Before we dive into the symbol called the Eye of Ra, let’s introduce ourselves with the god himself. To … Continue reading the article

Ankh Symbol Meaning: Egyptian Cross With Loop On Top, Spiritual Symbolism And Tattoo Ideas

Ankh Meaning and Symbolism, The Egyptian Cross in a Fiery Design

In today’s post, we will be delving into one of the most prominent symbols of ancient Egypt, the ankh. Here is everything you need to know about the ankh symbol, also known as the Egyptian cross, its meaning, spiritual symbolism, origin, appropriation into a Christian cross and tattoo ideas. The Appearance Of The Ankh Symbol The ankh is made of a loop that looks like an inverted teardrop joined by a T-shaped cross at the bottom. Most of the time, the … Continue reading the article

The Eye of Ra And The Eye of Horus: A Detailed Comparison

The Difference Between Eye of Ra And Eye of Horus Symbols Explained, Eye of Horus Vs. Eye of Ra

The Eye of Horus is one of the most popular ancient Egyptian symbols in the world which is often confused with the Eye of Ra. But what exactly is the difference between the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus? The answer to that question is in this post drawing a comparison between the Eye of Horus vs. the Eye of Ra symbols. Read on to find out.     To distinguish between the two symbols, first we need to … Continue reading the article

The Eye of Horus Meaning: The Egyptian Eye Spiritual Symbolism, Pineal Gland And Tattoo Ideas

The Difference Between Eye of Ra And Eye of Horus Symbols Explained, Eye of Horus Vs. Eye of Ra

In this part of our ancient Egyptian symbols series, we are going to examine the Eye of Horus symbol in detail. What does the Eye of Horus represent? How does it relate to the Third Eye concept? The answers to all these questions and much more is in this post. Here is all you need to know about the Eye of Horus symbol, its meaning and origin story/myth. Being one of the most prominent ancient civilizations that highly valued both culture … Continue reading the article