Adoption Symbol, Heartagram AKA Heart Triangle Symbol Meaning

The heartagram, also known as “the heart triangle symbol” and “adoption symbol” is a symbol made by combining a heart symbol with an upward triangle, which sometimes also has a circle around it.

The origin of the symbol can be traced back to the Finnish metal band HIM. The heartagram is the official logo of the band and it is supposed to represent the unity of two opposites like life and death as well as love and hate.

Heartagram Heart Triangle Symbol for Adoption
Heartagram the Adoption Symbol Also Known as Heart Triangle Symbol

The symbol can also be considered as the combination of a heart with a pentagram the two top points of which are rounded to form the heart symbol.

The Heart Triangle As The Adoption Symbol

The heart triangle is also used as the adoption symbol by people who would like to represent their love for their adopted children or parents.

Adoption Symbol Heart Triangle Symbol  Heartagram Tattoo Ideas
Adoption Symbol Heart Triangle Symbol Heartagram

However, there is a slight difference between the heart and pentagram symbol and the one used as a symbol for adoption.

In the adoption symbol version of the heartagram, which is sometimes also called as “the adoption circle”, the triangle is often seen to rise higher than the heart. In the logo HIM created, the triangle stays inside the circle.

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