Aztec Warrior Names That Fully Represent the Mesoamerican Civilization

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The Aztec civilization ruled central Mexico in the 15th century. As a warring people, the Aztecs took great pride in having strong warrior names that not only invoked fear in their rival communities but paid tribute to the Aztec god or goddess to whom the warrior in question owed allegiance. In many cases, the names given to the warrior or warrior caste had multiple meanings, both obvious and hidden. To say the Aztecs were fierce would be to understate the matter. … Continue reading the article

Freya Goddess Symbols- Nordic Goddess of Love and War

Freya Goddess Symbols

Freyja is technically not a name. It is translated in old Norse to mean “lady.” The modern spelling of her name is Freja which was anglicized to Freya. She had a brother named Freyr, which meant “Lord.” They were the offspring of Njoror, the sea, and Herta, the earth. Freyja goddess symbols are just as powerful as the goddess herself. Although she went searching for pleasure and passion, she was a complicated character. The Vikings saw her as a mighty force, … Continue reading the article

African Symbol for Queen – Adinkra Symbols From the Akan Tribe

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In ancient times, Adinkra symbols were often reserved for royalty in African countries. It’s, therefore, no surprise that you would find the African symbol for queen as part of the Adinkra symbols. As is the case with most cultures around the world, African heritage is colorful and often only meaningful to the members of the specific tribe or society. Like most societies, however, the cultural heritage of a people can be carried across and mixed with other cultures to create an … Continue reading the article

10 Meaningful Symbols for Family – Using Art to Honor Your Family

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We all need that means to archive emotions, special events, important people or achievements that we can sustain through different generations of our family. Family symbols present an opportunity to keep track of unique experiences in a way that instills pride and honor that surpasses the generational gap. This fosters cohesion in the family unit while making it easy for members to appreciate their roles and identify with the family. Family Symbol Ideas to Honor Your Family These symbols come in … Continue reading the article

What Is the Mayan Symbol for Love? A Detailed Guide


If you share our captivation with the Mesoamerican Indians, you must be equally, if not more, intrigued by their ability to communicate through symbols. The Mayan civilization was so advanced that we are still unearthing new stories from scripts that have existed for centuries. In this article, we seek to establish the Mayan symbol of love. We will look at a couple of Mayan symbols associated with love and justify why they were classified as such. We will also highlight where … Continue reading the article

12 Mayan Signs – What Were They and What Did They Mean?

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Ancient civilizations created the 12 zodiac signs we know today. Mayan signs and the 12 Zodiac signs were derived from the divisions of the ecliptic into 12 zodiac signs by Babylonian astronomers. However, in Mesoamerica, they had different ways of doing things. Their calculations were based on the popular Mayan calendar. The Zodiac system differs from Mayan astrology because it does not use the calendar. Ancient civilizations were advanced despite the tales told about post-colonization. Mayan Signs The Mayan civilization was … Continue reading the article

Mayan Tattoos Symbols- The Top 5 Things You Need to Know

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Mayan tattoos symbols are popular across the globe. Tattooing was a culture practiced by communities all over Mesoamerica before the Spanish invasion. However, the ancient Maya were more into the idea of tattoos than the rest of the Mesoamerican people. The Mayans are the most talked-about ancient civilization in native America. The most visible evidence of the Maya tattooing tradition can be found in the writings of Spanish chroniclers in the 16th century. Mayan Body Art According to historical writings, the … Continue reading the article

Who is Eileithyia, the Greek Goddess of Childbirth and Labor?


The goddess of childbirth known as Eileithyia (or Ilithyia) in Greek mythology revered the cow and the peacock as sacred creatures. She was the offspring of ZEUS, the supreme ruler of all other gods, and Hera, his sister and seventh and last wife. In Book 19 of Homer’s The Odyssey, a cave in Knossos, Crete, where Eileithyia was born, is described. The goddess Eileithyia made this cave her main location of devotion. She was highly revered at Olympia, where a temple … Continue reading the article

Ravens in Norse Mythology- Your Guide to the Viking Nordic Raven


Viking symbols are increasingly becoming a source of inspiration and, by association, a fad for those who understand them and want to fit in. They make cool tattoos and beautiful engravings. That being said, if you are branding or sending out a message, it’s prudent to know what it says. Viking culture is rife with gods and mythical creatures, each with unique qualities and roles according to the Norse people. The raven is a powerful symbol because it forms an important … Continue reading the article

Gungnir Symbol Meaning – Odin’s Spear in Norse Mythology


Like its owner, Odin, the All-Father, the gungnir symbol is one of the most important features in Norse mythology. The very word itself, “gungnir,” directly translates to “tremble.” What is it about Gungnir, Odin’s spear, that makes it unique, and what does this magical weapon symbolize?   What Is Gungnir? In ancient Norse mythology, the great warriors and even gods had the habit of naming their favorite weapons. For example, Thor had his hammer, Mjolnir, while Odin had his magical spear, … Continue reading the article

Yggdrasil Symbol – What Does It Represent?

Yggdrasil Symbol

Yggdrasil, the “World Tree,” is one of the most important cultural icons in Norse mythology. The Yggdrasil symbol, therefore, is held in high regard by both ancient Scandinavian and Germanic cultures and is by far the most recognizable ancient symbol in Norse culture. The Norse people believed that there were many universes in existence. Yggdrasil, or the “World Tree,” was believed to connect these universes and realms with its roots and branches. While most ancient cultures revered trees, the Norse people … Continue reading the article

6 Norse Tattoos to Avoid – Why You Should Stay Away From Them

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Are there any Norse tattoos to avoid? When it comes to body art, very few things come close to a good, old-fashioned tattoo. Not only are well-thought-out tattoos a powerful symbol of self-awareness, but they often also pass different types of identity messages to all those who look upon them. This is particularly true if you are into tattoos representing a past era or culture, such as Aztec or Norse tattoos. However, if you are going to get these ancient symbols or … Continue reading the article

10 Greatest Norse Mythology Goddesses


The Norse had a belief system that made them rationalize everything that happened around them. From the growth of the flowers to the transition of the day to the night, it was believed that every action was executed by a god or goddess.  The realm of gods was not dominated by men alone, but also women, and the Vikings have told many legends of powerful goddesses. And from these legends, it can be made clear that these goddesses played an inherent … Continue reading the article

Ask and Embla —The First Humans in Norse Mythology


The universe of culture has endless spaces with the most diverse beliefs and manifestations that have no beginning or end. And like many other mythologies, Nordic myths have their own value where one can find fascinating sources of knowledge to broaden their field of observation. And among the many stories of love, deceit, and war, the creation of man is one of the most interesting legends in Norse mythology.  Ask, also called Askr, and Embla are the Adam and Eves of … Continue reading the article

Popular Mayan Designs and What They Symbolize

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Like the Aztecs, the ancient Mayan civilization was one of the most socially and culturally advanced. Societies in Central America have borrowed a great deal from the great ancient Maya people to this day. For example, Mayan designs heavily influence tattoo ideas and even general writing in the region. Archeologists discovered the oldest Mayan writings painted on cave walls around 250 BC However, it’s believed that the Mayan community was already writing at an extremely high and complex level long before … Continue reading the article

Aztec Letters Guide – Deciphering Aztec Writing

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The Aztec empire was one of the most advanced of its time. It encompassed most of Central America and included Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, now Mexico City. Nahuatl, the Aztec language, might be forgotten now, with only a few people speaking it, but we still have Aztec letters and scripts, which give us insight into the kind of life this advanced civilization led. As is commonplace when dealing with ancient civilizations and their writings, fully understanding what the letters, symbols, and … Continue reading the article