7-pointed Star: Meaning And Origins of The Heptagram/Elven Star

In our article series about the star symbol and its variations, we have previously examined the pentacle/five-pointed star and the octagram/8-pointed star in detail. Today, we will be looking into the 7-pointed star also known as the elven star, heptagram and septagram. Here is everything you need to know about the symbol, its meaning origins and uses.

7-pointed Star Meaning, The Symbol Also Known As Heptagram/Septagram, Elven Star
A 7-pointed Star Also Known As Heptagram/Septagram and the Elven Star by Robin Ph

What is a 7-pointed Star?

Also known as a heptagram, septegram, elven star or a faery star, the 7-pointed star is a star with seven points (as the name suggests) which can be drawn using a single, continuous line.

Although there are a few other versions of the symbol as well, the most popular variation of the symbol is the simple seven-pointed star that looks much like a regular, five-pointed star.

The Origin of the 7-Pointed Star

The oldest traces of this symbol can be found within the Kabbalistic tradition. According to this Jewish mystical system, the 7-pointed star is associated with the sphere of Netzach and, consequently, the planet Venus as well.

Both of these things within the Kabbalistic tradition are believed to represent feelings of love and kindness. The use of the symbol can also be traced back to the early Christians who considered it to be a protective symbol.

Christians considered the elven star as the symbol representing the seven days it took God to create the universe and they also used it to ward off evil.

Over time, as new religions and cultures emerged, the symbol was adopted by them and associated with various concepts.

7-Pointed Star Meaning and Symbolism

Much of the symbolism behind the heptagram is closely associated with the meaning attributed to the number seven.

In many religions and cultures, seven is considered a magical and powerful number.

Seven itself has many different meanings, and by extension, this 7-pointed star symbol has taken on those meanings as well.

Within different contexts, the elven star symbol can represent different meanings.

For instance, with context to magic and witchcraft, the seven points of the symbol are associated with the seven sources of magic: north, south, east, west, above, below, and within.

In medieval times, the symbol was commonly used by alchemists as the seven points perfectly matched with the seven metals used by alchemists, namely, lead, copper, mercury, silver, tin, gold, and iron. Furthermore, the seven points perfectly corresponded with the seven planets as well.

Similarly, the symbol can be associated with the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven seas, the seven musical notes, and many other things that exist in a group of seven.

Other than that, since the 7-pointed symbol is drawn in one continuous stroke, which can loop endlessly, the star is also associated with eternity.

Importance of 7-Point Star in Different Cultures and Religions

The 7-pointed star is considered a prominent symbol in different cultures and religions across the world.


While some Christians consider the 7-pointed star a protection symbol, the number seven is also known as “God’s favorite number”.

There are seven deadly sins, seven virtues, and seven gifts from the Holy Spirit. Similarly, even within the Book of Revelations, there are often objects mentioned in counts of seven, such as seven seals, seven churches, seven trumpets, or seven angels.

Likewise, seven is a popular number in other religions as well. In Hinduism, there is the concept of seven levels of heaven and seven levels of hell or underworld. Buddhists believe that Buddha took seven steps after rising.

In Islam, there are seven heavens as well. Moreover, the 7-point star symbol is associated with the first seven verses of the Quran, and Muslims circle the Kaabah in Mecca seven times.


The heptagram has commonly been adopted in  pop culture as well. The book series, Game of Thrones, by George R. R. Martin, uses a heptagram to represent a fictional faith within the book.

This faith is based on the concept of one God, which includes the father, maiden, smith, stranger, mother, crone, and warrior.

The international shipping company, Maersk, uses a 7-point star in their logo, much like a few other brands.

The star is also featured in the flags of many countries and places around the world. This includes the flags of Jordan, Australia, and the Eastern Band Cherokee Tribe in the USA.

Certain law enforcement agencies and military groups use the star in their badges as well.

Elven Star/Faery Star And Its Use In Magic

The elven star/faery star is of significant importance in faerie mythology. The star is considered to be a sort of gateway symbol or entrance to allow humans to reach the faerie realm.

The symbol is also often considered to be a gift from faeries to humans, which allows them to access faerie knowledge more easily and helps them understand more clearly all there is about the faeries and elves.

While the typical five-point star represents the four limbs and head of a human, this 7-point star adds two more points which represent faery wings. Sometimes, these are considered to be angel wings as well. Either way, this is another reason why the 7-point star is considered a symbol of protection.

Furthermore, the seven points on this star also represent seven aspects or things that one must know to be able to do “the work of faeries”. These aspects are knowledge, trust, magic, inspiration, connection, honor, and joy.

Additionally, within the faerie realm, these seven points can also correspond to fire, earth, air, water, magic, divine feminine and the spirit which connects all things.

The elven star is also common among pagan traditions and witchcraft, where it is a sacred symbol thought to hold a lot of power. This 7-point star symbol is also used commonly in Wiccan tradition where they usually call it ‘septegram’.

While the five-point pentagram represents earthly magic, the septagram/heptagram is thought to be closely associated with celestial magic. Therefore, the elven star is commonly used in altars and jewelry to help pagans, and other believers feel closer to the faerie folk and communicate with them easily.

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